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Little Black Book 2… ins, outs & Ohgasms

I’ve spent a fair bit of time getting into the swing of this blog thing with my random sex thoughts and my general Oh way of thinking…


It’s time to get down to the REAL freak in me and what I do…

If you didn’t know already, and thought I was just a freak with a blog, allow me to reintroduce myself.

My name is Oh…
Mr to the O H
I’ll warm ya body right up with a hot page.
How I write makes a woman have cum waves
Making Repetitive Ohgasms Hourly is me Oh

I’m the author of a trilogy of short stories called Little Black Book.
Some say its:

‘just a sex book’

Damn right it is.
What’s wrong with relating to the sexual side of people?

The first Little Black Book came out in February 2010 and, in keeping with my ‘new Little Black Book’ every year, it’s about that time for the next installment in the series.

It’s called Little Black Book 2.

13 brand new stories and poems inspired and written around sex in London.

1.  The Meeting
2. Do Me Right
3. Honouree’s Reward by Sista Love
4. Passion Play by Pashun Nate & Pass Ion
5. Foot Soles & PantyHoes
6.  Marcus & The Truth
7. Now We’ve Met…
8. Ladies Nite by Eboney Love, Mamacita & Ebonnie Karr
9. Office Tales
10. Escaping Temptation featuring Sista Love
11. Miles & Melissa
12. Phone Cradle
13. The Chair

20 characters who go through their own individual Ohgasms.

Royston, Melissa, Leon, Nicole, Dante, Nadia, Simon, Charlotte, Stefan, Nia, Russell Reed, Cassandra, Miles, Naomi, Marcus, Tatiana Blue, Osvaldo, Lindsey, Koko and Tina….

50 different ways to cum…

Each story is a sexual escapade exploring sex through the art of storytelling. In order to keep it as real as possible, each story features a wealth of interesting ways to have your own orgasm.

6 brand new writers called The Blackrotica Collective…

A collection of brand new we erotic writers on the scene who have come together to write under the name of The Blackrotica Collective.
They are:
Sista Love
Ebonnie Karr
Pass Ion
Pashun Nate

And all the sex and storytelling your body and mind can handle…

Each story in Little Black Book 2 is different from anything in the first book.
Each story appeals to someone out there who likes it a little different.
Each story is designed to make you feel… something…
Each story is… sexy

Little Black Book 2 is coming next March. The plan was to release it in February, but due to unforeseen circumstances (money obviously), I’ve had to put it back.

But that just gives me more time to let MORE people know about Little Black Book 2 and the things it can do to you.

Yep, that’s right, DO to you…

If the first Little Black Book inspired your body to react accordingly, THIS one will do more of the same and then some.
I can’t tell you how excited I am about Little Black Book 2…
Not only has the freaky been turned up, my own personal writing has improved and I’ve written my very first ‘1st person perspective’ story, which is something I’ve always struggled with as a writer.
Couldn’t tell you why but it was something I could never get my head around.
With some help from a pair of Twitter followers (@chocolateynia & @LadyTT_Bitchie) it just came to me and the result is ‘Foot Soles & PantyHoes’

So you have to let me know how you think I’ve done.

I’m particularly nervous about how that story will be received. Tatiana Blue is one of the more colourful characters I’ve ever created.

So, that’s all there is to know…

If your still not sure about what I’m talking about then how about a taster?

Email me at: and I’ll send you a snippet of Little Black Book 2.

Keep ya eyes on my Facebook and Twitter for exclusive snippets… at any time…

Or maybe just a random story if the mood takes me…

Either way, have a seat and keep your eyes right here because I’ve got a real good feeling that Little Black Book 2 is going to be something special to remember.

Peace and hair grease…

Mr Oh


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Grey pussy hair


For those of a younger disposition, this subject may make you instantly think of an elderly lady with deep silver hair and a full bush of fluffy white…

But not always so.

You see, grey pussy hair is… just like normal pussy hair.

Agreed it may be a little weird to see the stubble of a shave or a wax looking like little lemon ice lollys growing in her pubic region.

But it’s still hair. It may be a different colour but if your close enough to SEE that her pussy hair is grey then you have pretty much looked PAST a whole lot else. And, let’s not forget, there’s probably good pussy under there…

Now, are we talking one RANDOM grey pussy hair or full coverage?

If the hair is one random, then you may just have someone whose not that old and just has the odd one and not someone who may have been one of the waitresses at the Last Supper.

See, women, in all their beauty, DO find grey hairs in places at different times in their lives.

(Men do too but they dont have vaginas. Though I bet if you ask any woman, she’ll be able to name three men she knows who act like them?)

 It’s common for a 24-year-old woman to find a grey chin hair, even though she may wax her chin like Mr Miyagi (wax on, wax off)

So for you to come face-to-face with a grey pubic hair amongst a low fade of black hair is something quite common. Someone reading this could be about to go down on one fine Garfield only to find a stray hair tickling his nose. (It’s on his nose becuase his eating the pussy, FYI.)

He may ignore it, he may mention that he likes it when you shave so you’ll start thinking ‘oooh, he likes it when i shave’ so he doesn’t have to look at it, he may be a bastard about it and just pull the bitch out.


If its a full bush of cocaine your dealing with then your just gonna have to suck it up and do your thang. Chances are if the beard is full then you’ve already bypassed grey eyebrows, grey top (possibly under a wig) and a wrinkle or two…

Check her stomach too, she may have a line of grey hair leading from her belly button to her pubics.

 Picture THAT… streak come like rogue from X-Men.

But really, if you saw a grey pussy hair, what would you do?

Would you stop yourself from completing the licking you were planning in order to DISCUSS it?

Ya know, TALK about it… Who the FUCK would do that?

Would you lift her legs from around your neck and pull out at the sight of a lone stray grey that’s taking you away from making her say, ‘YAY’?

Take her out of your patented leg scissors move and say, with a face that looks like you smell something,

‘ERM… what’s that?’



Would ya?!

I mean, it’s not the pussy hair your there to see is it, so why should you care what shade it is? To put it into perspective, people change. Their bodies change, their desires change and sometimes you find a grey or three before you thought you would.

But, like I said before, if you are close enough to a grey pussy hair to FIND a grey pussy hair, you’re already there.


So says Mr Oh…


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I see eyes…

Wanna know how to control me?

How to make me all yours without even touching me?

Granted you may have me but you wont REALLY have me…

And the only way to do that is to let me stare.

At you…

At your face, at your mouth, your nose, your forehead… anything on you that i can stare at…

That is the way to GET me…

You may not see what I’m staring at and you may not understand why I’m staring but that just means I’ve seen something in you that is making me think some real naughty style of thanking…

On a woman… not just a woman, but a beautiful woman, there is plenty to look at. And sometimes I get caught staring. The thing with me is that I’m not afraid to tell someone why I was staring  at them… just so they dont think I’m some sort of perv who will follow them home (that only happened once,lol)
From the curve of a woman’s eyes, her choice of earrings, her hair, the way she’s wearing something as simple as a pair of jeans and a t-shirt… sometimes these things are impossible to ignore and you just have to stare.

Or maybe there is just something in you that I can see at that moment and i just want to lick it.
Usually if I’m staring at ya, then your two thoughts away from being licked.

Don’t care where…

But the most important thing is to NOT…. repeat NOT, make a big deal out of it if you catch me staring. I can’t help it…

If you’re naked, you best believe I’m staring at you…

Cuz I want to take EVERYTHING in.

The way your belly may fold over your hips just a little bit, a drop of sweat curving between two even hotter breasts… I mean have you ever watched a woman’s thighs shake after she has cum… or even while she’s coming?

Could watch that shit for hours…

Do you like to look at your partner while they fuck you?
To look in their eyes while they work out whatever they need to on you and you look into their eyes.

Well thats sex in itself.

Their eyes squinting and enlargening, closing then rolling back into their head… maybe even not wanting to look at you because you are FUCKING them up.

As a purveyor, and all round people watcher, I like to watch… especially if I’m doing the GOOD work and she is TAKING that work.

Look down (or up) at her and look into her eyes and then put on your best Ronald Isley voice and then tell her, “LOOK AT ME… I did this to you!”

Nothing more powerful than standing over a vibrating body like you just won a fight…

Eye contact is important.

Eyes are windows to the soul. They tell us things, they ask us things without the need for any words to be uttered. They can undress you. Tell you when you need to go home. They can even tell you whether or not you are going to get some tonight.
But eyes speak.

You may not hear it, in which case you need to listen more.

When your bed friend comes home or calls you or invites you round, all you have to do is look at them and you will know what certain looks mean, what different squints translate into and what it REALLY means when they look you up and down,

If you really wanna play with me, stare into my eyes and then say shit in your head.
I can hear it…
Dont know if anyone else is capable of doing that but I can hear what you are saying to me… your eyes are saying it too… whether you know it or not…

And as sexy as your voice is, your eyes say it better….

So look at me…

Just…. look at me….

Put my dick in your mouth and look at me…

Force my head down and squeeze my head with your thighs and watch me do my thing.

Curse at me with your eyes and force my head to do your bidding.

Just stare at me…
I LOVE that shit…


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Is that a bruise?

Or have you just drawn blood?

In all its glory.

A beautiful thang.

Rough sex.
With the right amount of anger is a joy forever.

We see fireworks and angels singing and all that shit… but, sometimes, its not about the rocket taking off or the flower opening.
Sometimes, its just about the roughness of getting into position or being restrained when you want to move. 
Or, if your into that kinda thing, maybe have a little wrestle…

Whether a simple arm lock or a full on figure four leg lock pon shoulder, rough sex is THE SHIT…


As with most sexual practices, not everyone likes a headboard banger between the sheets. Some prefer strictly love making style. (And that blog is to cum…)
And if you are one of those people then more power to ya… but this is for those who like to mix it up or are prolific in the art of roughing it up a big bit.

It’s not rocket science really. But don’t get being rough confused with rushing. Some out there are thinking their ‘quick-strip-no-slickness-fast-into-the-wetness’ style is a representation of rough sex.
It’s true. Sad, but true.

Rough sex is the ability to let go of what you know is right and wrong. I know that sounds like some Morpheus type’a lyric but, think about it.
In a particularly rough moment, you may wanna be called a ‘dirty fucker whose face needs to be fucked’.
Doesn’t make you a sexual deviant, just means you may like your face used as an instrument for another’s orgasm.
We’ve all been there…

Call me a pussy licking chocolate something if you want to, you know it spurs you on to work that little bit harder.
It’s like the nastier and rougher you and your partner are able to get, the more you want… it.
That moment.
The dick in your hand. The nipple in your mouth. The finger making circles on your clit that you have to have inside you. Blowjob with your hands in her hair that feels JUST right. When you have to have the dick inside you like five seconds ago.

A good indicator of how to find out if your bed friend likes a bit of rough and tumble is all in the hands, arms and thighs.
You know it, you’ve felt it, you might remember it right now.

Let’s go thru the three of the body parts, which are also good places to nibble during a good heavy breathing session…

Anyway, back to the three…


So, you, SIR, are on top and your grinding like the pussy was an independent mixtape and you feel her hands reach for your face. That is OBVIOUSLY against the rules and what happens? She has to be restrained.
Hold her hands down and look down at her, with her hands pinned down, and let her know that THAT is not acceptable.
If her face turns into a frown of genuine annoyance, you may have to let go.


And I always like this but…

If she still tries to reach for you, after you’ve restrained her, then your well within your rights to rough it up some.


Connected to the hands but they have the ability to complete a series of holds and grips that may also need to be restrained.
Ladies… if your giving your man what you KNOW is your Grade A swallowship head, and, out of nowhere, he reaches for the back of your head to give it to him a little bit deeper.
If you’re doing your thang, then you don’t need no damn help.
And what happens? Has to be restrained.

Hold his hands down and show him that you don’t need no help.
If he struggles, you know what you have to do.
Hit him with the deepthroat, then lock his hands down.
Shut him the fuck up….


If you haven’t found out if your partner likes it a little bit ‘throw aroundy’, then the thighs will definitely tells ya.
This one is for the fellas as usually, when your licking her creamy centre and your doing it and doing it and doing it well, you may notice her thighs starting to squeeze your head.
Hold them bad boys back and open.
The more she struggles, the better. That means she may not be adverse to being strapped.
Watch the thighs though. If you don’t hold those bad boys down, they’ll clamp and lock round your head.
That’s when some real rough stuff begins.

*side note* If her thighs are that strong, and she’s locked you in and you feel like your about to tap out, try standing up.
With her legs wrapped, she’ll end up in a position that’ll make her think twice about trying that shit again.

Rough sex comes in many forms and favours and people, myself included, sometimes crave to be… manhandled… or woman-handled.

Oh, the best time to get in some throw you down, rip it off, its going in sex is fresh from an argument. Or in the middle of one.

The anger is still in the air.
Your still breathing heavily.
Their looking at you like its about to be a fist fight.
Your both SEETHING…
Then he pushes you against the wall and kisses you in a WAY that just makes you weak.
But you don’t wanna give it to him, so you fight back.
He sees your fighting spirit and it spurs him on.
Your hands are pinned to the wall and all you can do is submit.
But, again, you won’t make it easy for him will you?
Hell no.

But, you just want him to take it. And curse you out while he’s doing it.

Come on now, we’ve all had a mark or two on our bodies that were made as a result of a bite, grab, nibble or suck during a particularly delicious moment when you ‘chose’ not to follow instruction.
But you look at that bruise with pride.
It’s not just a mark.
It’s a memory.
An opportunity to remember when you were held down and made to take it, all while sitting at work daydreaming.

We all take pleasure from different things when it comes to sex and a little roughness is a very good way to test your own limitations.
How willing are you to ‘go there’ and rip clothes, cause heavy bruising and or make ya partner look at you with an angry, yet horny, grin.

Get some rough sex this Christmas…

Fight ya for it though…

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Music ‘in between the sheets’

I LOVE music…

No… I freaking LOOOOOOOVE music…

If its possible to be born singing and nodding my head then I did that. Playing air guitar on my umbilical cord.
From my earliest memory, there has been music in my life.
I’ve grown up as a music fiend. A fiend I tells ya…

Music, to me, is a lot more than a release, its a… I don’t even know.
Music is the soundtrack to my every mood.
I have music everywhere. For everything.

Walking down the road tunes, shower tunes, washing plates tunes, gym tunes, tunes everywhere.

I’m old school when it comes to mines though.
Fuck what ya heard, I’m old school to my heart.
Old school music is what I grew up with.
My dad used to like, and still rocks, that Jim Reeves sound but he was deep into his soul. James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Earth, Wind and Fire, etc.
He also had a thing for Waziri, which has made me grow up with a constant guitar sound buzzing in my ear.

My mum preferred her Naija sound… Sunny Ade, Fela, Shina Peters, etc.
It was my two older sisters who brought me in and up on certain sounds.
Michael Jackson, Prince, George Clinton, Marvin Gaye, The Stylistics, etc.

Now, as a grown ass man, my musical taste has grown too. I don’t just listen to music, I HEAR it. That’s the same argument as Billy Hoe and Sidney Dean in White Men Can’t Jump.
“YOU cannot heat Jimi Hendrix, you LISTEN…”

I take my music very seriously. When I hear a song that I like, I take it apart.
Let’s take Michael Jackson’s Lady In My Life as an example.
First it goes on repeat.
Then I look or listen to the song, HARD.

Then I get busy.

I analyse, break it down, sing lyrics, memorize, learn, adapt adlibs and before you know it, I’ll have that song in my brain.

As a writer and professional shower singer, music helps relax my mind. Like, as your reading this, I’m listening to Jill Scott’s Crown Royal and I can picture a scene with this song playing in the background.

This is what I see when I hear that song.

Dim lights.
One man, one woman.
She is lying down and he is watching her masturbate.
And he has been instructed to watch her, but he’s finding it hard…
Real hard.

There’s something about Jill Scott’s voice that really makes me wanna wrap myself in clingfilm…


When it comes to music and ‘bedtime’ (and I don’t mean sleep) you need to know your shit. Don’t think you can throw Jagged Edge’s Let’s Get Married on a CD and think your gonna get some skins. (Tune though.)

Personal preference differs but I am a live or die neo soul fiend so my sex music leans towards Musiq than R Kelly, Kindred than Jagged Edge, India.arie than Mary…
And old school? Boooy, I don’t fuck around when it comes to my old school.
Being an 80s baby and a 90s teen, I was able to grow up and watch music change and become a whole lot more sexualised.
Back in my house as a child, if my mum heard me singing ‘dont mess with my tutu’ I’d get a slap. But songs like I Wanna Sex You Up, were tunes, but, for me, too much sex in the music kills the… joy of it…
Slightly ironic considering I write about orgasms and fluid swapping all day but I like to hear about the almost moments. Songs like Luther’s If This World Were Mine, Prince’s Adore, Tevin Campbell’s Can We Talk and Marvin Gaye’s You Sure Love To Ball are a few tunes that put me in a devilish mood. I may look evil, but its pure pleasure I’m thinking.

Certain songs like MJ’s Lady In My Life do something extra special when the lights go out. It’s something about the way he sung that song that brings the real lover out of me…
That songs inspires caressing, succulent trails and spanking tails…
Verse, chorus, verse, chorus, adlibs and then… BAM… it happens.

What has to be the sexiest moment in music…

Mike’s just singing his sexy thang… singing a melody or two and even throws in a whoooooo for good measure.
In the background, the music builds up so quietly with his adlibs you don’t really notice it until the song reaches 3.43 and Mike breaks it DOWN with a simple OOOOOOH…

The music seems to just stop.

Then his voice just brings it back…


When your in bed, and that song comes on, you best know its about to be the GOOD part of the sex. This is where you break it down, keep the body your working bubbling, slow and methodical with every caress…
Whoever your pleasing should be FEELING the words of the song in your touch.
Or if your really doing your job, they won’t even HEAR that music is even playing. Knowhatimsayin?

Music in between the sheets isn’t something you just do any old way.
If you have a sex playlist on your computer, or phone if you’re a travelling fucker, you took care to choose the right songs that you like that you felt would get the best results between a pair of thighs.

Some people choose their sex songs based on the artist, the song, the sound or a whole heap of other reasons but there was something in that song that made you say to yourself, ‘I think I could fuck to this.’

And you did.

So, what song does it for you? What one song has been on your sex tape since the first time you heard it?

What song is YOUR sex song?



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Bang Bang Buss-ted…

Let me paint a picture…

It’s sexy time with you and your partner,lover, linkage, jump off, etc. And there you are puttting your best ‘back into it’ effort, thinking to yourself, “I’m gonna knock this one out and make her buss.”
And before you know it, things are on the way to ending. And unless you know the secret ass flex move to stop the orgasm, you’ll start the skeet skeet skank and your snapping the condom off… or looking for the flannel/towel/tissue for clean up.

HOW did that happen? Thought you had it under control didn’t ya? You were stroking steady, then your knees got weak and now you’re fucked?

Now she’s lying there. She can see the confusion on your face and can feel you not being as active with your flow as you were.
Then she looks at you. Like to say, ‘OH, did you… just… oh…’

Bredrin, if you’ve ever been mid-stroke and you start to come, you know when she figures it out. She might look at you with that pity face that says, ‘awwwww, can’t handle the pussy huh?’

But what’s your next move after that?
Do you apologise and put it down to fatigue?
Or do you apologise and find another way to keep the party going until round two wakes up?

A general complaint from women is that men will usually get that nut then get that sleep or get gone.
And that’s true.
At least for those who don’t mind eating some pussy.
For those who don’t nyam, you may find after you’ve come that there’s not much to do.

Not true…

There’s tons to do dude, its just fighting past that lazy, sleepy feeling that is starting to creep up on you.

Not sure if women truly understand the science behind a man’s orgasm and that damn  special fork in the road to pleasure that, once you’ve past it, you can’t stop… getting there.
But regardless of whether her pussy or mouth put you in this shrivelled position, its up to you to bring it back so she knows that wasn’t a fluke ting.

Look at it like this: if she made you come like that, go repay the favour.

How DARE she do what she did to make you come before you planned to?

Has she lost her FUCKING mind to add that moisture to your dick to make you come the way you did?

Are you just gonna have that?

She made you come without hardly any effort and your happy for her to get away with this?

Well, fuck that for a fondle,  fumble and finger…

That type of thing does not go unnoticed.
(In fact, those things get special space in the old memory banks.)
If you’re in this position right now or are having sex with someone who KNOWS how to make you come quickly, you need to reverse it…

“Don’t be pussy whipped. You gotta reverse it. Whip that pussy. BANG BANG BANG BANG…”

I’m telling you, the moment you start getting sonned by pussy, soon, there will be other pussys that’ll be treating you like the same kinda bitch…
Cuz women TALK…

So… like Rev Run says, whatyougunnado?

Man up and handle that!
Number one, she’ll appreciate  the force of your decisive movement towards her… and two, she may not see it coming. So be original… get in there…
There are nipples, a neck, torso, legs, shoulders that also need attention.

But that’s what she wants.
She wants you to go and get her.
Punish her with pleasure for making you feel so good.
Lick her, tickle her, restrain her, kiss her somewhere, massage her, hard wine her, tick tock from the back, smile from between her thighs, make her hold her ankles and feed you… 

If your nowhere near a Round 2, then you need to make sure you know which fingers reach her warm spots… and if you eat the poontang, then its even better.
Set up camp and pitch your tongue tent into the ground.
(I know I talk about head a lot but, what can I say, I’m a possible addict.)

Whether you eat or don’t eat, it doesn’t matter.
Some women will disagree but, if you have game between the sheets, she won’t notice that you haven’t eaten her out because she hasn’t stopped coming.

Start the foreplay again… that’s if you dropped some foreplay in the first place. Oh PLEASE say your dropping foreplay game… otherwise what do you have genetilia for?

(Obviously I know foreplay isn’t what groin were made for only but, they help.)


Don’t be scared to buss a quick one. There is nothing wrong with getting a quick one out the way.
You could wank one out beforehand but that would totally defeat the purpose of the sex.
An orgasm can be a nice way to break up the rhythm of what your doing and that could do wonders for her orgasm.

And, just FYI, round two is always better than round one. It’s better, stronger, longer, faster and will give you, ladies, what you were searching for in round one.

But… not all men have two rounds and may put their life and soul into the first.

So fuck fast, fuck slow, fuck like you know, but most importantly, all parties involved must arrive at the city of Emerald, lol.

Mr Oh

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A simple kiss…

Did you know we live in a society today where people don’t kiss?

Seriously, there are people out there who have the audacity to be fucking but won’t put their lips together.
I understand the whole thing when people say, ‘its just a link though, I don’t kiss my links’ but then again I dont.
If your willing to fuck her or him and get their juice on you in one way or another, but you won’t share one of the simplest pleasures?

What’s wrong with your game son?

And then your reason is ‘I don’t kiss…’

How you mean you don’t kiss? Best go be more comfortable in your own house then…

Ok, THAT wouldn’t happen but, dammit, it should…

Let’s take sex out of it for a moment and just remember the last time you shared a GOOD motherfucking kiss.
Not a peck, not a mismatched slob session, or someone’s tongue trying to clean ya teeth.
I mean a REAL cup ya face, stroke ya chin, hold ya close, moan inna ya throat, ‘I’m getting wet’ kinda kiss.

Didn’t it make you feel good? Like all tingly in ya special parts? I don’t know bout you, but, for me, a good kiss is the start of some shit.
A good kiss can be the difference between a one off date and a second date… drop a surprise kiss and they will be picturing what it’ll be like to fuck ya. Maybe that’s your intention, maybe it isn’t. But anytime you kiss someone, you don’t go into it thinking, ‘they don’t look like they can kiss, so I’ll give em my C game’.
You purse up, get ya lips ready (if their as big as mine, you might need a minute) and you go straight in there.
But don’t be all rough and tough like an Afro puff (HEY, rock on with cha bad self…)

A lot of people find kissing very personal and something they want to save for someone who deserves it. (So if your partner ain’t kissing you, your not the one boo boo.)
Kissing is a sexual act in itself. If that last sentence didn’t make any sense to you then STEP UP YOUR GAME…
A kiss can make a woman drip down her thigh and make a man leak pre-cum all over his boxers.
A kiss can take clothes off.
A kiss has the power to make ohgasms, prolong and extend ohgasms and even multiply ohgasms.

But its not the ohgasm we’re here for.
Us kissers, we want the eye contact beforehand.
The shared look that you both have.
Your eyes are screaming KISS ME but you don’t.
You just… hover.

Looking at each others lips, just knowing what you both wanna do.

That feeling is a major rush because you can feel it before you do it.
The first time your lips touch? OoOoOoOoOoOoh my my myyy my my my my…

There’s electricity, fireworks, strobe lights, the whole X Factor stage show…

I was about to say that the dilemma should then arise of HOW to kiss…
But that’s not really a dilemma. It’s a simple case of adaptation and pre-planning.
Before you got anywhere near a kiss, in your head, you should’ve already checked out their lips. You should have a general idea of what style to bring forth but you never really know until your actually doing it.

Soft, hard, tongue, no tongue, suck a lip or not… just adapt yaself…

The initial contact, and the first 15 seconds should open you up to how they like to be kissed.
Initially a soft kiss is usually best. Just letting both your lips taste each other. Feel the person’s style out.
If this kiss has been a long time coming, then it might be a hard, passionate movie kiss that’s necessary…
Now, THOSE are fun…

Hands everywhere, your both FULLY involved, lip smacking, both moaning, no one is leaving, you both want it…

Cha, that type of kiss will make me raise one leg, lol.

And lip sucking… OOOOOH, don’t get me started.

Suck a lip dag nammit!
In the middle of a kiss position switch, take his or her bottom lip and suck that shit. Not so hard like your trying to get the cushion out of it, just enough that they can feel it.
Nuzzle it softly, flick ya tongue over it, make the whole thing moist so when you go back for the kiss, its wet lips all over.
And slippery lips are ohgasmic…

Now don’t neglect the top lip either. Also equally important. Don’t discriminate.

A kiss is foreplay.
It gets the juices flowing, especially for women. Show me a woman who doesn’t like a good kiss and I’ll show you a woman who hasn’t been kissed right.

Running hands thru hair, scratching skin, frantic grabbing at each other, pausing to look in each others eyes like, ‘HELL YES MORE OF THAT’

Am I the only one who finds the simple, yet arousing, pleasure in kissing just too much sometimes?

A kiss can be the start of something. Or the end of something.
A kiss can put an idea in someone’s head. Or make someone cancel a plan all together.
A kiss can make her waters run. Or get him hard when he needs that extra push.
A kiss is your mouth’s way of telling THAT person how you feel without words.

How GOOD was your last good kiss?

Mr Oh


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