Are you REALLY having sex?

With a new year coming round, happy new year by the way, its usually that time when you promise to put the cake down, hit the gym more, stop fucking that dick that you know is no good for you but its just too good to you, etc.
Maybe you plan for this new year to be different from the last one, or maybe you just said ‘fuck resolutions I never keep em, let’s just make changes’.

However you’ve come into this new year (extra points if you CAME into the new year) you might look back at your sexcapades of 2010 with a slight feeling of ‘meh’. (That’s if you weren’t lucky enough to get really seeing toos.)
Was it another year of boring, heavy thumping, no rhythm sex?
Any highlights that can make you say ‘I got FUCKED up’ by that sex?
Or did you end 2010 still not being PROPERLY seen too?
Did he or she spend the year not completely searching the depths of your soul with their tongue?
Are you going into 2011 still not giving head?
(They still MAKE you.)

If any of those questions made you say to yourself, ‘hmm’ then let’s start 2011 with some words of encouragement for your libido.


You should be asking yourself why are you NOT having the sex that your body, mind and soul craves?
Is it because you aren’t meeting people who are able to scratch that particular itch?
That’s more a problem for women than men. It’s pretty easy to scracth a man’s itch… usually includes making it wet, but women are a whole different kettle of fish (wrong choice of words, lol)
Women sometimes need a soft scratch followed by a bit of rough scratching with some DEEP scratching on top.
And those women are walking from 2010 sexcapades with regret and disappointment. Worse than that, she is probably saying all types of shit about you in her head. You may not care but if you heard what she was saying, you’d make her come better.

Obviously the slogan of the year is: ‘its 2011’, but really, you should not be walking away from any moment of sexual gratification without everyone satisfied.
That’s how it should’ve been SINCE you started having sex but NOW, in 2011, you maybe still not eating pussy, if that’s what she desires.

Make 2010 the memory of when you didn’t eat a pussy. I mean, come on, I may talk about it a time or three, I may write about A LOT, I may even be an addict for it but, really?

I’ve blogged about before in my entry called ‘All about eating pussy… tips, tricks and secret licks’ and not to harp on about it but if your not doing it, you and your partner are missing out.
Your partner, whoever they is, could be missing out on skills you didn’t even know you had.
You, sir, could be a lean mean kitty lapping God if only you let your mind go beneath the navel.
YOU, guuurl, could be a deepthroating, slop Goblin if you could only get past the submissiveness of being on your knees or being BELOW him.
Which is the wrong way to look at such a position.
Why feel disrespect at being on your knees in front of someone you want to please?
With that thinking, you have inhibitions which could hinder the creativity of your ‘moment’.
Plus, a woman who knows how to give that real Lethal Lipps head knows they have their man under control when they go in on their knees.
Right, ladies?
When you got his toes curling?
And his face all screwed up?
Lips all puckered like ‘oooh yeah’.

Head isn’t the end all and be all of sex, though say that to a woman whose man isn’t giving her any and she may disagree. And vice versa.
But, in returning to the question at hand, it IS something that you should at least experience.
Once in your life at least.

Nothing ever really changes in sex so there isn’t a wealth of things I can tell you to try to find out if your really having sex.
But then again, you KNOW if your really having sex.

Anyone can slip a dick in, lift thighs and make it feel good, but are you lying in your back feeling… ya know RIGHTEOUS?
Are your nipples up and at attention?
Is your stomach jerking in the anticipation of an orgasm?
Does your dick tingle with each slide thru her juicy trail?
Is your pussy throbbing everytime there’s contact?
Has your neck and that spot behind your ear become super Sayian sensitive?

Are you feeling the way you thought you would in your head?
Then your not getting the sex you should be having, nor the sex you deserve to be getting.
Cuz you know you.

You know you don’t mind giving a little to get a little, you know your sex is maybe a 185 (you need good sex in return to be a 187)
So why are you not feeling the way you think you should be feeling in your head?
If you think you should be having multiple orgasms, go and fucking get em…
Easier said than done, but do-able. If a woman can come 27 times in a single session than anything is possible.

Do you think you should be having your hair pulled and being called every disrespectful term under the sun?
Then find someone who will wrap your hair and their hands and call you a ‘filthy face fucking fucker’ while they spank you with that perfect CLAP sound.

As a writer, I like to write for the mind.
The mind is a very powerful and sexual tool that some forget to take advantage of.
There is something down right disturbingly sexual about doing something during sex that works out exactly how you thought it would in ya mind.
It’s like it turns a light on.

Ask a man who likes sloppy head who gets a nice piece of sloppy top and I’ll bet he’s watching intently… possibly recording…

Take the sex of your mind and put it into practice.
That orgasm you think is impossible IS possible.
You can squirt.


So says Mr Oh

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