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Rookies go home… Round 3

So erotic noire came with some shit
Spent the last two days trying it
Talking bout his holy tricks
And rearranging me name like ‘Mr Oh means your a h-oh’
But while you hit those lines
I’m hitting inner thoughts and minds
While ya simple rhymes
Are too uncreative to define
So let’s bless em with this
I’m the one sir… Call me Neo
My style comes in fur
Cuz they always feel good-o
My fingers create freaks and my lips are insane…
Ask ya missus, she’ll tell you the same
This battles pointless
You lost why did u accept?
Now we’re just going thru the motions of a chin check
Ask Pashun Nate, she got the same lyrical upset
I use words to grease thighs and play with minds
Come see me for school time
I’ll teach u bout wordplay
Metaphors and structuring
Verbs and adjectives
I should do u like LL did Canibus
My words flash heat in public while she only let’s u shave pubic
I’ve done more with sentences than you’ve done with ya dick
This is the nail in the coffin
That moment when her thighs are up and she’s moaning
Calling for God but all she gets is chocolate filling
And this is just freestyle written
No plans or descriptions given
While you plot and plan, my flow making u insanely driven
To be my mini me
Your an Apprentice mate
With poems you should be ashamed of
Reminding you its the first hole cuz you keep slipping it in her anus
You penis
I’m done with this
If this was on stage, I’ll hold up the Mic then swing it
Like in House Party
Remember, ‘Kid spelled backwards describes your best’
So let this be a lesson for rookie fools
Don’t bite the hand that schooled you
I’ll Blair Witch ya
In the corner
Make you watch
The way my words syringe
I can hear people screaming ‘Mr Oh stop hitting him’
Rookies need training…
For this massacre your lucky
Your done lil puppy
I rule
You suck
Signed the pied piper of pussy


Little Black Book – the trilogy – by Mr Oh

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