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This thing I do called Little Black Book…

So now you know who I am, let me tell you about what I do…

The Little Black Book trilogy is a collection of three books of short erotic stories STRICTLY for London adults.
There have always been a few questions people generally ask so I’ll answer em and break it down:

Why write Little Black Book?

I wrote the stories for Little Black Book between 1998-2001 (I was 18 and still pure). I was starting out as a writer and the stories were meant to be writing exercises just to practice.
I used to post stories on Nudeafrica as ‘kaneuk’ and the reaction of GROWN ASS people to my little freestyle ideas was overehelming.
All I used to do was sit in front if a blank Word page and write the first thing that came to mind. And they loved it.
That was the first time I felt positive about my ability as a writer. (Even today, I still feel nervous about my stories.)

After losing them for a few years VIA computer changes, I found them again and thought, why not?
Give each story a bit of a spit shine and Bob’s ya mum’s brother…

Are the stories in Little Black Book representations of my own experiences?

That, for me, is too easy as a writer!
It’s easy to write about something you’ve done, you can rely on pictures from your minds eye. But I love the ability to CREATE moments that never existed and try and make the reader feel like it did.
Or at least could have happened.
Every story in the Little Black Book trilogy, that I’ve written, is from my imagination.
And I do have a crazy imagination.
(Wait till you read Phone Cradle in Little Black Book 2…)

How do I come up with the stories for Little Black Book?

Sometimes all I need is an idea.
A name, a job description, the sound of high heels, seeing a pair of panties… anything can inspire an idea.
Plus I like to people watch… sweet Moses, I LOOOOVE to people watch. It helps make my characters more realistic.
Characteristics, personality traits, random overheard conversations, is all it takes to start that spark.
This will be evident when you read Foot Soles & PantyHoes, which will be in Little Black Book 2. (There’s a blog about that particular story coming real soon…)
When I write a story, I’ll start with either a character or two
And that’s it. I’ll start writing and adapt to whatever my mind comes up with. It’s more fun that way because sometimes you brain goes left with an idea and you dodge right with it but you tie it all up in the middle…

Little Black Book – book 1 – is:
1. Marcus & The Birthday
2. Dinner @ 10pm
3. Aural Sex
4. Holiday InnSide
5. Mrs Untitled
6. Dirty Little Secret
7. I Hate You (so jarring)

Little Black Book 2 is:
1. The Meeting
2. Do Me Right
3. Honouree’s Reward by Sista Love
4. Passion Play by Pass Ion & Pashun Nate
5. Foot Soles & PantyHoes
6. Marcus & The Truth
7. Now We’ve Met…
8. Ladies Nite by Eboney Love, Mamacita & Ebonnie Karr
9. Office Tales
10. Escaping Temptation featuring Sista Love
11. Miles & Melissa
12. Phone Cradle
13. The Chair

Little Black Book 2 is coming February 2011 and Little Black Book 3 is coming February 2012… a new book every year…

My whole reason for writing the trilogy, and inviting new writers to contribute, was not just to write some freaky shit…

Well it was…

The books, first and foremost, are meant to entertain you. I’m a HUGE reader and I love to be taken out of wherever and whenever I am and submerged into the world I’m reading. I’ve missed train stops, been late for work and totally missed days for being lost in a good book.
And that’s what I aim to create when I write a story.

I want you, yes you, to READ the story and be able to feel something about it. Like it, love it, hate it, masturbate to it, put it under your pillow and hide it, but at least ya feel something…

For me, just the fact you have a book in your hand is mission complete for me. It’s the biggest added bonus if you like it. Beyond my wildest dreams if you masturbate to it.

At the end of the day, I’m just an independent, self-funded writer working EVERYTHING himself – writing, editing, advertising, designer, marketing, the whole shebang-  trying to get YOU to notice what I got.
And I really REALLY believe I got something you’ll like.

Little Black Book has sold over 300 copies and reached #45 on amazon’s adult booklist. (I was outselling Zane at one point.)

With Little Black Book 2, not only am I coming again, but this time, there’s more…

You asked for more so I got it for ya….

MORE… stories…
MORE… storytelling…
MORE… poetry…
MORE… writers
MORE… sex…
MORE… Marcus…
MORE… London in its many shades of sexual chocolate

My quote for Little Black Book is ‘open your eyes, mind and thighs’

What more can I say?

So says Mr Oh…

Peace and hair grease…


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