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Just touch me

Sensuality is not dead…
Neither is romance.

It hides sometimes, but it’s always there.

You find it in the smallest of places and the simplest of motions. Between two people in love, you see them all the time, that is if the love is still keeping both people inspired enough to keep these type of connections.
Some people are synonymous for it and there are plenty of people out there in relationships who are not getting any of it and, in the end, their relationship suffers because of it.
When we were youngsters coming up, it was all we used WANT to do, before sex became an issue… and when I say issue, I mean, before sex became the THING to do.
Even today, a small amount of it can say more than words ever will.
I love it love it love it… did I say love it?!
I LOVE it…

I’m talking about touching…

Touching… something so simple, so easy, so taken for granted but the message in a touch can answer a question you hadn’t even asked out loud.
Human contact from one person to another is sometimes the sexiest thing in the world.
Think back to the first time when you had the opportunity to touch or kiss someone for the first time. The moment when your hand brushed past another, the sweet moment when you are about to kiss someone and you stroke their face and they respond by leaning into your touch.

With all the intimacy involved in sex, little things like simple human contact get overlooked.
Ladies, how many times have you been in a situation where you and your partner feel the heat in the room and, before anything happens, he is all lips and hands. His hands clawing up and down, fighting to get things off, lips up and down ya neck and face, no finesse about it… there’s seems to be just a means to an end. Getting rocks off.
But the small finger stroking moments of before you kiss and ya fingers brush hair from her face, that second when you put your hand in the small of her back and pull her close to you, that sexy sexy moment when she is in her or your bedroom and she is dancing in her underwear and you feel the need to slide up behind her ever so smoothly and run your hands around her waist, across her stomach and up her body to her neck.

As I said before, contact can say a lot of things without words being necessary.
How many times have you ever been with someone and tried to, say, hold their hand, only to find their fingers limp and their hand generally unresponsive to your touch?
Where words are sometimes hard to deliver, a touch can say what you can’t.
You’ve been there, say, during an argument and you are both sitting next to each other but you don’t want them to touch you so you keep your hands, legs and everything else far away from them. Because your soul doesn’t want any contact with them.

Touch is simplicity in itself.
Here’s some examples of what I’m talking about cuz I just love it:

Watching ya partner sitting next to you lost in something and you just clear their hair out of their face.

Walking down the road and your hand brushes past their hand and you suddenly lock fingers and hold hands.

The moment before a kiss and you stroke a thumb across her cheek.

Sitting down watching TV and you swing her legs onto your lap. Not to play with her feet (which some men AND women find weird) but to just stroke her legs.

Running a solo finger down the spine of she when she is laying next to you.

The moment when you are both watching something on TV and she lays her head on your chest and you brush her forehead with your lips (perfect for us big lipped lovers).

Ever played the game where you’re dancing and neither of you are allowed to touch each other? (Perfect for hood dancing, if you know what I mean – back to front.)

The delicious moment when she feels the need to run her fingers down the back of your head and neck.

When she takes her thumb and forefinger and massages ya earlobes.

When ya lady has a pudge on her stomach and her belly button just looks like a beautiful place to circle ya fingers… (don’t be tempted to put your finger IN her belly button, just circle it…)

Now some people don’t like intimate touching like this… it gets on their nerves… they want more defined, intentional contact. They don’t want that softly softly stroking shit, they want fingers to go where YOU are intending them to go.

I dunno how it feels for you but, for me, certain simple touches make me feel lovely, make me feel wanted, loved… somewhat needed.
Someone enjoys me so much that they have to just stroke or touch me…
We all like what we like but I like to be touched.

I like to be held, stroked, rubbed, massaged, felt, caressed and held.

Don’t know about you… It makes me feel alive…

By Mr Oh

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Little Black Book Volume 2 – the unveiling…

Hello ladies and gentlemen…

My name is Mr Oh and I am the author of the Little Black Book Volume 2 which features the Blackrotica Collective…

If you’ve seen my blogs before you know what I can brang to the table…. But this time, I’m here to drop a little reminder of what it is I do and what’s been taking so DAMN long…

Firstly, Little Black Book Volume 2 is FINALLY (yes FINALLY) coming out in November.
There’s been a delay with the publishing, due to the publishers having a long list of books coming out before Christmas and I had to get in the queue…

But the queue is shorter now and it IS coming…

For those of you who don’t know about the Little Black Book series, lemme refresh ya memory…
Little Black Book is a trilogy of short stories set and based in London town, detailing the erotic goings on between the sheets of everyday Londoners.
They break down like this:

Little Black Book – the foreplay

Little Black Book Volume 2 – the very sloppy oral sex

Little Black Book Thrice – the rampant taking of the pussy

With each story original and NOT based on my own sex life (contrary to what some people think), the first Little Black Book came out last February and is available now via amazon and all good online retailers.

But Little Black Book Volume 2 is now due and it’s something like a phenomenon.
Not only am I bringing the same style and flavour of stories that made thighs wet, foreheads sweat and sex lives slightly more interesting, there’s MORE… MUCH more…

There’s MORE stories for you to get into, more writers for you to become fans of and, this is my favourite part, there’s IMAGES for you to look at.

IF you don’t know WHAT kind of pictures, lemme paint the picture…
I put out the opportunity for people to come to a hotel in Canary Wharf to take pictures to go with the stories in Little Black Book Volume 2 back in March. Over 10 women came down on the day and, well, this is a TASTE of what came out…

You like?!
If you wanna see more, you gotta wait till the book comes out… hehehe…

There are 14 stories and poems coming and I personally cannot wait for you guys to read it because there’s some MADNESS a coming…

There is:

1.The Meeting
2.Honouree’s Reward by Sista Love
3.Passion Play by Pashun Nate and Pass Ion
4.Do Me Right
5.Foot Soles and Panty Hoes
6.Marcus and the Truth
7.Now We’ve Met
8.Ladies Nite by Eboney Love, Mamacita and Ebonnie Karr
9.Office Tales
10.Escaping Temptation featuring Sista Love
11.Your Chair
12.Miles & Melissa
13.Phone Cradle
14.Destiny Creator

As you can see, there’s a number of new authors, writing under the group name of The BlackRotica Collective who are soon gonna be setting the erotica world on fiyah with their own shit…
Shout out to Sista Love, Pashun Nate, Pass Ion, Ebonnie Karr, Mamacita and Eboney Love…


The moment we’ve all been waiting for… the unveiling of the Little Black Book Volume 2 cover…

Lemme know what you think…

For those who wanna a lil more of a taste, here’s some snippets from some of the stories from Little Black Book Volume 2… Enjoy…

Foot Soles and PantyHoes
What’s a PH I hear you ask?
How rude of me not to formally introduce myself.
My name is Russell Reed and I’m an upskirt addict.
I love that shit.
I walk around with up to three hidden cameras and I film up women’s skirts. Nothing sexier than watching a woman’s ass and thighs when she walks. But from beneath her skirt. Oooh, I’m telling you, the thought is making me hard right now…

Office Tales
Dante turned and watched her holding her fingers to her nose.
She hummed to herself, not taking her eyes off him, then sat back in her chair, hitching her skirt up as she went.
She shuffled in her seat, fighting to get her panties off, still looking deep into his eyes.
“Come eat this,” Naomi said.
With reluctance still in his ether, Dante stepped out of his trousers and watched as Naomi pushed her chair back and spread her legs on her desk.
She pointed between her thighs and smiled at him, “come on then…”

Do Me Right
Burying his face in her shoulder, Leon’s hips became a blur as he began to pump himself faster and faster inside her. In between each thrust, Cassandra tried to talk to him but he wasn’t listening.
“Stop… stop… stop… it… no… way… not… fair… oh… yes… harder…”
“Keep telling me no,” Leon whispered in her ear.

Ladies Nite
Before I knew it I was against the wall in an empty upstairs room. He took his mask off and I saw his face for the first time.
Chiseled, strong, dark, mysterious and mystifying.
He slowly peeled my dress off and let it fall to the floor, never taking his eyes off me. He pulled me close to his chest, I caught the fragrance of his cologne, I breathed it in, tasted it then exhaled.

Phone Cradle
“Hi, it’s Samuel.”
“Samuel, my favourite saucer of milk. How are you?”
He smiled at the wonders of technology that made it possible for him to put his phone on hands-free while muting the TV. It was as if they were having a face-to-face conversation.
“I’m doing good. Missed you though.”
“Awww, did you? Well, mama’s here to take care of you now.”
“Why don’t you come and take care of me for real?”
“Samuel, look,” Sianne started. On screen, her smile turned semi-serious and she took the phone off hands-free. “You know that I can’t do that. It doesn’t matter how many times you ask.”
“And every time I do ask, your face tells me you’re at least thinking about it. So why not kill the curiosity and I’ll take care of the cat.”

Sorry I’ve kept you waiting, but the mental fuck will be worth it…

By Mr Oh

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Are you a bi-enabler?

To bi or not to bi that is the question… not really a question though because really, to men, bi-sexual women run the world…
Obviously I wouldn’t make such a statement without backing it up but, there’s an element of truth there.
In today’s society where sex is LITERALLY everywhere, the human sexuality is changing and evolving (I’ve watched two two Disney films and heard a joke that has gone over the heads of the kids but adults looked at each other like, ‘did you just hear that?’)
Over the years, with homosexuality becoming more accepted by society at large, to the point where you can see a gay kiss on a soap with no big announcement in the paper a week before, the creation of the bi-sexual woman (not in a lab or nothing) has come across to men like a Bat signal to mojos everywhere.
How and why?
Well, a bi-sexual lady is a woman who likes both men and women. This, in turn, gives her more options than a heterosexual woman who only likes the meat between her sheets.
Some may call them greedy, some may call them lucky ‘cuz if there’s a man drought, they have other options, some even believe that because they are bi they have a higher level of promiscuity. That’s crap, crap and crap…
That’s on that same kinda shit where dumb people are worried to leave their kids around gay men for fear of them being abused…

But the power of bi-sexual woman lies in the fact that men like to THINK that they will ALWAYS be open to the opportunity of a threesome.
And we all know a threesome is HIGH UP on the list of a man’s sexual fantasies, even though he doesn’t really think of the logistics of a threesome REALLY.
I mean c’mon son…

A threesome ain’t easy on a good day… so before you let your dick makes decisions your stamina can’t cash, think about it.
Women have ALWAYS been on their job sexually, so what makes a man think he can please them both sexually?
But this blog isn’t really about the ways and ways threesomes take place, but more about the men who purposely seek bi-sexual women in order to enable them to do their bi-sexual thing… WITH them.

Seee, when a man meets a woman for the first time, maybe first or second date, he will go through the normal question and answer session, attempting to learn. But, at the same time, the questions he’s asking can be loaded with intention which doesn’t surface until much later. Some men will come straight out and ask, ‘have you ever been with a woman?’ and some men will ask, ‘So… do you think Anjelina Jolie is sexy?’
All with the intention of finding out just HOW into women you are. Now, bi-sexual or even bi-curious ladies out there, know that when they’ve told a man that they have had or want to have a bi-sexual experience, his eyes have lit up like Christmas lights.

Yeah, I’ve been guilty of such but that’s because you’re mind instantly thinks, “yummy, she likes her juice from the furry cup… WINNING!”
And before you’ve even had another date, you are already thinking:
who do I know bi-sexual who’d be down
what website do I know where I can meet bi-women
who was the last woman I know who was looking for some pussy

We can’t help it, it’s automatic… Men get that kinda face that JD on Scrubs gets when he goes off into one of his daydreams.

At that point, we become enablers. Exactly like those people that like to give their fat partners food because they know they like it.
Men become bi-sexual enablers, hoping they can get their lady another woman to enjoy. But, really, it’s not about seeking extra pleasure for the woman. It’s ultimately about HIS pleasure, what he can take part in, what he can sit back and watch, what he can record and watch back at his own pleasure.
Sure, her pleasure is, like, one of the things he wants to get out of it but it’s not the most important. And that’s at the heart of every enabler.
A person who’s partner is on drugs takes some pleasure out of seeing their partner no longer fiend for what they desired.
A person who’s partner likes to eat takes joy in seeing their loved one eating a McDonalds EXTRA LARGE double cheeseburger meal with large drink and two apple pies.
A person who’s partner is bi-sexual LOVES LOVES LOVES seeing their sexy beautiful lady head first in between a pair of thighs.
All for their own enjoyment.

The bi lady’s fun is secondary to his needs, which is to watch the sensuality of two women locked in a passionate tussle of arms and legs. A clench so sexually inviting he’s watching and salivating, analysing and masturbating, enjoying while feeling exhilarated. Imagining himself in between the lips of both ladies, an insect on the moment when both breasts touch and the edge of a finger nail when it finds the opening of another woman.
So maybe I’ve thought about it once or thrice but still, I’m not the point of this blog post.
You enablers are.
You hungry, self-pleasuring, egotistical maniacs who’s only desire is to get off watching or playing with two women – JUST because the opportunity is there. Not whether or not they want to or whether or not it’s in their plans at the time to do such a thing… it’s all about you…

Good old selfish you…

Well kudos to you sir… well done madam…
Because it’s not just men who are the enablers… there are some women out there who like to be enablers too…
For SOME reason, there’s a specifically Open Minded person who I know-ish who makes me think she might be an enabler if given the chance. (hehehe)

Eitherway, seeking out bi-sexual women just for your own selfish reasons of group sex, threesomes and porn recordings which soon find their way onto sites like, but disguising them as YOU allowing your partner to be who she is? Tut tut tut…

Bi-sexuals… or even bi-curiousessssesssss, watch out for these folk.. they’re out there looking for you to fulfill their own fantasies…

Like Bob Marley said, “don’t let ’em fool ya… OH NOOOOOO!”

By Mr Oh

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Simply unclench


You and ya man are in bed, it’s all going good and great. You are making all the noises you’re supposed to make, he’s feeling nice and hard the way he’s supposed to and it’s all going gravy…
But then, suddenly, out of the blue, while you’re looking left, ya man takes ya hand and he leads you somewhere…
Now usually, this can be quite a sexy thang, but on this occasion, you’re not quite sure… because the leading goes to his anus.
Then he whispers, ‘go on then…’

What do you do then miss lady?

It’s gonna be one of two responses to this kind of sexual dilemma…

You are either gonna be the happy go lucky, experimental, tried and tested, give it a go kinda woman who will allow her fingers to be led to wherever…
You are the other woman who feels her hand going beyond a certain point on a man’s body and you pull your hand away and you wake up from the sexy dream you were having and you look at him like, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?
And that just ends the whole sex party and before you know it, he’s got blue balls and she’s scared to go near him again for fear of him trying it again.

For some women and men, they have NO idea about the ass play on a man and the reasons why it works… for most women there’s a HELL MOTHERFUCKING NO about it but… wait… let’s go into it…

Ass play on men is one of the biggest taboos in sex today… more taboo than a man giving a woman head, which is STILL a taboo to some men (GET IT TOGETHER FELLAS).
And it’s not just a taboo with men… women are not so into getting their fingers around a man’s anal area… for whatever their reason. (Well we know the reason.)
Ask a group of women if they’ve ever played with a man’s ass and they’ll tell you no. But then again, there are seemingly more and more open minded people that are getting involved in such.

Fellas… I’m gonna talk to you first.
Now I know that there is a lot of stigma attached to a man having his ass played with in any sexual milieu. And that the only time a man should have fingers anywhere near his asshole is after he’s taken a shit.
A lot of stigma is attached to the fact that apparently there’s a G-Spot in that area. Now I’m not 100% on whether or not that is true but, I can say that there IS pleasure to be found in having such an area played with.

I’m not gonna lie or act like, ya know, ‘oh I had a “friend” who told me about it’, I’m gonna keep it 100…
I’ve had my ass played with once or twice… YEAH I SAID IT… and guess what, I’m STILL straight…
It didn’t make me feel gay and, at the time, I never felt gay…
By the time I came, I felt REAL damn good…
And by the end, the power of the orgasm made me realise that there IS something to be said for ass play.
You may like it, you may not, you may try call me gay after if you want (good luck with that) but I can’t deny that it didn’t feel good.
I’m not gonna go into the intricacies of what and how, let’s just say I know what time it is.
And I for one can say that there’s some magic behind it…

If you don’t like your ass played with, fine. But don’t shut your mind to it just because you think if she slips a finger down there and you like it, it makes you gay. That’s crap and you need to step out that fucking dream. Grow up too.
What’s wrong with you?!

I’m not claiming that you’ll be a bigger man just by doing such, at the end of the day, everyone likes what they like, but don’t close it away just because you’re scared (even though you wouldn’t admit to being scared).

Now ladies… some of you may be feeling the same as some of the men. You hear ass play and you think ‘yu wah? A MAD YU MAD!’
But as I said earlier, there IS pleasure to be found in it…
Time it right and the man’s orgasm can buss a ceiling light… meaning the power of it can shock you. (Trust me, those kind of orgasms where you almost hit yourself in the mouth.)
It’s not for everyone, it’s especially not the kind of thing you do with a Jamaican man… but it is something worthy of exploring.
I mean, there are tons of things out there that people didn’t know were fun until they tried them.

There are many ways you can break a man into that kind of thing, e.g. while giving him the sloppy toppy, during a 69 or in a number of positions…
It’s not necessarily the type of thing you wanna try dry and with no type of alternative distraction… you gotta break em in…

But let me not give women advice on how they can fuck their men in the ass and then have a whole bunch of troubled men sending me messages like, “my girl tried to stick her fingers in my ass and she said YOU told her to do it” but, what I am saying is the stigma attached to ass play is crap.

Ass play is not as bad as people think it is… obviously a gay man will tell you it’s great, lol.

But straight folk are doing it too… there’s nothing wrong with it, it may feel slightly uncomfortable but lemme say this…

Find a woman who gives the best blowjob in the world. I’m talking about the slop with the handwork with the noises with the eye contact and all that good stuff…

Try it with her… but make sure she’d be down for it first…
Because the first time you have a blowjob while having your ass played with, you will come on the fucking ceiling.
Trust me…

Would I lie?
Am I trying to set up the male population in order to get them fucked in the ass?

NO… I don’t think…
Only kidding, I’m not…

Let go of your hold-ups and let ya ass be played with…

Cha… it’s not gonna kill you and who knows you might like it… but it doesn’t make you gay if you do…
Open-minded maybe but not gay…

(It’s funny, I think I can hear people clicking the Unfollow button, lol)

By Mr Oh

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Questions for good fuckers

You are having sex…

And that automatically gets two thumbs up… But the question that will really muddle your noodle is if you are having good sex or not.
Obviously you know, based on how it feels, whether it is good sex or not. But, when you think back over your laying down time, have you REALLY been having good sex?

Without discussing ya sexcapades with ya friends and all the people on ya FaceBook, twitter and all the people in your phone too, some people out there do not know if they are having good sex…
For some people, it’s because they do not know what is the difference between good sex and bad sex that they suffer what they think is GOOD sex.
Some people out there have only been used to one type of performance so they don’t know that there is another world of sex out there that they could be enjoying.
So that’s the focus of this blog post…

To ask YOU, the fucker, if you are indeed having good sex. If you are having the type of sex that you SHOULD be having. To find out once and for all if your love is in FACT the 187…(BIIIIIIIIIG TUUUUUUUNEEEEE)

So, fuckers, lemme ask you… and FYI, feel free to leave your answers in comments at the bottom of the page if you’re feeling answerable.
So let’s start with…

Fellas, have you ever made a woman so aroused, turned on and wet that after you’ve spent however long having sex, you go home, do other things and, when you have to go to the toilet, when you open your zip, you can still smell her pussy?

Think about it; how big is the biggest wet patch you’ve ever created or slept in?

When was the last time you had sex so good you had to slide him out of you quick fast and in a hurry ‘cuz the feeling of him inside you was just too damn much?

Have you ever had sex with so many orgasms that you think one of you might faint for losing so much liquid?

What’s the most orgasms you’ve ever been witness too in one session? (Record is over 100…)

Have you been ever been fucked so well that you have to look at your partner just to make sure your fucking the same person?

Ladies, when was the last time you had the juice fucked out of you (e.g. had your pussy juice flying past ya head and onto the headboard?)

What’s the biggest thing you’ve ever broken thanks to sex?

What is the freakiest thing you’ve ever done that you’ve thought to yourself, ‘EWWWWWWWW’ but you did it anyway?

Fellas, are you STILL scared to take a finger up the ass?

How far into ya lady’s dressing up cupboard will you go?

So you’re sitting down watching a re-run of Friends and your partner comes and sits down right next to you and they whisper something in your ear. What is that perfect thing that you want to hear?

How would you like to wake up; with a groin in your face or a face in your groin?

Am I the only one who wouldn’t mind being able to have the taste of pussy on my lips at work?

Are there guys out there who are STILL trying to blame premature ejaculation on good pussy?

Ladies, when you’re giving your man the real good head, do you make him sound like Wesley Pipes with the dirty talk?

Fellas, how close to a Lethal Lipps performance does she get when she sucks your dick?

When you have had sex and you’ve come, what’s the best thing to say?

Are you one of those women that has yet to experience an ACTUAL orgasm ever in life?

On behalf of all men, I am NOT complaining but what is it that makes a woman put a dick in a mouth and find something to moan about?

Fellas, you know that if you are not giving your partner the option to bend over and be eaten from the back, you are letting the best in life pass you by?

What’s the one place in the world (a road, a street, a venue) where every time you look at this particular place, you are thrust back into a memory of a different time when you were doing “something else” down there?

Have you ever had so many orgasms that you lose count somewhere after 15?

Fellas, have you ever aimed for a facial or a pearl necklace, accidentally shot in the eyes, mouth or nose and not been able to feel guilty because you’re STILL coming?

Ladies, have you ever come in your man’s face, or on the back of his head and, when he’s taking it, sort of screw up your lips and got real nasty with it? Maybe mumble something real nasty like, “yeah, take that you fuck face!”

Does she sigh happily when you let a long line of saliva slip between her pussy lips?

Do you like it when you get a slap during sex? Not a spank, not a tap on the booty, I’m talking about an open-handed, serious face slap? Or maybe when your partner grabs your face and squeezes it just to let you know that they’re not playing?

What is the one place you’ve had sex where no-one would ever believe you if you told them?

You could be the strongest woman in the world with ya house in order, your self-belief on a hundred, thousand, trillion and no way that any man could try tell you anything… BUT… when you are bent over with your ass in the air and your hair being pulled, do you prefer to be his bitch, his tramp or his fucking whore?

What is YOUR favourite curse name to be called in between the sheets?

Fellas, ever had a woman jerk you off with her feet? Or are you one of those men that is scared of feet?

Have you ever tribbed on a thigh or a pillow?

Has the mere emotion of someone made you wanna come there and then?

Fellas, do you feel confident enough in your own skills that if you only had your fingers to work with, could you make her come as many times, if not more, than you can do with your dick?

If you are having sex, and you are 10 seconds away from getting caught by someone, do you: A) attempt to get as dressed as possible or, B) keep going because, for some reason, you are more turned on now you might get caught?

If you were cheating on your partner, would it turn you on more if ya partner CALLED you while you were doing wrong?

What is the best thing in the kitchen that SPICES up your sex life? (see what I did there, lol)

You ever been OVER the height of turned on to the point where you REALLY wanna hear them moan and scream in pleasure and pain?

Fellas, are you such a skilled swordsman that you know HOW and WHEN to stop the flow, adapt to another move, still waiting for the feeling to disappear, while not moving?

When was the last time you had sex so good, when you remembered it, you FELT it?

Answers in a comment…

Mr Oh


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Pussy eating etiquette

Ladies, this is a question for you…

I would ask the guys and gents but the answer is generally the same… YES..

But, for the ladies, it’s not so cut and dry… (pardon the pun)
I mean there are some ladies that don’t even like it at all…



You see when you’re getting yourself some real nice oral pleasure of the mouth kind, do you like it wet from your own juice or do you like him to ‘add’ to the moisture?

It’s not the GRAND question but it IS an interesting one.
As I said, there ARE some women out there who don’t like getting head AT ALL… They “apparently” don’t like the way it feels. The women that DO like a good tongue lashing, who are probably throwing dildos at the OTHER women, they know what time it is.
They like what they like.
And they like it JUST the way they like it.
You know who you are.
You’re not afraid to push a head down, grab a skull with strong fingers, hold a head in place and ride it into the sunset.
Of course, you ladies rule.

But when it comes down to it, do you like your head ‘suck it dry and keep it that way’ or do you like the feeling of liquid creeping down your inner thigh?

Ask a man the same question and he’ll probably, most definitely say that he likes it slippery when wet. Obviously the sensations are different when it comes to head for men and women and the feeling and the sight of watching a woman’s mouth water froth around the head of your dick before she deepthroats is just a thang of beauty.

But what say thee ladies?

It’s a given that if he OR she is doing what they’ve been doing right then you’ll already be wet but do you like that wetness added to by the head giver…
For some women, the idea of dry head is as crazy as Wesley Pipes staying silent during a porn scene.
It needs to be sloppy all the way.
These are the ladies that like to hear a tongue slopping up and down their lips. They like to look down and see a long string of saliva connecting from her clit to his/her tongue. Watch the giver sit up and see their face covered in moisture… maybe come up for a nice dirty, hungry, animalistic kiss… (these ladies also love the taste of their own pussy off another face…)
This lady also likes the FEEL of a sloppy mess between her thighs and will enjoy a moment when she can run her fingers between her lips and his lips and feel what’s going on.
With this woman, don’t be scared to make some obvious saliva sounds, she likes that.

…on the other side of the argument is the woman who doesn’t really like it so wet. She likes it dry and simple. No superhero tricks, no special finishing moves, nothing like that. She just likes it the way it is. If her pussy is wet then work with what you’ve got. Don’t slide any juice down her thighs, don’t show her the mix of her juice and her saliva, don’t you dare try and kiss her with her spread across your mouth.
If you do happen to leave a trail of some sort, you best to suck it back up and keep ya tongue moving.
Because that’s how she likes it.
For her the sensation of saliva and extra juice ruins the feeling of the mouth of her clit and inside her. Plus she finds it a bit icky too.

But which are you mi dear?

Maybe you’re one, maybe you’re both depending on your mood, maybe your secret option number C which is neither…

Saliva between the thighs ain’t for everyone but it damn sure does turn some people on. To the point where it’s an unwritten rule. To the point where there are some women who are reading this and planning to arrange themselves a head session.
But whether your high and dry or you like to be high and slide, either way, it’s always good to let your partner know what you like and how you like it.

So ladies, if you have a man or woman who’s head leaves a lot to be desired, let em know. Don’t be worried about them feeling a way about taking advice.
The only thing you need to be concerned about is eating that pussy the right way.

So you get it gurl… wet or dry… GET IT GURL!!!

So says Mr Oh

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