Who am I?


Who am I?
Shit, I’m whoever you say… that Love Jones line is forever slick.

Let’s forgo the formalities and get straight between the thighs of it.

My name is Mr Oh (Making Repetitive Orgasms Hourly) and I’m the author of the Little Black Book trilogy… you may know it, you may not but something has brought you here. And I’m glad your here.

Little Black Book trilogy breaks down, obviously, into three different books: Little Black Book (released February 2010), Little Black Book2 (coming February 2011) and Little Black Book3 (February 2012) well that’s the plan anyway.
Now first things first, my blog is gonna contain some real freaky deaky, liquid leaky content but that’s what I deal in. The hottest and wettest of content. I’ll even let u into mysterious world of the Ohgasm… and how to write one…

So sit back, put your hand where it needs to be and get comfy… cuz I like to talk… and when it comes to sex, I have a lot to say…

If I offend you, good, just means I’m touching something…

Moisten a finger and open up cuz I’m cuming in… 

Mr Oh

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