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Pied piper of pussy – round 2

This is pied piper poetry
Juicy uncontrollably
Erotic is the school
And I graduated honourably
Left him
Outgrew him
Now he sits ruins
While my wordplay
Creates heated states
Not between her thighs when she masturbates
But in her mind when she recreates
The images my tongue demonstrates
You should postrate
Leave a beef alone, go on a date
Cuz this ain’t for you bro
You don’t want this
I’ve dismissed weaker wordsmiths
With words from her lips
You ain’t there yet
I’ve made hee Oh’s pet
She wanted to see A&E
Cuz she was worried she was too wet
She couldn’t get the concept
We chilled then did it again
Spoke to her inner thighs
Now my name is in her mouth
Like hood folk in the south
“oh no”, “oh shit”, “oh fuck”,”oh yes”
She always shouts me out
Except for when she swallows me down
Schooling erotic noire now
Put him in the corner like a naughty child
Show him how to drive her wild
Teach him words like cuckold
With her hair wrapped round
Oh yes I am
Chocolate man
Slick worder
Go further
My tongue alone makes her nervous
Cuz I’m I’m the dictionary next to pervert
Upskirts and slow jerks
Sweet hurt, long spasms
Ripped skirt, Ohgasms
With you she wants to scream my name
Number of cum she can’t fathom
So now you know I’m not to be messed with
Controlling meaty pies… Shepherd
So when you wake from this whupping
Don’t ask ya girl for some spooning
Cuz her bodys still aching
From an Oh ting….

Little Black Book – the trilogy – by Mr Oh


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