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Play with the rabbit don’t ramp with it

Vibrators ladies and gentlemen…

That’s what it is.
We all know what they are.
We know about the different shapes and sizes and settings they come in.
Well, ladies more than the brahs.
The female of the species knows.
She has one… or two… or three.
She keeps them in a special draw or under her panties.
She gives her vibrator a name.
If she is with someone, she may not necessarily name it after him… her little secret.

The vibrator, classically, has been the alternative, and sometimes replacement, for dick with a man attached.
Forever a torn subject in the female community is whether a man is better than her favourite vibrator. Right now, I can hear women actually thinking about which they prefer. (If they don’t already know.)
We all know the pros and cons; vibrator only stops when she says so, but then there’s no man to provide the kisses, the strokes and caresses that the vibrator cannot. Or the vibrator can make her come in a way that a man can’t seem to reach but then a vibrator can’t flip you onto all fours and make you beg before slipping it in.
Whatever you feel about vibrators, as either user or outsider, you have to admit, they are genius little things.
I mean, fellas, have you ever watched a woman play with a vibrator in front of you? Like REALLY play with it?
Some sexy shit ain’t it?
There will be some who will say, ‘why watch when I can do it myself?’ but it’s not about that. It’s about watching her… doing her… how she likes to be done.
Watching a woman with a vibrator in full slip and slide mode is school for how she likes her good spot rocked.
You should be there with a pen and paper, or phone with a camera, so you can literally note how she does herself.
I mean does she spend most of the time on the high setting resting straight on her clit OR does she put it on medium and slip it in and just hold it there?
Does she like to suck it first?
Does she like to hike her legs right up and drop it DEEP in with a twist of her fingers?
Does she prefer to slide it over her clit once or twice then slip it inside?
Does she make little circles on her clit with it?
Or does she grind it REALLY hard… so hard that you can hear the mechanisms in the vibrator actually slowing down? (Yeah, I know that one hit home with one or two of you…)

Or does she like to mix it up, keep it interesting?

Whatever she likes to do with it, for the love of Moses, take notes.
Because if you can replicate those moves and sensations then you’ll be doing nothing but good.

But, as well as being able to mimic how she likes it done with her vibrator, another option is to actually play with the vibrator ON her during your boot knocking.
In today’s sexual society, where people are doing any and everything, I don’t know and can’t speak for what other people do, but I know what downstroke I’m up for.
And in some situations, well generally all situations, a vibrator can become a man’s best friend.
I’m aware of a stigma attached to vibrators and dildos in men because they see them as replacements. Some women actually hide their ‘toys’ from their partners in order to placate their ego that they are all the lover they need.
But no so Joe.

Oh no….

To attack a woman with your bag of sexual skills with your tongue, dick, fingers and whatever else you got is one thing, but to arm yourself with a vibrator makes you a soldier of intense pleasure. And she is the battlefield for your slaughter.
Okay, I got lost in the war talk there… but you get what I mean.

It’s not like the vibrator can do things that you can’t but the ADDITION to what you’re already bringing to the table never bumps the DJ table at the party.
I mean, think about it, how can giving your partner some good tongue fucking action while holding a vibrator on her clit be a bad thing?
I know she won’t think so.
Even better if you reach or ask for it.

There has to be a level of comfort with the person your with to go and play with something that she keeps quite private.
Some women may be down for it, some may not, but a vibrator is good and dick attached to man is good to but to combine the two is…. well great.
I imagine.

There are many ways to use a vibrator on a woman and the good thing is that, with you there, your able to do things she might not be able to do on her own.
Such as?

Well… if she was by herself, she wouldn’t be able to get on all fours and fuck herself with BOTH arms free would she? I know it sounds simple but, its a LOT.
In another example, you could take her vibrator, dildo – I prefer a Rampant Rabbit myself – or whatever she has in her toy draw and, while giving her some dedicated tongue-to-clit time, slowly slide that suttin so she sighs sweetly.
Ya taste me?

In any position that you can slide the dick in, there’s an opportunity to heighten her pleasure with a vibrator. Shit, even sliding it on her nipples at the right time can be the RIGHT time…

Now, THIS ONE, isn’t for everyone… maybe for the more experienced of swordsmen out there but there is one particular way to use a vibrator on a woman that, in some cases, blows her out of the bed. As I said, it’s not for everyone but I’ve “heard” of enough cases of such. (Plus I’ve tried it and seen positive results.)
Here’s how it goes…
It works in any position, as I said, that you can slip her some dick. Front, back side-to-side, hanging from a window ledge, on a beach watching the tide, any position.
Now what you want to do is, at the same time as giving her a good stroke, you slide the vibrator in at the same time and do that damn thang.
To some that’s a weird thought, to some that’s regular, to some that’s inspired a ‘hmmm’ lightbulb moment but it’s doable and quite a tasty trip.
For the man, it’s a weird feeling to be inside and feel the vibrations so close to you that you start to vibrate yourself but, look at her… or listen to her.
How does she sound?

Obviously it’s not something that you can easily do and you have to make sure that: 1) it’s possible, what with all the necessary “fits” and 2) that she has given some kind of inkling that she would appreciate such a move.
An alternate flow of dick and vibrator is also a must. Ya know like, dick out, vibrator in, vibrator out, dick in.
If she doesn’t like it, or things don’t fit, then slip it onto her clit and work with it.

With a vibrator at hand, a man can command a woman to dance with a pleasure to enhance what she could already feel.
Yeah she may have you separately but its comes close to a threesome, only it’s between the two of you.

Don’t ramp with it, play with the rabbit…

By Mr Oh (Making Repetitive Orgasms Hourly)


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You can’t hear me but you feel me…

Now we all know that we like a bit of dirty talk here and there to set the mood, keep it bubbling and scratch an itch that lil bit more.
We love to hear it, we love to speak it, we love the way it makes us feel, we love how it creeps up and down our spines, the way it sneaks into our ears and can change the sex game from something of nothing to something of the best thing.
But this blog isn’t about dirty talk in it’s original, loud shouting, high pitched screaming format, oh no no no, I’m coming at this one from a different angle.
Or maybe a quieter angle.

See, I’m on about that talk.
Not just THAT talk, I mean that talk.

Talk that’s produced during some waist grabbing, hard hip spinning, dip low and draw it in movements of nakedness between you and your respective other.
Movements and actions that inspire you to start saying shit. Some shit that you are not necessarily saying to the other person, you are just saying it.
And it makes you feel real damn good to say it.

But what is it your saying?!

Only you know…

You know what it is you say when you say what you say under your breath in a tone that is damn near a whisper. You, as the pleasure taker, may hear it in a passing whisper, as a quiet something that you actually have to ask, ‘did you say something?’
You don’t necessarily know what is being said and they are not really saying it for you to hear.
They just want to say it.
You are looking down at that body in front of you and you can see it vibrating from the things your doing and the person’s head is thrashing left to right and your lording over them and, for some reason, under your breath, you feel the need to say something like “yeah, your gonna TAKE this shit whether you like it or not.”

The talk that people seem to throw out in these situations is usually the type of things that they don’t want their respective other to hear.
You may have your lady in some leg scissors move that has her reaching for the sheets, looking for a way out of the position but she has no where to go. And she’s struggling, and she’s squirming and she is tapping out and she’s biting her lip and all that jazz.
Then just as she is in the middle of her wail, he looks down at her like, “yeah, that’s right bitch, take this dick.”


He could be the most respective, open the door, pays for every meal, always makes you come first kinda dude but his mouth lost control and he said some out of nowhere shit like that.
Don’t be mad at him; he didn’t necessarily mean it like that. It was just a natural response.
But it made him feel good to say it. He might of tried to drop it, hoping you’ll respond. (This is used as a check point for him to find out if he can get away with saying certain things. This is where he’ll start off quietly and if he says it louder the next time and you don’t say anything, he’ll feel the freedom to break it out.)

As the person who may possibly hear such things, you do wonder if in fact you heard what you heard… but if its said in the right tone, it spurs you on.
Because you know the person didn’t mean for you to hear it. In fact its mainly said for their own benefit…
They like the sound of it in their own head.
Maybe they are giving themselves instructions on how to keep you making those tap out sounds.
Either way, let ’em go with it.

It’s not being done in an offensive way or meaning to be disrespectful in any way, shape or form… it’s just words being fed by a physical feeling.
Sometimes you can hear your partner saying nothing but loving, appreciative, beautiful things under their breath because of the things that your doing. And you hear them and you feel like, ‘awwwww, my loving is making their mouth sweet’.
But, really, to make your partner curse all raw hardcore like Quick Draw McGraw has to be the better reward.
For me, there is nothing more appreciative of a good sex game than your partner cursing you the FUCK out.
When I say cursing you out, I mean, like REALLY calling you some offensive shit that, had they said it in a normal argument, you’d wanna fight.
But then, there is nothing more EXCITING than giving someone that good feeling that makes them groan some real deep shit.

Some examples of things that are said under the breath of men and women during a righteous rogering session include:

You’re gonna TAKE this!
You like that don’t you?
Take THAT!
You ARE a dirty little fucker aren’t you?
How do I taste?
MAKE me come with your dirty fuck face
Oh your GONNA make me SPRAY you

And many many more… what are your under the breath favourites?

If you’ve ever had that loving put on you that has made you feel the need to talk under your breath and say some shit that your partner may not wanna hear or appreciate, then you are well aware of the power of such loving.
You know how it feels to THINK you heard something or watch your partner LITERALLY talk to themselves when its that good.
Because it’s really THAT good.

It’s not a complaint, in fact, I implore you to do it more.
Talk that thang, say that madness, make it sound the way you want.
Say it loud, don’t give a fuck… make it work for ya…
It’s only a lower verbal representation of how good it feels to ya.
If you feel THAT good, let ’em hear ya…

By Mr Oh

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Can I offer you some nakedness?

Now that I have your attention, I would like to cordially invite you…

Yes YOU…

To a photographic exhibition celebrating, praising, respecting and INSPECTING the beauty found in African and Caribbean women in the UK.

Set up by the exhibtion is open from the 1st June – 24th June, with a private viewing held on the Tuesday 31st May at:
Gallery 1885
The Camera Club
16 Bowden street
Kennington, SE11 4DS

Trust me, I’ve worked with the people behind this project, in fact you’ll see their work in Little Black Book volume 2 and I can 100% say that this will be a sexy affair…

So, let’s be real… if you’re a GROWN up… you know a real grown ass person who enjoys looking at black women in all their shapes, shades and sizes and has an appreciation for the artistic things in life, then come on down.

I’ll be there…

Oh yeah…

Holla at @blackartnudesuk or me for more info if ya need it…

And I’ll see you there….

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Nipples – the neglected arousal

We love em
We stare at em
We use ’em to feed
They draw our attention through clothes.
They smile at us
Creep up on us.
Tell us things..
Read people
Like people
Check the weather

Rise and fall
Have seed sprayed on em.

But why aren’t nipples loved in the same way or loved DOWN the same way that the clit is enveloped (do you know about the clit envelope?) or the same way that a woman’s vagina is fingered and filled?
Are there people out there who have yet to experience the feeling and emotion of a good nipple licking and sucking and massaging that sets up the same kinda feeling that trickles along the trail of an orgasm?
Nipples are everywhere… poking thru sheer tops, locked under bras and pressed against windows with soapy water and they, like the back of a woman’s knees, are regularly left alone and not given the love, respect and arousal techniques that they deserve.
Nipples are genius little things because, well, there’s two of em. They change right before your eyes, we all have our favourite ones and if your lucky, you meet someone who has a really large pair of nipples who makes you think, ‘Wow, those are some big ass nipples’.

As a lover and a lover (I said it twice ‘cuz I don’t play, lol), nipples are a part of the ‘sexual mini trinity’ of a woman and should be taken into account and PRAISED.
This tripod of poking parts are a part of Monica Geller’s ‘7’ and can be reached by ya hands, ya mouth or other extremities.
Wrap a tongue, take a flick, rub it down, grind it on, cup the ting, buss pon it, tit wank the ting, but give some time for the nipples.
So, how do you treat nipples?
Not YOUR nipples, I mean the nipples of the OTHER person?
Do you treat ’em with respect?
Do you show ’em love?

If you don’t here’s a few ways for you to show your partner’s nipples that you are well versed and well aware of the double in the tripod that deserves your full and undivided attention.

HANDS – with your hands, you need to make sure that you realise that its not just about your fingers in this, its your whole entire hand.
Whether you grab ’em all out, softly stroke, lightly caress or give those breasts and nipples a good squeeze, you gotta give it SOMETHING.
If your partner likes hands, make sure you grab from the bottom of the breast until you end up at the tip, with a nipple between your fingers.
If ya partner prefers soft touches, strokes and the like, give em smooth, slow, deathly teasing touches on his or her nipple.

Now, if you’ve had some hands on ya breasts and nipples and you need a bit more, then your respective other needs to use their mouth.

MOUTH – now, here’s where nipples should REALLY get loved. When a nipple is in your mouth or you have their nipple in your mouth, you should know that this is the one place where they want you to be.
Wet mouth only. Not a soaking, drooling, spit covered mouth that needs a towel or a bib.
I mean wet enough that ya partner can feel the moisture, they can feel their nipple slipping and sliding in your mouth, they can hear and FEEL just how good your making it.
With a nipple in your mouth, there are a number of ways to tackle the nipple and increase the pleasure factor. Teeth, lips or suction.

TEETH – okay, the more dangerous of the options to go with when it comes to nipples in your mouth. Dangerous because its the quickest way to get ya partner to stop, drop and pull up the panties if you bite too hard. And then no one’s sucking anything.
Teeth CAN be useful when they are softly used on a nipple… sort of like a little chewy chewy movement on the nipple. It works, feels good and sometimes makes a sensitive feeling in ya partner that definitely moistens.

LIPS – if you want the lip treatment on your nipples then here is where the tips lie.
This is one of those situations where big lips are majorly helpful (though there are no sex situations where big lips are a bad thing).
With ya lips, and ya tongue, it is expected that you’ll do a lot of lip wrapping and tongue moving around the nipple. With ya tongue involved as well, there is no way that your partner won’t show you some sort of sign to say that they are enjoying themselves.
A good one to use with the lips is called the ‘center lick’ (and yes I do like to name things)
More for the ladies than fellas, it starts with a breast in front of you.
With your lips pursed and ready to do what needs to be done, start with a kiss on her breast. Not a peck like the breast is your aunty, not a quick thing either. The kiss you start with has to envelope as much of the breast as you can manage to get into your mouth without looking or feeling greedy. As long as the nipple is in the center of the kiss then you’re fine. While your mouth is over the nipple, you have to make sure that no part of your mouth touches the nipple.
Your saving that for last.
This kiss has to end at the tip of her nipple, so its a sort of withdrawing kiss. When you get to the end of her nipple, that’s when you introduce your tongue. As your lips are reaching the tip, send your tongue out to give the expected connection with a slow circle around the nipple.
Maybe speed up, maybe slow right down, maybe combine the teeth, mouth, hands and lips.

If you’re lucky enough to meet a woman with a pair of breasts big enough, then make sure you put both those breasts together and lick, suck, play, nibble ’em at the same time… (not everyone’s cup of tea or cup size as there are some bee stings out there but sometimes an unexpected pleasure for the larger cupped lady.)

Nipples hold a particular sensation that is not easy to replicate with a good stroke game or the ability to make her have 20-30 orgasms (though if she comes that many times, she’s not thinking about her nipples… *Rasputia voice* how YOU doing?).
Now not everyone is a fan of nipple play but you’ll never know unless you reach for ’em. And, as I said before, if you touch ya partner in the right way, at the right time, with the right pressure and momentum, you can make your partner have a sweet like chocolate orgasm.
Not everyone woman is able to have an orgasm from just their nipples played with but it IS possible. That is evidence of a major skillage between the sheets and will have her looking at you like, ‘so you can make me come like THAT huh? What else can you do?’
And you’ll see that question in her eyes, and that’s just too damn sexy.

As foreplay, during the sex, after the sex, between some breast sex action, during a kiss, before clothes come off, while they’re asleep, with a soft breath, without you even doing anything to ’em, nipples are a part of the ‘sexual mini trinity’ that deserve the same love, respect and effort that goes into every and any aspect of your sex game.
Respect the Trinity at all times.

By Mr Oh

****This is my 69th post so if you like, hate, agree, disagree, ‘hell yes’, ‘hmmm, I see what he means…’, anything, leave a comment… mark a milestone…**********
– it’s a STRONG 69


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Ever played ‘tell me no’?

If you’ve never played tell me when then you might have played this game.
More a tease than a game really but it can be played same way.

Simple in its inception, its usually put on you during rougher times. Sometimes can be played in a smooth moment, maybe an oral sex episode…

Tell me no is a tease of a game as its usually used to turn your partner on, but in a sinister way.
The idea of being told no during sex is related to no meaning no.
But, in this game, no is yes…

Tell me no should be played with someone you know and trust. I know its weird to say that considering your having sex with said person but do you really know them?
Tell me no is to be played with persons who you KNOW will understand the difference between a playful no and a serious no.

And with the official stuff out the way, here’s the essence of tell me no.

You want them to tell you no.
You want them to look at you and tell you that you cannot do something.
You want them to put up a little bit of a fight and make it harder for you to do what you were gonna do.
You want them to tell you that they can’t make you come.
You want to be giving head and have them try and fight your head away.

Tell me no is a particularly dark game and does inspire some real heavy breathing and some quite filthy language on your part, as the no sayer.

Case in point… let me paint you a few pictures of sultry tell me no situatiohs…

Situatioh 1
SHE is laying on her back and HE is fighting to get her thighs onto his shoulders. She’s looking at him with eyes and she’s telling him no. He’s holding his dick in on hand with a thigh in the other, fighting to multi-task as her hands reach out for his face.
In that moment of heated frustration, he looks down at her and says, “tell me no!”
The moment he slips it in, she sucks in a deep breath and moans a series of soft nos.

SHE is in between HIS thighs giving him a blowjob so sweet, so tasty, so deliciously monumental that he never wants it to end.
Looking down at her, daring to watch a line of liquid drip down his dick, he pulls her head off him and makes her look at him. Looking back with hungry eyes, she says, “tell me no”.
Tell her no, yes!
Tell her she can’t suck your dick. Because really she can, and she will… but tell her no.
Trust me, see what happens.

Here’s a fun one…
During one of those moments where your in-between position changes – maybe you went from the bed to the floor – its that slick moment when HE catches her slipping in a moment where SHE didn’t see him coming. He catches her as she’s climbing back on the bed and slips in before she realises.
She offers up a weak willed objection until he REALLY slips in and her breath just stops like WHOA.
At that special moment, she says no and it makes him WANT her to tell him no. So she does and the no is yes which feels that little bit sweet and wrong but right… if that makes sense? Do you know what I mean?

Tell me no isn’t a new game, its BEEN around… maybe miss last had her ass in the air and could feel the start of a stomach muscle clenching, thigh collapsing, face screwing, sweet mother of an orgasm but she might not be ready for it. Or maybe she wanted to delay the orgasm. Eitherway, she vocalises this with a sweet no.
Well that’s like dangling expensive jewelry in front of Soulja Boy.
He’s gonna get it.

So, whether you choose to play tell me when or tell me no, eitherway, if your playing it right someone should be coming…

Both games are about control, how to give it up, how to play with it and how to enjoy letting go of it.
So play with that power, see what happens…

Tell someone SOMETHING…

By Mr Oh


Little Black Book – the trilogy – by Mr Oh

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Ever played ‘Tell Me When’?

Do you play games during sex?
Not like hide and go seek, rock, paper, scissors or kiss chase (though all three games can be played during sex if you slip it in right).
There is space and time for a lot of things during sex and games can sometimes be a fun addition to the session.

Out there, in between thighs and hiding behind libidos are two games that people play all the time. Sometimes they’re played knowingly, with rules and goals involved. Other times, they’re played unknowingly where the only way you know your playing a game is when eyes meet or a regular slap continues in the same place at roundabout the same time.
The games I’m bringing to ya libidos are personal creations of mine, though I imagine you may know them as something else completely different but the names are mine. (Copyright©)

I IMPLORE you to play these game as the results you get from it can only be known as mind blowing, thigh cramping, heart beating, liquid licking up business that will make a stomach shake with anticipation and make ya partner’s mouth open wide but no words come out.
It’s something I try to play every time I have a pussy in my mouth (my way of enjoying the game) but there are numerous ways to play it.
It’s not necessarily about what you use to play the games… because that is well and truly irrelevant. You could use a toilet brush and get the same results. (Though I wouldn’t use that. She won’t thank you for it and neither will he… )
Prison flashback…. ANYWHOOO…

The first game is called Tell Me When and here’s how you play…

As I said before, you may play it as a game with another name but the intention is still the same. The idea of Tell Me When is that you give control to the person you are… doing. How do you do that?

Here’s how you do that…
Let’s say you’re a man… and you have her on all fours like a dog stretching its front legs. So that ass is high and looking fly in the air. You look at the from the left and right, trying to formulate how your gonna tackle it… but you do…
The game works well and best with a partner that you have already put some work in on. So, let’s say you’re an hour into a number of position changes and she ends up with her body flattened to the bed with her ass up.
Slip in as you slip in and make sure you build a BRILLIANT rhythm that has her reaching for things just so she can grips the shit out of it. Or she’s throwing pillows off the bed in a pissed off way like, ‘why the fuck are these things here, getting in my way?’
From here, this is a good time to play the game.
When she’s wet, heavy breathing, making noises like a mix of Lethal Lipps and Italia Blue (I love her sound) then that is when you strike…
And strike hard and sudden.

To start the game, all you have to do is stop moving.
Stop pumping, stop flowing and giving her the dick that will soon make her arrive like DHL and pull out damn near to the tip.
Plain and simple… stop moving… and withdraw.
But only come out as far as you can without flopping out of her… you’re gonna need to be ready for a quick re-entry.
When you’ve done that, and her moaning stops and her moving waist stops and she turns around to look at you like, ‘why the fuck did you stop?’ – that’s when you look at her and say three simple words… “TELL ME WHEN.”
What you’re doing is giving her the control of her fuck and, more importantly, her orgasm. When she ‘tells you when’, that’s when you drive in, fast or slow, into that pussy that was ANTICIPATING your next move.
Because that sudden stop shit you just did probably annoyed her but her pussy walls were OVER-anticipating the next stroke and still buzzing.
Try it… bet you the first stroke you throw in there will make her back arch and she’ll moan a sweet moan.
The power of Tell Me When is that the receiver is getting what they want, when they want it, hopefully at the consistency that they want it. It should be like getting a vibrator worked inside you that is controlled by someone else but just the way you like.
By the time you play a few rounds of Tell Me When once or twice, she may be so close to an orgasm, she may think ‘fuck this tell me when shit’ and pound ya till she comes.
That’s a sign that you played a good game.

Ladies, this one’s for you…
Get on top of him… sit up as you do it so your arms are straight and down on his chest. This should give you the leverage to lift yaself up and down on him, letting the slippery sensation of you slide all over his dick.
Make sure you got that dude’s toe curling with good feeling and head thrashing with ‘sheeeet, I can’t hold this shit off’. That’s the best time; when your hips are rolling and he’s looking like he’s getting punched up by Deebo.
Then you stop… maybe lift off him… not so that the dick falls out but just enough that your lips are holding him straight up. Then look at him and ask him… Tell Me When…
He may probably try and grab ya hips and force the dick into you… but NUH UHHH booo booo… he’s gotta take it!
It may take one round of the game to get him INTO it but he’ll definitely like it.
As I said before, there are a number of positions this game can be played in… you just have to find a position where you can gain control of ya partner so you can make them feel real good in it then STOP!
And look at them in the eyes when they look at you – and they will look at you -and say in a strong ass voice… TELL ME WHEN!
They may not be sure at first what you’re doing but by the time you slide the dick in or slide down the dick, they’ll know fo’ sho’!
OoOoOoOoOoOoOoOo… and play it during oral sex…
Fellas, if you have the chance to slide a tongue in enough that she starts fucking your face… stop her suddenly. Then look up between her thighs and tell her, Tell Me When.
If she tries to quickly grab the back of your head, you know she’s almost there or she was really enjoying it… eitherway, she needs to play the game.
Ladies, if you get between his thighs are have a chance to get the dick in your mouth, work it for a while then stop just as your getting to your sloppy peak. Then look him in the eyes… with the dick still in ya mouth and then say, Tell Me When.
If you’re not sure if it will work, the only way is to try it.
You don’t have to say I told you. You can easily claim it as your own… just make sure your partner doesn’t read me blogs…

(If anyone plays Tell Me When, email me at and let me know if it worked for you as it does for me…)

BY Mr Oh



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Vote for Mr Oh in the Adult Blog Awards

SexShop365 Sex Blog Awards

Ladies and gentlemen, bloggers, readers, lovers, anyone who had even seen and read my blog, I’m calling out to you… yes you… I need your vote…

I’ve entered the first annual sex blog awards by SexShop365 that’s open to sex bloggers.
I think I’ve got enough of a catalogue to at least be in with a chance but I need you, yes YOU, to vote.
Or if your a sex blogger then get yourself in it.

All you need to do is click the link up top and vote… the prize is £500 worth of sex toys.

I SWEAR if I win them, I’ll give them away…

So, there’s a prize in it for you if you can help me win, that’s ladies and fellas…

So get ta clicking and voting… and sharing the link and word of mouthing and all that good stuff and let’s get you guys some sex toys…

Summer’s coming….

So says Mr Oh

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A birthday means a celebration

Hello ladies and gentlemen… damn, it feels like its been a while since I’ve said hello to you readers out there… yeah I can wax… wax… wax… should I say lyrical or should I say wax that ass?

I know I can wax that ass on any subject but I haven’t stopped to say hi to you all… so hi, how are you?
Are you enjoying the blog posts so far?
Good… even if you’re not… lol

Guess what, in one week’s time, it’s going to be my birthday and I’ve decided to celebrate with a creative bang. As well as doing the usual birthday things, I’ve chosen to celebrate on my blog as well.
OoOoOoOoOoOoOoh yeah…

It’s a celebration bitches!

So, to raise a glass to the madness that is my life, I’m bringing back something I did a few months ago.
I’m bringing back Oh Week…

To those who read my blog during the last Oh Week, which took place in March, you know how it goes. One full week where I let my creativity bring something new every day.
Well, with my birthday coming up, I’m gonna spend this week from Monday 2nd May 2011 to my birthday which is Sunday 8th May 2011 writing… something…

Won’t say what it is but I will say that, for readers of my stuff, this will be right up your alley (pardon the pun), will make you wonder what the hell is going on in such a mind as mine and will definitely make you have something to say (even if you say it to yourself).
This week I’m gonna be crossing lines, taking the absolute piss and being so wrong on my blog that I may lose some fans. Or gain some REAL freaky ones.

Eitherway, the only way to know what’s going on is to check it out…
Because it’s Oh Week again…
That’s Mondoh, Tuesdoh, Wednesdoh, Thursdoh, Fridoh, Saturdoh and Sundoh… it’s Oh all week…

I don’t have to ask if you can take it ‘cuz I know you can, just wanted to let you KNOW it’s coming so it’s not a surprise…
It’s always better to see it coming…

I think I’m writing about one thing and thinking about something else…

Anywho, the place is my place , the time is 10pm (London time) and I’m gonna show you what I do when it comes to writing that GOOD stuff…

My head is so Albert Einstein (take that comment how you want)

So says Mr Oh

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