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Let’s Play House

Do you own a nurse’s outfit but you don’t work in a hospital?

Have you ever donned a police officer outfit without going through with the final arrest, instead choosing to to cuff them to a bedpost and treat them like the CRIMINAL they are?

Ever been lying down on your bed and a maid in a skimpy outfit walks in to “clean your room”?

Had a hungry night where you ordered a pizza and it’s delivered JUST the way you want?

Ever played stranger you met on the road?

Left the front door open so someone can walk in and TAKE ADVANTAGE of you?

Have you ever been someone else?

Regularly practiced, internationally known, locally accepted and used to lighten and brighten any sexual moment between two folk.

Usually between a couple who have regular sex, dressing up and role-playing is a fun, exciting way to SPICE up a sex life that is dragging like a pair of floppy breasts in a bra that you THINK are big until the bra comes off and then your like AAAAHHHH, WHAT THE HELL?

You have to trust your partner to be able to break out of your vest that you wear, maybe because you don’t feel comfortable showing him the small curve you have on your stomach, and get into a Baywatch bikini, trying to save the drowning swimmer in the shower.

It sounds cliched to use the word ‘Spice up’ but the good thing about role-playing and dressing up is that it allows you to REALLY play with your creativity.

The classic dress up characters include the nurse, the police officer, the fire man, the burglar, the soldier, the nun, a penguin, the school girl on detention, the workman who’s come to SERVICE your pipes, pizza delivery boy, Jehovah’s Witness, bailiff, etc.

You may not be into the whole dressing up thing… but you don’t have to hit the costume shop in order to play around.

Role-playing isn’t just to do with the physical aspect of dressing as someone else, but it’s also the idea of being someone else in your head.

Get into the role.

BE someone your not.

Taste the extent of someone else’s limitations.

If you have a knock at the door and it’s the ‘gas man’ coming to take a reading and you just happen to be wearing a pair of boy shorts, vest top and flowing robe as you open the door, get into the role.

Move around like you have ten thousand things to do and they are being an inconvenience to your existence by being in the room. If he’s playing his part, he would already be looking at you while looking for your meter. You should you be in the kitchen, brushing yourself past him, bending over to check the washing machine, finding a reason to expose some skin which should hopefully entice him to cop a feel.

The simplicity of role-play means you can put on a hooded jumper and walk in like your planning to TAKE that pussy one way or another. She can play the ‘Oh no, who are you?’ lady who submits as soon as her panties come down.

But, again, you have to both agree and KNOW that you’re playing that game.

A game that a lot of people play but don’t necessarily think of as role-play is the silent game. You may have played this game the last time you had sex so it maybe fresh in your memory.

The silent game can be played with a regular lover or even a booty call, which makes it a useful tool when you just need a nice piece of something with no words.

To play the silent game, usually, you have to make the call and let your partner know what time it is. You leave the door open and you let them come in and find you.

If you live in a questionable area and leaving your door open is NOT the thing to do, then you answer the door to them. But you don’t speak.

You don’t talk.

You don’t say a word.

You are wearing something that tells them all you have to say.

Maybe nothing.

At the door, you KNOW what time it is.

It’s a quarter past sex.

From the door to the bedroom, you don’t say a word. You don’t even think about going into the living room or the kitchen, unless it’s to pick up sustenance for the rompage that’s about to go down.

(Or unless the set-up is in the living room.)

From jacket off to laying down, no words are spoken.

Your looking into their eyes, feeling their words through the way they touch you.

The first silent kiss is a beautiful, electric, KISS ME KISS ME NOW DAMMIT sorta thang. That’s if you’re playing the game right.

One of you may try and moan and say something but 100% silence must be held at all times. Thems the rules.

There is nothing wrong with putting on clothes or putting another person in your mind and taking the booty as someone else.

As I said before, it’s not just about the outfit and the fantasy that you choose to act out, it’s about the freedom of your mind and the way you SHOULD allow it to play around and inspire some real weird dress up situations.

If you know about @SexySecret09 then you know about the simplicity of taking a simple disguise and making it work for ya.

Role-playing and dressing up for a nite of Indiana Jones with a Jackie Brown mentality, tying your partner up to a chair like its Reservoir Dogs is a way to do something different from the normal on top, bend over, come, swallow, sleep, keep memories for later…

You get to see your lover in a way you don’t see them everyday.

Not only is that the creator of a smile but you get to ravish a fantasy and please your bed mate at the same time.

So put on that wig..

Button up that shirt.

Clip on that identification pass.

Pull up those knee socks.

Slide on that helmet.

Put on an accent.

Tie up that pinny and hit the kitchen in nothing but your stripper heels.

And put on the Dogg Pound featuring Nate Dogg and sing along…


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Wet talk

Kick me, punch me, pull my hair, make me feel like I am there…

Slap me, pinch me, nibble my bits, don’t be scared to do that shit…

I don’t know about you but I am a major, serious fan of being able to have someone get REAL rude and disrespectful. Preferably while sitting on my face, because that is the way to REALLY get it in… but, the position is optional.

I’m referring to being TOLD or being able to TELL someone.

Being able to release your creative dirty mouth.

Letting it all hang out.

In this day and age, folks are STILL not fucking with the plug off their mouths. Some are still censoring themselves in their minds, not being comfortable enough in their own skin to let their true voice out, not trusting that your partner will understand when you call them a “chocolate fucker” and why.

That’s because some people aren’t ready to go there, some people aren’t ready to open their mouth and let the words just FLOW without editing.

A lot of people don’t do this but most folk like to think about what it is they say before they say it. Maybe because they don’t wanna sound like a porn star.

Maybe they won’t be able to control the sound of the laughter that emanates from them as they say, “yeeeeeeeeah, do that shit”.

Maybe they’re not ready to look into your eyes and the WAY you look at them when they say, “you’re a DIRTY fucking bitch aren’t you?” (Especially if that’s too far…)

Dirty talking is not for everyone. If you are one of those people who don’t like a bit of foul language in between the sheets and thighs of your sex, then stay yo ass home, you and your chaperone.

Because if you are coming round here, and you WILL be coming, then you need to be prepared to hear some shit.

People and their comfortability around dirty talk is a sort of limbo, no man’s land.

Either you like it or you don’t.

And if you do like it, you either like it raw hardcore like Quick Draw McGraw or you like a little bit of whispering in a menacing tone.

You CAN like both, but then you would have to know when and where to alternate the voices.

Men are USUALLY relied on to bring the fire in the kitchen when it comes to talking dirty but they are equally relied on to back the heat they promote.

Men LOVE when a woman feels free enough to open her mouth and her mind and say whatever comes out.

Get some good head and tell him, “AAAAH, SUCK MY PUSSY RIGHT YOU FUCKER”

Get some dick from the back and look around and say, “COME ON HARRRRDER YOU BITCH”

Be looking at him through your two legs that are stretched by your head and say, “DICK ME DOWN DEEPER”

Anytime a woman can open her mouth and let the TRUTH come out, then you know that you have REALLY gone En Vogue on her and given her something she can feel….


Now, whether you like a deep voiced, constantly speaking, Wesley Pipes type of dude who gives a running commentary on everything you do or a relatively silent, whispering (Ying Yang Twins style) type in your ear as they make your body heat up like gravy cooking down, eitherway, you must know that it’s not always easy for them to open up that way.

Though it’s just opening your mouth and saying how you feel, you have to be able to trust that the person underneath you won’t laugh at you, won’t look at you in a weird way, won’t have a little ‘talk’ with you afterwards about calling them a ‘dirty dick sucker’.

Whichever one you have, make sure you be easy with them.

No doubt it takes a bit of courage to be able to let ya feelings flow and show.

So help ’em out; make some noise, grab some sheets, etc.

With dirty talkers, you have two main types. There are variations of the two and sometimes they intertwine with each other but they are quite different from each other and please one way or another.

I’ll name them after the porn stars who like to use them the most….

The first one is the John E. Depth style of dirty talk…

Now this is the more relaxed, cooler style out of the two. This guy will prefer to be close up and personal with you when he speaks so you KNOW he is speaking to you.

He likes to be all up on ya then say something that you can NEVER say you didn’t hear.

His favourite position is to have you on your stomach. Doggystyle is a probability but that’s only if he can bend OVER you, while inside you, and get all up close and personal.

They PREFER to put you on your stomach… FLAT. Maybe a pillow or two under your stomach so your booty hitches up and out a little bit. (Try that move… it’s a real INNA…)


They will get a good flow going, wait until you start bucking, thrashing, moaning and moving. Once you are moving into the groove, that’s when he will lean forward. So his face is in your hair.

That’s when he will choose to get all deep-voiced and sexy with it as he asks you, “Can you feel me baby? Can you feel me all up in your pussy?”

They don’t like to really project their voice out there and prefer to keep it to a level where only YOU can hear.

That’s how they want it.

They will usually ask you a question or two, like, “Am I deep enough? Is that the spot? You gonna come on my dick?”

They like to ask questions because: 1) they like to know the answer and 2) they like to HEAR how you answer.

It’s best if you CAN’T answer, that means the dick is reaching you in a way where your mouth can’t open.

Generally, the John E. Depth voice is softer on the constitution.

But for the real, GROWLING type, there is…

The Wesley Pipes style…

If you know your porn, then you know that Wesley Pipes is the 12-pound steak of dirty talk. Cuz after you finished with it, you KNOW you’re gonna sleep.

It comes with some rough play, some hair pulling, maybe some spitting, some spanking and waking up in the morning with your hair in disarray and a slight memory of what happened the night before.

When it’s Wesley time, you are doing what you’ve been told!

Plain and simples.

Because Wesley likes it hard, deep, wet, nasty and sloppy.

So when your partner decides its ‘Pipe nite’, you better make sure you find yourself in the right positions when your supposed to, don’t answer back just follow instructions the first time asked.

Wesley Pipes voice excells in any position and will be heard even when your there taking your clothes off, “Yeah, take that shit off… keep them fucking heels on… look at that fat ass, I’m gonna fuck the shit outta that”.

If you have a Wesley Pipes in your life, you know that he or she feels no way about saying whatever comes to his or her mind. They just want the pleasure that you are withholding from them and one way or another, you are WILLING going to give it to them.

A Wesley will fuck you up!

They will sometimes try to pump ya thru the headboard because they REALLY want that hard, deep grind, thumping, dont-fuck-about flow.

Maybe that’s what you want.

Whether you like it Johnny or Wesley style, the good thing is that you are open for it and ready to do it, take it, amplify it or have it whispered in your ear or shouted from the rooftop.

But whatever you do… or don’t like to do… whatever you like to hear or don’t hear…

Just have fun with it…

If you have never had someone talk dirty in your ear, the next time you are face down, ass up call for your partner to spank you and call you a dirty motherfucker… see what they say…

If you’re a guy, you should ESPECIALLY try that and see the look on her face. (That might be a sign ‘cuz if you have a real freak on your hands, she might already be on her hands and knees ready to toss some salad leaves for ya.)


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