Suck on screen

In the society we live in, with Big Brother watching our every movement, computer chips logging our every purchase and every piece of technology available able to take a high-resolution picture or video, its common for you and I to enjoy carnal pleasures thru a visual medium.
Porn stars are made by anybody with a camera, head experts are recorded and documented on phones, webcams and internet-ready video cameras.

It’s the day of the homemade porn star.
And you are the star.

You like to watch yourself move in the rhythm of a REAL orgasm, not a fake porn one.
You enjoy the way your legs look all open and dripping in a picture.
You make videos and pictures, not just for others but for yourself too.
Men not so much with the pics for self but there is a special woman out there who likes, enjoys and even masturbates to her own pictures and videos.
It turns her on to see herself in such a sexual position.
Plain and simple.

She may share them with you, she may not but they make her feel sexy. 
Those are the best pictures and videos to see.

But there is the other side of moving pictures in the bedroom and that is the joint aspect.
I’m being all prim and proper with my words but I’m talking about breaking out the video camera on your phone and making a quick video of a good blowjob or some extra wet Cunnilingus.
Taking a picture of him between your thighs getting that OH.

Everyone has a porn star in ’em. That side of you that has thought of how you would look on screen. For some, the idea of watching or even looking at yourself doing things that you save for BED (or kitchen table) time is cringeworthy. Watching your own ass bounce up and down, seeing your own greedy mouth wrap around her pussy, staring at the background of your bedroom while you reverse cowgirl.
It’s not that these people aren’t comfortable within their own skins, they just don’t want to see themselves licking, sucking and fucking.

For those that DO, OoOoOoOoh boooy…

You are fun to watch.
It’s the reality element of it.
To imagine you could have made the video yourself makes you feel like you are there.
That’s how you should feel from watching your own video.
Even if you were there, it should make you REMEMBER being there.

To get the vibe in your recording while she is sitting in your lap, bouncing like an extra in the Pussy Poppin’ video on camera, you have to REALLY use your number six (ya brain)
Don’t think like a rapper on worldstarhiphop and hold the camera to your face making ‘ahhh’ and ‘ohhh’ faces.
Think about what’s right and what’s wrong.
We all have a director in us who thinks they could direct a film or a porn scene better than the people who get paid for it.
We feel we have that knowledge of good angles, lighting, sound, etc. All things that should be taken into consideration when it comes to recording sex.
First of all, if your a rookie to it, its not easy as pointing a camera and shooting.
There’s a lot to get used to with seeing yourself work your back while your partner is holding on and coming, digging nails in and pulling hair.
So if you’ve ever thought about making a video, or you never have, and your worried about how you look, get over yourself.
The partner loving your is already comfy with ya.
You know what you do, you know HOW you do what you do and you know how you look doing what you do.
It’s exactly the same on screen.

Next thing to take into consideration is the art of ANGLES. Very VERY important when it comes to recording your own scenes.
Don’t think you can put a girl in your lap, hold the camera in your hand around her back and hope that you get a few seconds of good footage.
That sucks.
What you’ll get is a moment of a good shot that you’ll wish you planned out better.
In that position, the best thing to do, according to my research (thanks @Sexy_Secret09) is to set up your camera somewhere universally beneficial to all ideas and position changes.
Don’t try and hold the camera in your hand for that proper gonzo, P.O.V shot of her giving you that sloppy treatment.
Doesn’t work.

That’s not completely true because…. ok, for example…

He’s sitting down and she is putting that ‘special attention’ on him… in this position, a hand-held shot is quite useful. This let’s the camera get close enough to count the bubbles in the saliva dripping down his dick length.
But… this same camera shot is not so useful if the same guy is standing up fucking her face because while he’s moving the camera is moving. And that Blair Witch effect doesn’t help the masturbator watching.
I know.

It’s all about the eyes. You gotta have foresight when it comes to filming yourself properly.
You gotta see where the camera will give you the best view of the proceedings, regardless of position changes or how wild you get.
And if you have to move the camera, make sure you have another spot ready that will give a different but clear view.

Side lamps, corner lights, room lights, professional lights (if you got ’em)

Always think of the light.

Is it blinding the scene, obscuring what you can see or is it in the background, highlighting everything in the foreground?
Can you see the dick? You don’t wanna create a silhouette because then you won’t see nothing.

Here’s a few tips you should take into account when making moving pictures:

– no one wants you to look in the camera and say, ‘this a BAD BITCH’ (No Ray-J)
– please don’t forget the camera is recording and say some stupid shit you’ll need to edit later.
– make sure all parties are consenting, unless your making a hidden video in which case don’t get caught.
– get your camera sex faces ready just in case the camera pans to you while your pulling off an UGLY sex face.
– camera never lies so keep your scene clean… no one wants to see your dirty laundry basket in the background.
– don’t dub music over the scene, takes away from the slip and slop people (well me) just LOVE to hear.
– watch out for splashbacks…
– make sure your partner likes to be called a ‘dirty fucker’ before you say it. Offended faces spoil a scene.
– don’t think just because the camera is on, you can come wherever you want. If she doesn’t like come in or on her when your not filming, usual rules still apply when your filming.
– don’t think you can post your videos on xtube, RedTube, mangolust,, or any of the millions of amateur websites and not get found out. Because if your posting, hoping she won’t find out, she will because some you know is checking that site and they JUST recognised her.

How do you make a good sex video?

Mix it up, spread it out, shave it down, open your mind, think about ya angles and let it GO…

Then watch it.

You’ll like it.

Or send it to me, I’ll watch it.

By Mr Oh


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