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Questions for good fuckers

You are having sex…

And that automatically gets two thumbs up… But the question that will really muddle your noodle is if you are having good sex or not.
Obviously you know, based on how it feels, whether it is good sex or not. But, when you think back over your laying down time, have you REALLY been having good sex?

Without discussing ya sexcapades with ya friends and all the people on ya FaceBook, twitter and all the people in your phone too, some people out there do not know if they are having good sex…
For some people, it’s because they do not know what is the difference between good sex and bad sex that they suffer what they think is GOOD sex.
Some people out there have only been used to one type of performance so they don’t know that there is another world of sex out there that they could be enjoying.
So that’s the focus of this blog post…

To ask YOU, the fucker, if you are indeed having good sex. If you are having the type of sex that you SHOULD be having. To find out once and for all if your love is in FACT the 187…(BIIIIIIIIIG TUUUUUUUNEEEEE)

So, fuckers, lemme ask you… and FYI, feel free to leave your answers in comments at the bottom of the page if you’re feeling answerable.
So let’s start with…

Fellas, have you ever made a woman so aroused, turned on and wet that after you’ve spent however long having sex, you go home, do other things and, when you have to go to the toilet, when you open your zip, you can still smell her pussy?

Think about it; how big is the biggest wet patch you’ve ever created or slept in?

When was the last time you had sex so good you had to slide him out of you quick fast and in a hurry ‘cuz the feeling of him inside you was just too damn much?

Have you ever had sex with so many orgasms that you think one of you might faint for losing so much liquid?

What’s the most orgasms you’ve ever been witness too in one session? (Record is over 100…)

Have you been ever been fucked so well that you have to look at your partner just to make sure your fucking the same person?

Ladies, when was the last time you had the juice fucked out of you (e.g. had your pussy juice flying past ya head and onto the headboard?)

What’s the biggest thing you’ve ever broken thanks to sex?

What is the freakiest thing you’ve ever done that you’ve thought to yourself, ‘EWWWWWWWW’ but you did it anyway?

Fellas, are you STILL scared to take a finger up the ass?

How far into ya lady’s dressing up cupboard will you go?

So you’re sitting down watching a re-run of Friends and your partner comes and sits down right next to you and they whisper something in your ear. What is that perfect thing that you want to hear?

How would you like to wake up; with a groin in your face or a face in your groin?

Am I the only one who wouldn’t mind being able to have the taste of pussy on my lips at work?

Are there guys out there who are STILL trying to blame premature ejaculation on good pussy?

Ladies, when you’re giving your man the real good head, do you make him sound like Wesley Pipes with the dirty talk?

Fellas, how close to a Lethal Lipps performance does she get when she sucks your dick?

When you have had sex and you’ve come, what’s the best thing to say?

Are you one of those women that has yet to experience an ACTUAL orgasm ever in life?

On behalf of all men, I am NOT complaining but what is it that makes a woman put a dick in a mouth and find something to moan about?

Fellas, you know that if you are not giving your partner the option to bend over and be eaten from the back, you are letting the best in life pass you by?

What’s the one place in the world (a road, a street, a venue) where every time you look at this particular place, you are thrust back into a memory of a different time when you were doing “something else” down there?

Have you ever had so many orgasms that you lose count somewhere after 15?

Fellas, have you ever aimed for a facial or a pearl necklace, accidentally shot in the eyes, mouth or nose and not been able to feel guilty because you’re STILL coming?

Ladies, have you ever come in your man’s face, or on the back of his head and, when he’s taking it, sort of screw up your lips and got real nasty with it? Maybe mumble something real nasty like, “yeah, take that you fuck face!”

Does she sigh happily when you let a long line of saliva slip between her pussy lips?

Do you like it when you get a slap during sex? Not a spank, not a tap on the booty, I’m talking about an open-handed, serious face slap? Or maybe when your partner grabs your face and squeezes it just to let you know that they’re not playing?

What is the one place you’ve had sex where no-one would ever believe you if you told them?

You could be the strongest woman in the world with ya house in order, your self-belief on a hundred, thousand, trillion and no way that any man could try tell you anything… BUT… when you are bent over with your ass in the air and your hair being pulled, do you prefer to be his bitch, his tramp or his fucking whore?

What is YOUR favourite curse name to be called in between the sheets?

Fellas, ever had a woman jerk you off with her feet? Or are you one of those men that is scared of feet?

Have you ever tribbed on a thigh or a pillow?

Has the mere emotion of someone made you wanna come there and then?

Fellas, do you feel confident enough in your own skills that if you only had your fingers to work with, could you make her come as many times, if not more, than you can do with your dick?

If you are having sex, and you are 10 seconds away from getting caught by someone, do you: A) attempt to get as dressed as possible or, B) keep going because, for some reason, you are more turned on now you might get caught?

If you were cheating on your partner, would it turn you on more if ya partner CALLED you while you were doing wrong?

What is the best thing in the kitchen that SPICES up your sex life? (see what I did there, lol)

You ever been OVER the height of turned on to the point where you REALLY wanna hear them moan and scream in pleasure and pain?

Fellas, are you such a skilled swordsman that you know HOW and WHEN to stop the flow, adapt to another move, still waiting for the feeling to disappear, while not moving?

When was the last time you had sex so good, when you remembered it, you FELT it?

Answers in a comment…

Mr Oh


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