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Grey pussy hair


For those of a younger disposition, this subject may make you instantly think of an elderly lady with deep silver hair and a full bush of fluffy white…

But not always so.

You see, grey pussy hair is… just like normal pussy hair.

Agreed it may be a little weird to see the stubble of a shave or a wax looking like little lemon ice lollys growing in her pubic region.

But it’s still hair. It may be a different colour but if your close enough to SEE that her pussy hair is grey then you have pretty much looked PAST a whole lot else. And, let’s not forget, there’s probably good pussy under there…

Now, are we talking one RANDOM grey pussy hair or full coverage?

If the hair is one random, then you may just have someone whose not that old and just has the odd one and not someone who may have been one of the waitresses at the Last Supper.

See, women, in all their beauty, DO find grey hairs in places at different times in their lives.

(Men do too but they dont have vaginas. Though I bet if you ask any woman, she’ll be able to name three men she knows who act like them?)

 It’s common for a 24-year-old woman to find a grey chin hair, even though she may wax her chin like Mr Miyagi (wax on, wax off)

So for you to come face-to-face with a grey pubic hair amongst a low fade of black hair is something quite common. Someone reading this could be about to go down on one fine Garfield only to find a stray hair tickling his nose. (It’s on his nose becuase his eating the pussy, FYI.)

He may ignore it, he may mention that he likes it when you shave so you’ll start thinking ‘oooh, he likes it when i shave’ so he doesn’t have to look at it, he may be a bastard about it and just pull the bitch out.


If its a full bush of cocaine your dealing with then your just gonna have to suck it up and do your thang. Chances are if the beard is full then you’ve already bypassed grey eyebrows, grey top (possibly under a wig) and a wrinkle or two…

Check her stomach too, she may have a line of grey hair leading from her belly button to her pubics.

 Picture THAT… streak come like rogue from X-Men.

But really, if you saw a grey pussy hair, what would you do?

Would you stop yourself from completing the licking you were planning in order to DISCUSS it?

Ya know, TALK about it… Who the FUCK would do that?

Would you lift her legs from around your neck and pull out at the sight of a lone stray grey that’s taking you away from making her say, ‘YAY’?

Take her out of your patented leg scissors move and say, with a face that looks like you smell something,

‘ERM… what’s that?’



Would ya?!

I mean, it’s not the pussy hair your there to see is it, so why should you care what shade it is? To put it into perspective, people change. Their bodies change, their desires change and sometimes you find a grey or three before you thought you would.

But, like I said before, if you are close enough to a grey pussy hair to FIND a grey pussy hair, you’re already there.


So says Mr Oh…


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