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Watch it going in…

We all know that when it comes to sex, it’s all about the doing, the feeling, the experiencing, the tasting, the memories, the etc…
But there’s one particular thing that, as sexual people, we love to do.
It’s a small little something that works as a tease or could be the last thing you do before an almighty, shiver down your spine, speak in another language orgasm rocks your spot.
It’s such a small, simple thing but plays such a major factor in how you feel during sex. It’s something you can do with your eyes closed, you can do with you mind and can be the key for the gate that is keeping that animal of yours locked down.

I’m talking about watching.

Not just ‘watching’ said in a blah sorta way… watching is a lot more than just blah…

Watching is when you choose to watch, from whatever position you’ve been twisted into. Seeing the dick slide deep into you slow, then watching it slide back out, maybe slightly mistier than it was when it went in.
Having her ass in the air and having both cheeks in your hands, the both of you flowing in unison… as you push the dick in, she moves in tandem and it feels all sweet and shit.
THAT watching.

For some of the population, watching can be a minor something that they always do and enjoy. But for others, to watch the feeling can heighten an already juicy moment and make a single orgasm turn into a double dribble.
Case in point…

Ladies… picture this: he has you on your back… your legs are in the air… like REALLY in the air… he’s got you at east and west. He’s maybe drilling you like concrete or he maybe slow rolling himself inside you. Either way, from your head back position, you choose to raise your head and look down at the dick that you can feel inning and outing.
When your head was back, feeling it alone was one thing but when you looked at it, hopefully nice, thick and to your specifications, you are now seeing and feeling at the same time. Definitely enough to increase the heat, harden a nipple, raise a moan or make an orgasm real juicy fruit.

Fellas, for you she may maybe in one of two positions. These are the worst to be forced to watch and THEN have to hold off an orgasm against. Well there’s three if I think about but… okay… there’s THREE that are the worst to have to watch and THEN have to hold off an orgasm against.
They are the reverse cowgirl… if you’ve been there, done that and seen the video, then you know how hard it is to have restraint when all you have to watch is an ass bouncing up and down. Worst thing about this position is that if you are a fan, and she realises this, she’s then able to really work her waist. This DOES improve the watching but it DOES make it harder to hold back an orgasm. And you don’t wanna have to perform the classic, ‘grab the waist and slow her the fuck down before she kills me’ move.
The second position is doggystyle… pretty much for the same reasons as reverse cowgirl but this is worse because she is on her knees, which gives her more leverage to move her hips back and forth, round and round, left and right.
AGAIN, it does improve the viewing… just watching ya dick going in and out without you having to move is the BOMB DIGGY BOMB but even the most experienced of swordsmen knows that when they find a woman who can MOVE her thang, it’s an exercise in Jack Bauer- style restraint under some back it up pressure. Many a man have got themselves into that position thinking they could handle it, only to watch the waist move in some solid, fluid, round and round movement and buss so quickly, it took them by surprise.
(The apology is genuine… still sucks though.)

Third and final worst position for a man to have to watch, but still love and enjoy to watch is the sideways slalom. That’s the position when she slides onto her side and you come in from the back. You might be lying behind her or you might be on your knees but either way, its a bitch to watch. A pleasurable bitch but a bitch nonetheless. Like the previous two, this position gives the woman the control to be able to move without you having to move. I mean, come on, someone flash a lighter for a woman who knows how to MOVE in this position. Not just back and forth, it’s like the choreography for a Beyonce video the way she moves. (**FLASH UP UNO LIGHTER**)

Even though this is true for intercourse, this is singly, doubly, triply true for oral sex. Maybe I should’ve even started with watching head.

It’s not like you didn’t think I wasn’t gonna mention it.
Now I am, booooy, there’s is nothing like watching some good oral sex. Watching porn and seeing it, for masturbating men and some women, helps to imagine being there. So when you have a willing mouth at the ready, armed with technique, muscle control, good skills, tongue groove, etc. And they like to LOOK at you, there’s nothing else you can do but look. But, damn, should you?
Of course you should. Your a swinging swordsman and this type of attack should be fought against at all costs. But that’s not easy when you see how good it looks and you can feel how good it looks and then it looks slightly better and then she does something else and you can’t help but watch and then it feels good and it looks good and before you know it, your knees buckle and she’s swallowing.
A woman watcher in this position, who likes to look back at you while she’s giving head is a DEMON WOMAN and is only for the most ninja of swordsmen out there. ‘Cuz she knows how to use those eyes of hers. It’s actually sinister how good she looks when she is looking at you doing what she’s doing. Your reading her eyes, getting sucked in, literally and figuratively. Then before you know it, looking into her eyes, watching her mouth, feeling her mouth, has you announcing your arrival, hoping she’ll look at you like, ‘yeah, and?’
That’s always a Homer-style WHOOO HOOOO moment.

But, in the reverse of the 69, ladies, you know what it’s like to watch a master of the clit lick doing his slick shit. Best position for a woman to watch her pussy being eaten has got to be on her back…
And just as I wrote that, I thought, ‘but then again, a chair is a good position to watch from too’.
Okay, there’s TWO good ones for a woman to watch from.
First is the classic laid flat on her back with her legs going this way and that. With a few pillows behind her head, she’s cool and comfortable, able to flip her head whichever way she wants and then take a quick peek at what and how this man (or woman) is licking her all the way to pleasure central… fast train.
Throw in the fact that you can wrap your hands around their head and make them get more intense is a joy to watch because then you get to watch and feel it get more intense.
The second position to watch a man give a woman head in has got to the be the chair. That’s when a woman climbs on and sits on your face, looking down at you. Really all she should be able to see is a nose, a pair of eyes and a forehead. From writing Little Black Book, I’ve been informed that sitting on a man’s face is a BIG, troublesome sunnuvaposition to watch your pussy being eaten in. It’s coupled with the fact that you pretty much free reign over the face below you so you can help make it feel good. And you do. And it does. And you look down… at the eyes so willing ,so hungry, so accepting, so delicious, so saying to you ‘FUCK MY FACE’, so… *cough cough* sorry, I got a bit too into that…

But you know what I’m saying… or what I’m seeing…

Oh… or maybe you lean one hand on the wall and pick up his head with the other and really MAKE him eat that…


Apparently some men like that position, but I’m not so sure, lol… *Tyrone Biggums itch*

But hopefully, you’ve seen what I’ve meant.
Watching is a beautiful thing to do. To feel the sex is one thing but to watch it combines the feeling and the seeing in one big, 3D reality feeling that should be present during every sexual encounter you encounter.
Best time is when you’ve been knocking those boots for a while and you haven’t looked for a while and you’ve said to yourself, ‘I’m not gonna look, I’m not gonna look’ and you look and you’re like, ‘damn, I shouldn’t have looked’.
Then you come… as you take another look.

Delicious, wouldn’t you agree?

By Mr Oh

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Letter to the bigger lady

Dear Woman,

Dear bigger, thicker, more fuller, curvaceous, adventurous woman that you are.
I have been thinking about you for a long time. I guess you’ve been on my mind because I’ve been a fan of yours for the longest time.
A fan is maybe not the right term… I should say I love YOU!

Big girl, thick girl, PHAT, whatever you call yaself…. sheeeeeet you may just call yourself woman but I have been watching you for the longest time and I cannot get enough of you.
Maybe it’s because I’ve grown up in a black household of big women with bigger shapes, bigger personalities and bigger behinds.
I don’t know.
Whatever it is… I’ve got a MAJOR crush on you.

This crush has not been helped thanks to the existence of such beautiful big women such as Jill Scott, who is tip top on my list of big women who will find herself in a “situation” if she ever tripped and fell in front of me.

(Careful Jill…)

See, I’m not gonna write to you and say something like, ‘oh, I like your big personality’, that, to me, is quite offensive. What the fuck is a big personality?

Just because a woman is big, doesn’t mean she is super jolly and armed with a jolly sense of living life to the fullest, just because she’s big and the only thing to make her smile is a keen sense of carpe diem.


I’m here to say I love your curves.
You may be siting on a size 18 shape, with one or two rolls across the middle but I freaking love you just the same. You and the rolls.
I’m not sure about you but those stretch marks, the fullness of you, the way you look DELICIOUS when you put a corset on, the general warmth of you, etc.
All of that together makes me a willing visitor to the church of the big woman where you are praised.

I don’t ponder to stereotypes of you; that your a good cook, that you laugh a lot and that your belly jiggles when you giggle. (Well that last one maybe true, but still, doesn’t mean I love it any less.)
I’m talking to those real big women. You know who you are.
Your size, to me, is irrelevant. The attraction to you is what’s important.
The fact that there’s more of you; more to kiss, more to lick, more to taste, more to be around.
More often than not you can cook ya ass off and being in your company is always the shit.

Now, I haven’t said anything about your sex because, well, I thought I would keep it clean and clean. But since I’m talking about it… you are the SYYYYYYYYRUP!
That means you taste great at all times, you look great when your poured and covering me, when you give head the world is alright with me and I always keep a bottle of you close by.
A thick woman, possibly verging on bbw (that’s big black woman) is the dream of dreams and to be able to sexually engage with one is nothing short of a life experience.
Sure, like any woman, she has the same nuts and bolts as a smaller woman but there’s MORE of ’em … and their nuts and bolts are bigger too…

As everyone knows, there ain’t no party like a thick girl head party cuz that shit will make toes curl all night!
The pleasure of having a larger woman between your thighs is something I can talk about but I won’t be able to fully create the picture of how GOOD it is.
Ya mouth, thankfully, is quite accommodating… that’s the nice way of saying ‘quite large’. Ever so helpful when you are throwing ya NECK in, tongue sliding and deepthroating, quite easily I might add. (Check out any bbw porn video of a thick woman giving head and you’ll witness a sight of pure genius thinking.)

This letter isn’t just about how sexy you look in amateur-recorded videos watched on phone screens, its about more than that part of you.
Some of the most wildest experiences of my career have involved thick, full figured, sometimes more ass than you ever thought you could feasibly challenge women.
But it’s not just the wildness of you, it’s just about you.
I can’t explain why the stretch marks you rub religiously with cocoa butter endear, the way you fill clothes with your shapely ways attract me and the beauty I see in you addicts me.
I thank God you exist.
I kinda thank God that no matter how hard you try you just can’t seem to shift that last piece of weight that hangs onto you.
I understand you may be relatively self-conscious to stand without covering yourself but I LOVE to stare at you naked… curves, bumps and all.

These are the things that make you so damn delectable to me and I just wanna say… thank you.

Thank you for walking and switching that ass like that, thank you for filling out those jeans (sometimes spilling out), thank you for walking past with that amazing cleavage, thank you for knowing how to REALLY take a spank on the ass, thank you for such expert head, thank you for constantly inspiring my dirty mind, thank you for filling out corsets, thank you for being blessed with such stature.

Thank you…

Ya make the world go round…


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Touch my intimacy please


OoOoOoOooooooh yeah…

Now we’re talking… this is one of my favourite subjects in the world of sex.
It’s the warmest one too.

Intimacy is an every day thing. If you can get it.
It fills the moments when your not bumping uglies with ya partner… or ya partner of right now.
There’s less fun talking about it and more fun getting it into your system. And when you have someone who loves and is well practiced in the art of being intimate, you, the receiver, should have nothing but fluffy clouds and sweet sounding neo-soul instrumentals floating about your environment because it feels THAT good to ya soul.
That’s IF you’re getting it right.

Someone reading this right now thinks intimacy is just related to getting naked and getting your hands and fingers wrapped around something or slipped INTO something. Or even coming.
To me, that’s not the basis of intimacy.
Your hands, your eyes and your intentions ARE.

You see, to be intimate with someone doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to take your clothes off. Rookies think this but, as the seasoned lover that you are, you have knowledge of and have experienced different types of intimacy, be it in a restaurant, a concert, at home, playing a game together, having a conversation, etc.
The intimacy I’m referring to is about reflecting on and appreciating the little things that we do for each other for arousal, not just wham, bam, don’t shoot it in my hair ma’am.
Let me paint a picture and stroke on some intimate moments with some characters from Little Black Book Volume 2.

“Laying next to each other fully dressed and tired, Russell and Tatiana stared at each other, listening to each other breathe. Their eyes dropped to each other’s lips, waiting for the other to reach out for the kiss but neither did.
With their fingers interlocked, Russell stroked three loose dreadlocks from her face so he could see her sultry smile.
With her free hand, she stroked the side of his high-cheekbone face. Taking in his contours and valleys, slipping her index finger across his lips and into his dimples.
Hooking her hair behind her ears, Russell spread his fingers across her neck and pulled her towards him. He licked his lips as she did the same and their first kiss registered in both their libidos.
The kiss was as soft as their lips, filled with boiling passion and calm all at the same time.
She sighed in the kiss as he did the same with his hands cupping her face. ”

Something as simple as being close to someone, clothed or not, can be intimate. Dinner in a small restaurant can be intimate, a concert in a small venue where the artist is standing right in front of you can be intimate.
Intimate is about being close.

Closer than close… (*SINGS* closer than you ever can imagine us…)

It’s funny to think that a lot of people out there today are fucking but are not being intimate. Can that even happen?
Yeah it can.

Like, after you’ve come (ladies, I pray you’re coming) you feel like you’ve just been at work. No frills, no spills, just bang, buss then bed time.
Like you’ve been asked to do a favour that you didn’t want to do but you were obligated to.
Not to say that the sex isn’t good but there’s no closeness involved….
You been there?!
Sucks doesn’t it?

The first thing to remember about being intimate is that you actually have to LIKE the person you are about to be intimate with. Sounds basic but there are a few people out there who are not getting or giving the intimate treatment, yet they are capable of it, because they just can’t STAND that motherfucker.
That prick makes you sick sometimes.
Why would you give that annoying person the intimacy you feel they DON’T deserve?

The next thing to remember about intimacy is the little things. The small, teeny, tiny, minute things that make him or her jump outta their skin with just a single stroke or touch. A lone finger brushing stray strands of hair out of your face. Two hands tracing from your shoulders, down your chest and into a hug. A strong hand on the small of your back… not just on your ass.

And intimacy is DEFINATELY about eye-contact.

Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy….
Eye conact…. I dunno ’bout you, but I LOVE me some eye contact.

One-on-one, we’re both naked enough and close enough to be rocking the boat like Aaliyah said, but there is more going on between out eyes than our bodies.
Come on now, you intimates know what I’m talking about.
Let’s say you are standing in front of someone with really nice eyes and you are looking at them and there seems to be a big old conversation going on but there are no words being said.
Just pure, no ramping, eye flirting.
I know there are people out there who have engaged in some major eye flirting to the point where you have risen or found yourself getting majorly moist.

Intimacy uses more than just your body and, to be honest, its sometimes more enjoyable than the slip in, humpty dumpty part of sex.
Disagree, agree, have something to say but me personally, there is a lot more to be found and read in a person when you are being intimate with them. You find out more things that matter as opposed to things that are fleeting like how does your partner sound when they are coming… or how good, tight and wet the pussy is.

Intimacy is about honesty…
How you can be real enough with the person your with to be the REAL you. If your one of those women, and I’ve found that there are a few, who like to eat their partner’s hair, that’s a level of real comfort (SHABBA) that some never reach . Not on some pick it out and munch it like a midnight snack but you sometimes feel a little pinch on your scalp when their mouth is there. OR is that just me? Anywhoooo…

As you’ve read, there is not one definition of the word ‘intimate’, but there are plenty of actions and reactions that fall under that remit which we, as grown as people, like to engage in.
Intimate can be in the bed or out of the bed, clothes on or clothes off, up close or from a distance, now or later, but you should know good and damn well when your respective other says that it’s intimacy time, its THAT time!
Just don’t misread the sign thinking they just wanna fuck hard and fast because that’s a good way to end the proceedings quick, fast and in a hurry.

So if you don’t already have it, add intimacy to your reportire of skills…
Taking the time out to be a bit more intimate will make you a better lover…

By Mr Oh


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A Rider’s waist shouldn’t go to waste

On the suggestion of one of my Twitter followers (who’s name shall be protected so no one questions her riding game), I have been asked to write a little blog about the intricacies of riding.
So, this one is mainly for the ladies… but fellas who like a rider, let me know if I’m hitting the nail on the head.

For those who aren’t down with the art of riding during sex… then this one is for you…

Riders are normal, everyday people.
They enjoy sex in all variations, usually about the time when they are able to throw their hips or waist into a position that gives them a fair degree of control.
A rider enjoys what they do. They know how to quint, tick tock, hard wine, drop it like its hot and and all that good stuff.
As a rider, rough or gentle, you, miss lady, are not afraid to get on top and let ya stomach show, whether it’s small, flat, curved, rounded or slightly flabby.
Really, it’s not your body that your worried about. It’s your technique. It’s the ride… the grind… the way the dick slips up inside you. Maybe even rubs against that internal button right nicely.

Riders and their riding game are focused on WORKING that shit. Making sure that the wine and grind is deep, connected and feeling good for everyone.
Women who like to get on top and throw it down on a man know the feeling of what it’s like to have the dick deep inside you.

When a woman sits on top and straightens her back and starts to ride, the dick gets RIGHT up in there.

SoOoOoOoOo in there, you might start to feel it in the back of your throat… if it’s one of THOSE dicks.
But the art of good riding is to make that dick touch different places inside of you. You may lean the hips to the left, rock the waist to the right just so things touch different… thangs.
For the right rider, a dick inside during the ride is an orgasm after a few rounds of the grind. For others, you have to work up to the orgasm. For some, its just a position on the way to another.

But you riders out there… oooooooh, you love it don’t ya you dirty filthy grinders you…

Now, if you don’t know how to ride… or you have an issue with riding.. or you just wanna add a new recipe to ya cook book, eitherway, here’s a few tips on how to best work the ride… And how to take it…

Lean with it-
This is a fan favourite of mine and definitely one that women and men alike prefer to use. Side effects include being sweat on but that’s a minor when someone is coming on you in such a way that they’re squeezing pussy walls on ya. You won’t really care.
Now when a woman gets on top and she rolls with the lean with it move, there are a few things to remember as a man.
Number one, you need to remember that being on top and riding means that she will have full control of the stroke. So if you are anywhere near coming, do not let her get you into this position because you WILL buss real quick.
When she climbs on, and you slip in, and she starts to rock her roll all over you, her rhythm will definitely speed up. But that’s not what you are looking out for. It is the moment when she leans forward on ya chest or on the headboard.
This gives her extra leverage in the back. When I mean in the back, I mean in the hips that she should be working and jerking. By leaning forward, she is able to work what she’s working that little bit easier.
Pound it, spin on it, circle on top of it… any kinda work.
The movement, coupled with the lean forward, comes together like moving the hair out of a woman’s face while she is giving you head. So you can see and feel it better.
Same thing.
A rider likes the freedom that allows them to pound and bang with no issues, dramas or distractions.
Best way to take this ride is to just take it. Let her do what it is she wants to do.

Put ya hands by by your side, under her arms so there is no distraction. I know its the ting to leave your hands out so that you are able to hold on, grab on, spank or control her if you need to but, don’t.
Just let her go.

You come when you come. Probably a few seconds after the HARD grind starts.

Equally sexy when she turns around in the reverse upright cowgirl.

Doggystyle ride –

As a woman, if you think that there is no way for you to jump on the ride and keep the ride going in the doggy, then you are wrong and you have been doing it wrong.
You see, in that position, a woman rules a man for how ever many strokes he can manage. He may grab your waist and decide whether to rock fast or slow but you, miss lady are in control.

You know it. He knows it.
You should know that a little twist of your hips will drive him mad, a heavy back and forth slam will make him have to come out so he doesn’t come quick.
Really though, fuck all that.
In this position, the control is in the waist of a woman when she commands him to stay still… and fucks him.
Make him stay still.
Tell him not to move.
This is the sexiest thing to a man when a woman DEMANDS that he stay still, not move, basically follows orders.
Once you’ve got him mannequin in place, back it up.
Not a typical RIDE as such but to those who excel in this position, and get a GOOD nut in this position, you know where the ride is.

In this position, it’s not as simple as just backing it up. You have to play a role with your lower half.
It may seem a little silly to get your award-winning performance on while your face down, ass up but your waist and your hips have to take on a mind of their own.
THIS is the ride.
Twist ya hips to the right as you slide off the dick then twist to the left as you take him back in. (Useful to hear a song in your head that has a good rhythm to it, helps the movement.)


Get flat.
Not literally.
I mean press yourself down to the bed as far as you can without dropping your ass. This is the true definition of face down, ass up.
You should look like a BMX ramp the way your back is arched.
Clench yourself backwards away from him, to the point that his tip is visible, hopefully creamed with you, then take him back in, fast or slow, however you like it. Keep him still so your doing all the sliding.
Look back at him and make sure he’s watching. That adds to the thrill.

REALLY, a woman can ride you in any position you slip her into. For wrestling fans, it’s like getting caught slipping and having a figure four leglock put on you.
When she gets going, and her hips start moving and her waist starts grinding and her body starts moving, make you sit back and watch it!
It’s a thing of beauty to see, better than 3D and, for she, it should be a pussy grinding party.
Constant switch-ups, mixed with hard grinds, long strokes and deep pokes should have even the most seasoned of swordsmen trying to slow you down.

That’s the mark of a goood rider… when your doing that thang that you do and he has to hold your hips to slow you down or change the flow. That means the thing your doing is making him good to go.

A lil bounce when your on top, a lil back arching when your ass is up, a good grip on the bed when your on your side so you can really pound on him.
There’s a good rider in every woman, she just needs to find her favourite rhythm to ride on.
What’s your riding song?

Whatever it is, find it, hear it, use it, ride it, get it, sleep on it…
He’ll thank you for it…

By Mr Oh

I know the pancakes are random but are they really? Is the syrup on hot pancakes a metaphor for the orgasm you should receive as the result of a good ride? Or are the pancakes just a good prize after a good ride out?

You choose…


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Best four words in sex

Picture it:

It’s you.
You’re having sex.
Good sex.
No, not good sex… I mean GOOOD sex…
You know you’ve left a mark on that someone sex.
There should be juice mentally imprinted on their mind the way you have just put it down.
You are expecting your someone to forget their own name the way you just smacked it on em.
There should be a tap-out any minute now.
If you’re a woman, then you should be on your 6th or 7th orgasm by now.
Fellas, you should be squeezing ya sphincter like ya life depended on it. (Hold on strong dog.)
Giving it another two to three strokes of whatever their doing and you know what time will arrive.
Maybe you are preparing your stroke for this familiar road to travel, speeding up, slowing down, maybe even keeping still.
Ya partner may be moaning and groaning as they feel what time it is and then they decide to open their mouth and say one sentence that makes your mouth go O.

You could be working like a jackhammer in stubborn concrete, sweat dripping down your brow, creeping into ya eye corner, stinging like a mofo, but you flow on though… and then they say it. And you pause and look at them like, whuuuuuuuut?!
If you go the other way during cum time and prefer a slow grind, hard and deep, up close and sloppy sounding… it’s like a hard wine at a club and ya partner says this sentence to you and before you know it, that feeling is creeping down ya spine and it’s about to be spray on like popcorn.

Now, not everyone has had the luxury of hearing this sentence, these four words that have such an effect both physically and mentally during the moment of pulsating, freezing and teeth gritting. Unfortunately not everyone gets to meet and get down with those of us who thrive on being able to say it and watch how a face can change once it’s been said.
But, to those lucky lucky contestants who have been to that game show, you know what the prize is.

Still not figured it out yet?

Four words. Sometimes eight words.
Variations are welcome due to social standing, language barrier or pleasure content but it’s all the same.
Your suddenly feeling warm all over, the stroke is just right, it’s juice city… and then your partner says…

“Come on my face!”

You were close before but those words are like a fresh Duracell battery into the libido to speed things along.
Might not be a something to some people but, if you were thinking in your head, ‘I wonder if I can come on their face or in their mouth’ and, up to ya come point ya still not sure, then those words can be the golden fleece you need.

I guess I have to concede that not everyone is open to taking a shot in the face or in their mouth and … well… ok… I guess… we all like what we like and don’t like what we don’t like.

But, sweet juicy fruit in a glass, to those of you reading who have, once or thrice in ya life, told ya partner where you want them to finish, you know where those words came from.

It’s not like you wear a badge or a sign on ya forehead that says ‘I like it in my mouth’ but that’s also the beauty of it.
There are a lot of people out there who claim to be freaky but don’t deliver in that respect. And maybe that’s not a benchmark for what defines a freak but it sure ticks a box or two.

If you are lucky enough to have someone in your bed who regularly tells you it’s mouth filling time, then you know how it makes you feel inside when they say it.
Those words are MORE interesting when they are said from someone who you are ‘entertaining’ for the first, second or third time.
Definite tick box…
They’re not afraid to take it there.
And you are obviously willing to oblige.

I mean, when was the last time someone TOLD you to come in their mouth and you said, ‘nah, I’m not into that kinda thing.’

Come on son…
You KNOW she locked her fingers around his head and made sure her tap was right where his mouth would catch the waterfall.
In the reverse, if a man is getting the blowjob to beat all blowjobs and she takes his dick out to stop, look at him with the dreamy eyes that women like to unleash at that moment and say or ask, ‘You gonna come in my mouth?’
That guy is gonna hold the top of her head, bottom of her jaw and face fuck her.
And that’s fa trill… lol

To tell ya partner to come ANYWHERE on ya person is a turn-on in itself because they want to feel, not just the pleasure of the intecourse or oral pleasure, but they want to feel the result of all that pleasure.
Fellas, you ever come on a woman after quite a long session, so there’s a bit of build up and by the time you come, you come HAAARD! And when you come, possibly spraying higher than anticipated, when ya soldiers hit her skin, she moans just that little bit more.
Like the feeling of your come is a metaphorical, and literal, douse for her fire.

If this is all new to you, and really by now it shouldn’t be, then think about exploring. If the idea of someone coming anywhere above ya neckline freaks you out or makes you retch, suck it up.
It’s not like your losing any dignity or respect by stepping out of your normal comfort zone and looking like a chocolate canvas with white paint.
Or as if she has sprayed baby oil up and down ya neck, face and shoulders.

If the one you were doing is being done right, then it’s the ONLY way to end it.

Ladies, please don’t think that he believes you when you told him that the only reason you don’t him come in your mouth or on ya face is because ya scared to get it in your hair.


Gotta come better than that.

And sir, if you have ever been man enough to go down on her at any time then taking a long swallow should be nothing to you… and she really doesn’t understand why you never do.

To those who don’t, here’s a lil scenario, for both men and women, on lil ways to try…

SIRS: eat her out. Not like normal where she is on her back and you are laying between her thighs. That IS a good orgasm to take in the face but it’s not the premier way. That belongs to the well practiced, always offered, never failing, MAKE her sit on your face or ‘the chair’ as I like to call it.
Trust me, I will stake my entire writing career on the fact that a woman who likes to have her pussy eaten WILL come if you make her sit on your face.
Let her knees rest by ya head, arms under her so all she can see is eyes and a forehead.
Then look up at her… while your mouth does thangs…
She’ll look down at you, trying to read your eyes, then feel what you’re doing with ya tongue and pretty soon, her waist should be moving.
She should be leaning over you resting on the headboard or the wall.
Work this right and I promise you, she’ll be asking you, in a telling way, that she wants to come on your face.
Kinda like, “Can I come on your face? YEAH!!!??!?!”
Like there’s no option to say no.
Your eyes, and a quick, deep thrust of your tongue, should answer her right away.
She may get a bit rough around this point but let her.
The orgasm she’s about to have will make it all worth it.

LADIES: the best time to go for it is probably a blowjob. But not a foreplay blowjob. Oh no… You gotta get yours of course. I mean a blowjob that you throw in after about three or four position changes and a couple good orgasms. It is possible to go for the sex into the quick blowjob so you can catch him as he comes but you have to have that agility to get there in time.
So, go for the blow.
By this point, he shouldn’t be far off so you won’t have to work for long. If it ya first time, let him lay down and take position between his thighs. (I was gonna suggest the position where he lays you back against the headboard and face fucks you but that’s for the more experienced of come takers.)
Bless him with your genius. But keep an eye on him.
Watch his breathing, listen to him… does his moaning sound like its growing to a point? That could mean he’s either enjoying it or close to coming.
That is the best time to take the dick outta ya mouth, look at him while letting it slide between ya slippery fingers, then say, “Come in my mouth.”
I won’t need to say anything else because he will probably make your mouth the wet, slippery place he needs it to be in order to lay his soldiers to rest.

So there you go.

The best four words in sex…
A good tick box for a freak…
Less clean up too… just have a towel handy.


Mr Oh

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I should stop answering to you

How many times have you been a victim to this anytime figure?

You may have looked at the situation like, ‘no way, not again’ then before you knew it, you were face down ass up and confused as a mofo! Or behind the ass up thinking, ‘I swear I said no’.

Men and women both own the power of it, you cannot explain it, understand it or figure it out… but you are willing to go back for it…
Sheeeeet, you’ve taken roadtrips for it…

Worst of all, you’ve turned into a cheater for it!

This is one of the most powerful motherfuckers in all of sex.
And when you find it, you may not want to give it up, you may not want to taste it after the first sip… but your GONNA…
Aren’t ya?

This is a blog post dedicated to the sexiest of all sexy asses.
You know who you are you moral-less, need it when you need it, insatiable beings of pleasure you!

When you meet this type of person, you find yourself making questionable decisions, your morals and pre-made decisions go right out the window and things you previously said you would never do are getting done.
This is what that person does.
I will put down a free copy of one of my books that you either know someone like that NOW, you met someone like that, you deleted someone off ya phone like that or you’re being done by that person right now.

But who are they?!

THEY are the itch scratchers, the back rubbers, the thigh biters and the neck massagers… they are ready at any time, they ALWAYS know how to make you smile (whether up above or down below) and, most importantly, they don’t care if you have a partner or not.
That’s what they do.
They are trying to be that distraction in your life in order to deliver one thing and one thing only… a nut for you! (And for them obviously… they don’t pop up just to ‘cuddle’… unless that’s how you leave ’em after YOU come.)

But they will not stop until you come.
Because that’s what they wanna do. And you know that’s what they do!
That’s why you’re making questionable decisions about them in order to have them in your general vicinity.
There is something about the way they hold your dick when its time for the get down, or there is something so sloppy about her head game that you can’t stop thinking about them… or stop them from calling.
Even if you are in a situation where you are not supposed to be calling or entertaining these people, they STILL manage to get through to you.
But they know that.
They know that they can start a conversation talking about your partner and by the end of the conversation, have you planning your next hook-up.

Don’t play dumb, it’s only you and me here… you don’t have to say it out loud but you might remember their name.
You’ve been there… you may not tell ya closest friends about it… but you’ve done it! (If you haven’t good for you….)

You’ve told a lie to someone and made plans. You’ve made sure that there is no scope for anyone popping round on a random visit thing. You were asked about a message and you made up some random lie saying it was from a friend when really it wasn’t. You just want what you want!
That’s why you’ve set up this little tryst…
For some reason, there is something they do that you just cannot get enough of, nor can you find a way to get your current partner to do you the same way.

There is a certain power in BEING that person who makes the phone call to the person that you probably know you’re not supposed to be calling. They know your not supposed to be calling… but just the fact that they answered means they know but don’t care.
That’s the power you wield as the caller.
What that does, as the person who is misbehaving and receiving the call, is fuels you and your memories and the last time you had that person inside you. And the urge to have them again takes over and before you know it, someone has their legs in their air, moaning in a way that silently says, “Why don’t THEY make me feel like this?”

If you haven’t met this person in your lifetime then maybe you’ve BEEN that person.
OoOoOoOo… if you have then you KNOW what I’m talking about.

There is something in the way that they walk, the way they move, the way they look at you, the way they touch you that makes you wanna do something you know good and damn well your not supposed to be doing.
It’s not even like things are wrong in ya relationship to push you into the arms of another, it’s just the way they do SOMETHING!
Maybe it’s their eyes…

Who knows…

But we know they exist… they are the naughty people in the back who always know how to press THAT freaking button. The button that makes you do something you KNOW is damn wrong… but DAMN they make it feel good don’t they?!

These DANGEROUS motherfuckers aren’t concerned about your relationship or whatever you got going on. They don’t care about your mama or your job, your recent weight gain, or the ‘tell me about ya day and that bitch at work’ game… they just care about getting that nut… and giving you that nut!
And you want that nut don’t ya?!

Because you remember how the postman/woman delivers… everytime.

It IS possible to ignore these people, to tell these people no, to fight the moisture or the erection growing between ya thighs. It IS doable… because you have morals and standards and you’ve decided that if you are in a relationship then there is no sex out there that can change that.
It WILL always try, tagged to the end of a slick voiced, smooth talking, sloppy speaking, sexual favours offering, dirty thinking, filthy minded person, but you just hold on strong!

Don’t listen to them.
Don’t pay them any attention.
Don’t give ’em any time.
Don’t even look at ’em in the eye.
Because they are slick…
They’ve got John Blaze shit!
And they know how to use it…

It’s what they do…

So watch ya back…
Someone out there is looking at you or has just seen you after a long time and is planning to call ya…

So hide ya wife, hide ya husband, hide ya mistress, because those sexy motherfuckers are gonna be fucking everything round hurr…

Mr Oh

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Dear Vagina

Hi… remember me?

I believe I’ve met you a few times over the last 12 years.
I don’t know if you remember me but I remember you!

You see, I’m writing this letter not just to say hello or to try and get some…
I just wanted to write this letter to say that I have got nothing but love for you.
And I appreciate you and everything you do!

I know you’ve been through a lot and everyday you are forced to deal with my representatives trying to meet you… but when was the last time someone wrote to you just to say thank you?
Just to say, ‘thanks for the meeting’, nice to meet ya? Or thanks for transforming into a birth vehicle that delivered me?

It’s probably been a while. But that’s okay, hopefully this letter will make up for lost time.
I’ve met you in many shades, shapes, sheens and grins and every time has been a pleasure. Okay, SOMETIMES, it’s been more of a chore and other times, it’s been a travesty but I’ve still appreciated you.
I know it seems like men don’t stop and give you t the right love and respect you deserve but hopefully this letter will be the start of a new day.
Being the all-powerful body part you are, you know what you are capable of doing to me and many others like me. You know how to smile and frown in a way that makes me feel you shivering up my spine.

From my first days when I was allowed the finger introduction to you, I was an addict, though the scent of you was confusing at first. But then, after I got to meet you a few more times, I began to like you more and more.
And it’s been that way ever since.
Now I’m not afraid to look you in your one eye and engage in some rhymthic conversation at any time.

Now I’m a grown ass man, I can look at you close up and imagine talking to you… because sometimes I just like to watch you.

That’s right, I watch you.
At all times.

When your wrapped up warm.
Filled with tissue for your nose when it’s time for your monthly break in conversation.
Drying up and not letting ANYONE talk to you, not even yourself.
The stutters in conversation that make your back arch.
The lines, the curves, the folds, the talking points…

I’m ALWAYS watching you.
I’d be a fool not to.

From the first time I met you in a bed situation, when your owner squeezed her thighs together and made me think that I was meeting you, up to the day when I made you stutter 27 times, I love and appreciate you Vag.
You’ve been a wonder since you taught me how to breathe, how to live and you were the first place I left that actually made me cry… BUT…

I still love you…

I love you more than my own nipples. It’s always been you. Even though your dirtier sister round the back also likes to try and talk to me sometimes, its always you I’m thinking of.
She can get the hell on!!!

There is never a day when I don’t think about you. Wonder about what you’re doing… or who’s doing you… are they giving you the RIGHT conversation?
And coming in so many variations, its a wonder I haven’t become a professional conversationalist.

Fat folds, flaps and fine lines
Lips, labia and small talk
Secreting, leaking, mouth kinda Jay Z-ing
Small ting, thin, Tesco bagging

I don’t care which one you are… I’m just talking about you.
Clean, tasty, looked after you!

The you I’ve loved to talk to for so long, never running out of things to say, always a smile on a dry day.

I would to say thanks.
It’s been a pleasure meeting you as many times as I have and I cannot wait to meet you all over again to engage in what can only be called heavenly conversation for the mind, body and soul of you…

So next time you see me, know that there is more than masturbation on my mind.
If I start singing Tevin Campbell’s Can We Talk upon our next meeting, you know what I’m thinking…
I’m thinking of you…

Yours FOREVER (my lady),

Mr Oh – loyal friend, to the end, hoping to meet you again and again…

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