Vote for Mr Oh in the Adult Blog Awards

SexShop365 Sex Blog Awards

Ladies and gentlemen, bloggers, readers, lovers, anyone who had even seen and read my blog, I’m calling out to you… yes you… I need your vote…

I’ve entered the first annual sex blog awards by SexShop365 that’s open to sex bloggers.
I think I’ve got enough of a catalogue to at least be in with a chance but I need you, yes YOU, to vote.
Or if your a sex blogger then get yourself in it.

All you need to do is click the link up top and vote… the prize is £500 worth of sex toys.

I SWEAR if I win them, I’ll give them away…

So, there’s a prize in it for you if you can help me win, that’s ladies and fellas…

So get ta clicking and voting… and sharing the link and word of mouthing and all that good stuff and let’s get you guys some sex toys…

Summer’s coming….

So says Mr Oh


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One response to “Vote for Mr Oh in the Adult Blog Awards

  1. Giong to vote for you, now. Gud luck.

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