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Pussy eating etiquette

Ladies, this is a question for you…

I would ask the guys and gents but the answer is generally the same… YES..

But, for the ladies, it’s not so cut and dry… (pardon the pun)
I mean there are some ladies that don’t even like it at all…



You see when you’re getting yourself some real nice oral pleasure of the mouth kind, do you like it wet from your own juice or do you like him to ‘add’ to the moisture?

It’s not the GRAND question but it IS an interesting one.
As I said, there ARE some women out there who don’t like getting head AT ALL… They “apparently” don’t like the way it feels. The women that DO like a good tongue lashing, who are probably throwing dildos at the OTHER women, they know what time it is.
They like what they like.
And they like it JUST the way they like it.
You know who you are.
You’re not afraid to push a head down, grab a skull with strong fingers, hold a head in place and ride it into the sunset.
Of course, you ladies rule.

But when it comes down to it, do you like your head ‘suck it dry and keep it that way’ or do you like the feeling of liquid creeping down your inner thigh?

Ask a man the same question and he’ll probably, most definitely say that he likes it slippery when wet. Obviously the sensations are different when it comes to head for men and women and the feeling and the sight of watching a woman’s mouth water froth around the head of your dick before she deepthroats is just a thang of beauty.

But what say thee ladies?

It’s a given that if he OR she is doing what they’ve been doing right then you’ll already be wet but do you like that wetness added to by the head giver…
For some women, the idea of dry head is as crazy as Wesley Pipes staying silent during a porn scene.
It needs to be sloppy all the way.
These are the ladies that like to hear a tongue slopping up and down their lips. They like to look down and see a long string of saliva connecting from her clit to his/her tongue. Watch the giver sit up and see their face covered in moisture… maybe come up for a nice dirty, hungry, animalistic kiss… (these ladies also love the taste of their own pussy off another face…)
This lady also likes the FEEL of a sloppy mess between her thighs and will enjoy a moment when she can run her fingers between her lips and his lips and feel what’s going on.
With this woman, don’t be scared to make some obvious saliva sounds, she likes that.

…on the other side of the argument is the woman who doesn’t really like it so wet. She likes it dry and simple. No superhero tricks, no special finishing moves, nothing like that. She just likes it the way it is. If her pussy is wet then work with what you’ve got. Don’t slide any juice down her thighs, don’t show her the mix of her juice and her saliva, don’t you dare try and kiss her with her spread across your mouth.
If you do happen to leave a trail of some sort, you best to suck it back up and keep ya tongue moving.
Because that’s how she likes it.
For her the sensation of saliva and extra juice ruins the feeling of the mouth of her clit and inside her. Plus she finds it a bit icky too.

But which are you mi dear?

Maybe you’re one, maybe you’re both depending on your mood, maybe your secret option number C which is neither…

Saliva between the thighs ain’t for everyone but it damn sure does turn some people on. To the point where it’s an unwritten rule. To the point where there are some women who are reading this and planning to arrange themselves a head session.
But whether your high and dry or you like to be high and slide, either way, it’s always good to let your partner know what you like and how you like it.

So ladies, if you have a man or woman who’s head leaves a lot to be desired, let em know. Don’t be worried about them feeling a way about taking advice.
The only thing you need to be concerned about is eating that pussy the right way.

So you get it gurl… wet or dry… GET IT GURL!!!

So says Mr Oh

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