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Best four words in sex

Picture it:

It’s you.
You’re having sex.
Good sex.
No, not good sex… I mean GOOOD sex…
You know you’ve left a mark on that someone sex.
There should be juice mentally imprinted on their mind the way you have just put it down.
You are expecting your someone to forget their own name the way you just smacked it on em.
There should be a tap-out any minute now.
If you’re a woman, then you should be on your 6th or 7th orgasm by now.
Fellas, you should be squeezing ya sphincter like ya life depended on it. (Hold on strong dog.)
Giving it another two to three strokes of whatever their doing and you know what time will arrive.
Maybe you are preparing your stroke for this familiar road to travel, speeding up, slowing down, maybe even keeping still.
Ya partner may be moaning and groaning as they feel what time it is and then they decide to open their mouth and say one sentence that makes your mouth go O.

You could be working like a jackhammer in stubborn concrete, sweat dripping down your brow, creeping into ya eye corner, stinging like a mofo, but you flow on though… and then they say it. And you pause and look at them like, whuuuuuuuut?!
If you go the other way during cum time and prefer a slow grind, hard and deep, up close and sloppy sounding… it’s like a hard wine at a club and ya partner says this sentence to you and before you know it, that feeling is creeping down ya spine and it’s about to be spray on like popcorn.

Now, not everyone has had the luxury of hearing this sentence, these four words that have such an effect both physically and mentally during the moment of pulsating, freezing and teeth gritting. Unfortunately not everyone gets to meet and get down with those of us who thrive on being able to say it and watch how a face can change once it’s been said.
But, to those lucky lucky contestants who have been to that game show, you know what the prize is.

Still not figured it out yet?

Four words. Sometimes eight words.
Variations are welcome due to social standing, language barrier or pleasure content but it’s all the same.
Your suddenly feeling warm all over, the stroke is just right, it’s juice city… and then your partner says…

“Come on my face!”

You were close before but those words are like a fresh Duracell battery into the libido to speed things along.
Might not be a something to some people but, if you were thinking in your head, ‘I wonder if I can come on their face or in their mouth’ and, up to ya come point ya still not sure, then those words can be the golden fleece you need.

I guess I have to concede that not everyone is open to taking a shot in the face or in their mouth and … well… ok… I guess… we all like what we like and don’t like what we don’t like.

But, sweet juicy fruit in a glass, to those of you reading who have, once or thrice in ya life, told ya partner where you want them to finish, you know where those words came from.

It’s not like you wear a badge or a sign on ya forehead that says ‘I like it in my mouth’ but that’s also the beauty of it.
There are a lot of people out there who claim to be freaky but don’t deliver in that respect. And maybe that’s not a benchmark for what defines a freak but it sure ticks a box or two.

If you are lucky enough to have someone in your bed who regularly tells you it’s mouth filling time, then you know how it makes you feel inside when they say it.
Those words are MORE interesting when they are said from someone who you are ‘entertaining’ for the first, second or third time.
Definite tick box…
They’re not afraid to take it there.
And you are obviously willing to oblige.

I mean, when was the last time someone TOLD you to come in their mouth and you said, ‘nah, I’m not into that kinda thing.’

Come on son…
You KNOW she locked her fingers around his head and made sure her tap was right where his mouth would catch the waterfall.
In the reverse, if a man is getting the blowjob to beat all blowjobs and she takes his dick out to stop, look at him with the dreamy eyes that women like to unleash at that moment and say or ask, ‘You gonna come in my mouth?’
That guy is gonna hold the top of her head, bottom of her jaw and face fuck her.
And that’s fa trill… lol

To tell ya partner to come ANYWHERE on ya person is a turn-on in itself because they want to feel, not just the pleasure of the intecourse or oral pleasure, but they want to feel the result of all that pleasure.
Fellas, you ever come on a woman after quite a long session, so there’s a bit of build up and by the time you come, you come HAAARD! And when you come, possibly spraying higher than anticipated, when ya soldiers hit her skin, she moans just that little bit more.
Like the feeling of your come is a metaphorical, and literal, douse for her fire.

If this is all new to you, and really by now it shouldn’t be, then think about exploring. If the idea of someone coming anywhere above ya neckline freaks you out or makes you retch, suck it up.
It’s not like your losing any dignity or respect by stepping out of your normal comfort zone and looking like a chocolate canvas with white paint.
Or as if she has sprayed baby oil up and down ya neck, face and shoulders.

If the one you were doing is being done right, then it’s the ONLY way to end it.

Ladies, please don’t think that he believes you when you told him that the only reason you don’t him come in your mouth or on ya face is because ya scared to get it in your hair.


Gotta come better than that.

And sir, if you have ever been man enough to go down on her at any time then taking a long swallow should be nothing to you… and she really doesn’t understand why you never do.

To those who don’t, here’s a lil scenario, for both men and women, on lil ways to try…

SIRS: eat her out. Not like normal where she is on her back and you are laying between her thighs. That IS a good orgasm to take in the face but it’s not the premier way. That belongs to the well practiced, always offered, never failing, MAKE her sit on your face or ‘the chair’ as I like to call it.
Trust me, I will stake my entire writing career on the fact that a woman who likes to have her pussy eaten WILL come if you make her sit on your face.
Let her knees rest by ya head, arms under her so all she can see is eyes and a forehead.
Then look up at her… while your mouth does thangs…
She’ll look down at you, trying to read your eyes, then feel what you’re doing with ya tongue and pretty soon, her waist should be moving.
She should be leaning over you resting on the headboard or the wall.
Work this right and I promise you, she’ll be asking you, in a telling way, that she wants to come on your face.
Kinda like, “Can I come on your face? YEAH!!!??!?!”
Like there’s no option to say no.
Your eyes, and a quick, deep thrust of your tongue, should answer her right away.
She may get a bit rough around this point but let her.
The orgasm she’s about to have will make it all worth it.

LADIES: the best time to go for it is probably a blowjob. But not a foreplay blowjob. Oh no… You gotta get yours of course. I mean a blowjob that you throw in after about three or four position changes and a couple good orgasms. It is possible to go for the sex into the quick blowjob so you can catch him as he comes but you have to have that agility to get there in time.
So, go for the blow.
By this point, he shouldn’t be far off so you won’t have to work for long. If it ya first time, let him lay down and take position between his thighs. (I was gonna suggest the position where he lays you back against the headboard and face fucks you but that’s for the more experienced of come takers.)
Bless him with your genius. But keep an eye on him.
Watch his breathing, listen to him… does his moaning sound like its growing to a point? That could mean he’s either enjoying it or close to coming.
That is the best time to take the dick outta ya mouth, look at him while letting it slide between ya slippery fingers, then say, “Come in my mouth.”
I won’t need to say anything else because he will probably make your mouth the wet, slippery place he needs it to be in order to lay his soldiers to rest.

So there you go.

The best four words in sex…
A good tick box for a freak…
Less clean up too… just have a towel handy.


Mr Oh

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