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Ever played ‘tell me no’?

If you’ve never played tell me when then you might have played this game.
More a tease than a game really but it can be played same way.

Simple in its inception, its usually put on you during rougher times. Sometimes can be played in a smooth moment, maybe an oral sex episode…

Tell me no is a tease of a game as its usually used to turn your partner on, but in a sinister way.
The idea of being told no during sex is related to no meaning no.
But, in this game, no is yes…

Tell me no should be played with someone you know and trust. I know its weird to say that considering your having sex with said person but do you really know them?
Tell me no is to be played with persons who you KNOW will understand the difference between a playful no and a serious no.

And with the official stuff out the way, here’s the essence of tell me no.

You want them to tell you no.
You want them to look at you and tell you that you cannot do something.
You want them to put up a little bit of a fight and make it harder for you to do what you were gonna do.
You want them to tell you that they can’t make you come.
You want to be giving head and have them try and fight your head away.

Tell me no is a particularly dark game and does inspire some real heavy breathing and some quite filthy language on your part, as the no sayer.

Case in point… let me paint you a few pictures of sultry tell me no situatiohs…

Situatioh 1
SHE is laying on her back and HE is fighting to get her thighs onto his shoulders. She’s looking at him with eyes and she’s telling him no. He’s holding his dick in on hand with a thigh in the other, fighting to multi-task as her hands reach out for his face.
In that moment of heated frustration, he looks down at her and says, “tell me no!”
The moment he slips it in, she sucks in a deep breath and moans a series of soft nos.

SHE is in between HIS thighs giving him a blowjob so sweet, so tasty, so deliciously monumental that he never wants it to end.
Looking down at her, daring to watch a line of liquid drip down his dick, he pulls her head off him and makes her look at him. Looking back with hungry eyes, she says, “tell me no”.
Tell her no, yes!
Tell her she can’t suck your dick. Because really she can, and she will… but tell her no.
Trust me, see what happens.

Here’s a fun one…
During one of those moments where your in-between position changes – maybe you went from the bed to the floor – its that slick moment when HE catches her slipping in a moment where SHE didn’t see him coming. He catches her as she’s climbing back on the bed and slips in before she realises.
She offers up a weak willed objection until he REALLY slips in and her breath just stops like WHOA.
At that special moment, she says no and it makes him WANT her to tell him no. So she does and the no is yes which feels that little bit sweet and wrong but right… if that makes sense? Do you know what I mean?

Tell me no isn’t a new game, its BEEN around… maybe miss last had her ass in the air and could feel the start of a stomach muscle clenching, thigh collapsing, face screwing, sweet mother of an orgasm but she might not be ready for it. Or maybe she wanted to delay the orgasm. Eitherway, she vocalises this with a sweet no.
Well that’s like dangling expensive jewelry in front of Soulja Boy.
He’s gonna get it.

So, whether you choose to play tell me when or tell me no, eitherway, if your playing it right someone should be coming…

Both games are about control, how to give it up, how to play with it and how to enjoy letting go of it.
So play with that power, see what happens…

Tell someone SOMETHING…

By Mr Oh


Little Black Book – the trilogy – by Mr Oh

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