Play with the rabbit don’t ramp with it

Vibrators ladies and gentlemen…

That’s what it is.
We all know what they are.
We know about the different shapes and sizes and settings they come in.
Well, ladies more than the brahs.
The female of the species knows.
She has one… or two… or three.
She keeps them in a special draw or under her panties.
She gives her vibrator a name.
If she is with someone, she may not necessarily name it after him… her little secret.

The vibrator, classically, has been the alternative, and sometimes replacement, for dick with a man attached.
Forever a torn subject in the female community is whether a man is better than her favourite vibrator. Right now, I can hear women actually thinking about which they prefer. (If they don’t already know.)
We all know the pros and cons; vibrator only stops when she says so, but then there’s no man to provide the kisses, the strokes and caresses that the vibrator cannot. Or the vibrator can make her come in a way that a man can’t seem to reach but then a vibrator can’t flip you onto all fours and make you beg before slipping it in.
Whatever you feel about vibrators, as either user or outsider, you have to admit, they are genius little things.
I mean, fellas, have you ever watched a woman play with a vibrator in front of you? Like REALLY play with it?
Some sexy shit ain’t it?
There will be some who will say, ‘why watch when I can do it myself?’ but it’s not about that. It’s about watching her… doing her… how she likes to be done.
Watching a woman with a vibrator in full slip and slide mode is school for how she likes her good spot rocked.
You should be there with a pen and paper, or phone with a camera, so you can literally note how she does herself.
I mean does she spend most of the time on the high setting resting straight on her clit OR does she put it on medium and slip it in and just hold it there?
Does she like to suck it first?
Does she like to hike her legs right up and drop it DEEP in with a twist of her fingers?
Does she prefer to slide it over her clit once or twice then slip it inside?
Does she make little circles on her clit with it?
Or does she grind it REALLY hard… so hard that you can hear the mechanisms in the vibrator actually slowing down? (Yeah, I know that one hit home with one or two of you…)

Or does she like to mix it up, keep it interesting?

Whatever she likes to do with it, for the love of Moses, take notes.
Because if you can replicate those moves and sensations then you’ll be doing nothing but good.

But, as well as being able to mimic how she likes it done with her vibrator, another option is to actually play with the vibrator ON her during your boot knocking.
In today’s sexual society, where people are doing any and everything, I don’t know and can’t speak for what other people do, but I know what downstroke I’m up for.
And in some situations, well generally all situations, a vibrator can become a man’s best friend.
I’m aware of a stigma attached to vibrators and dildos in men because they see them as replacements. Some women actually hide their ‘toys’ from their partners in order to placate their ego that they are all the lover they need.
But no so Joe.

Oh no….

To attack a woman with your bag of sexual skills with your tongue, dick, fingers and whatever else you got is one thing, but to arm yourself with a vibrator makes you a soldier of intense pleasure. And she is the battlefield for your slaughter.
Okay, I got lost in the war talk there… but you get what I mean.

It’s not like the vibrator can do things that you can’t but the ADDITION to what you’re already bringing to the table never bumps the DJ table at the party.
I mean, think about it, how can giving your partner some good tongue fucking action while holding a vibrator on her clit be a bad thing?
I know she won’t think so.
Even better if you reach or ask for it.

There has to be a level of comfort with the person your with to go and play with something that she keeps quite private.
Some women may be down for it, some may not, but a vibrator is good and dick attached to man is good to but to combine the two is…. well great.
I imagine.

There are many ways to use a vibrator on a woman and the good thing is that, with you there, your able to do things she might not be able to do on her own.
Such as?

Well… if she was by herself, she wouldn’t be able to get on all fours and fuck herself with BOTH arms free would she? I know it sounds simple but, its a LOT.
In another example, you could take her vibrator, dildo – I prefer a Rampant Rabbit myself – or whatever she has in her toy draw and, while giving her some dedicated tongue-to-clit time, slowly slide that suttin so she sighs sweetly.
Ya taste me?

In any position that you can slide the dick in, there’s an opportunity to heighten her pleasure with a vibrator. Shit, even sliding it on her nipples at the right time can be the RIGHT time…

Now, THIS ONE, isn’t for everyone… maybe for the more experienced of swordsmen out there but there is one particular way to use a vibrator on a woman that, in some cases, blows her out of the bed. As I said, it’s not for everyone but I’ve “heard” of enough cases of such. (Plus I’ve tried it and seen positive results.)
Here’s how it goes…
It works in any position, as I said, that you can slip her some dick. Front, back side-to-side, hanging from a window ledge, on a beach watching the tide, any position.
Now what you want to do is, at the same time as giving her a good stroke, you slide the vibrator in at the same time and do that damn thang.
To some that’s a weird thought, to some that’s regular, to some that’s inspired a ‘hmmm’ lightbulb moment but it’s doable and quite a tasty trip.
For the man, it’s a weird feeling to be inside and feel the vibrations so close to you that you start to vibrate yourself but, look at her… or listen to her.
How does she sound?

Obviously it’s not something that you can easily do and you have to make sure that: 1) it’s possible, what with all the necessary “fits” and 2) that she has given some kind of inkling that she would appreciate such a move.
An alternate flow of dick and vibrator is also a must. Ya know like, dick out, vibrator in, vibrator out, dick in.
If she doesn’t like it, or things don’t fit, then slip it onto her clit and work with it.

With a vibrator at hand, a man can command a woman to dance with a pleasure to enhance what she could already feel.
Yeah she may have you separately but its comes close to a threesome, only it’s between the two of you.

Don’t ramp with it, play with the rabbit…

By Mr Oh (Making Repetitive Orgasms Hourly)


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2 responses to “Play with the rabbit don’t ramp with it

  1. IceQueen

    Great post, it is one of my fantasies to use my vibrator with a man watching or him fuck me with it….not had the chance to do it yet. Like you said it takes an experienced swordsman….;0

  2. A brilliant explanation of how to really learn what works for your partner, having one who’ll take the time to do so is pretty hot! Make friends with with toy box and let the sparks fly all night long… 😉

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