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Don’t ask, just TAKE!

It’s the kind of thing you see in the movies…

We’ve been watching them since Casablanca, Grease, Saturday Night Fever and all them old time films where people are one minute standing across from each other then the next there are clothes on the floor, sounds of passion and quick snap shots of orgasms.
Then before you know it, there’s a cut scene and two people are laying next to each other happy and probably smoking.

I’m talking about the art of being taken.

Not just something women like as men like to be taken too.
Do you even know what I mean by the art of being taken?

For different people it means different things but in this respect, I’m talking about the art of just coming up to the one you love (or the one you’re currently fucking) and just… ‘taking’ them.
There are many ways to ‘take’ someone but in today’s age of sex being just about the intercourse and nothing else, it’s like the art of taking is dying out.
Of course it’s still alive in us creative lovers who know what we’re doing and how we’re doing it at all times but there are a lot of men AND women who don’t know how to take their partner.
They don’t know how to just walk up to them and just… do something that says “you know what time it is assume the position”.
There are good ways to do it and bad ways to do it.

Taking your partner in a good way will have your partner looking at you like “what the FUCK was that” as they remove their OWN clothes because they know what time it is.

A bad way to take your partner will have them pushing you off them and looking at you like “what the HELL do you think you’re doing” and then no-one is getting anything but pissed off looks and stuttering explanations.

A good way to take your partner will have them melting in your arms, holding their breath because you’ve taken them by surprise, exhaling heavily, tingling all over and engaging in what I like to call the hungry kiss.
You ever had a hungry kiss?
Ya know… that kiss when it sounds like two starving people chewing on one piece of meat… and no one is willing to give the meat up.
Yeah… THAT kiss.

I mean, really, think about it, when was the last time you were taken? You may have been taken and you didn’t even realise it.

Back in the days of films like Casablanca, all it would take would be for them Humphrey Bogart dudes to walk up to a woman, slide a hand around her waist and kiss her in a way that said everything without saying it.
And, really, you can’t knock the old school ways of doing things because there is something sexy about taking a woman in that way.

For example…
Let’s say Rupert is on his way to see Ingrid. He gets to the door and knocks… TAP TAP TAP…
He stands there a waiting and a waiting…
She opens the door… he sees her, she sees him… no words are said.
Next thing you know, Rupert shortens the space between them in one step, slides on hand on the small of her back and kisses her before any words are spoken. Before she can breathe, before she can even think about what she wants to say to him, before she can truly take a full look at him.
Their lips are together, all the anticipation of the moment is brought together in a kiss and it sounds like throwing a piece of chicken in the middle of a hood concert and watching people fight over it.
You know that sound when Homer is eating?
When you take someone the right way, that’s what the kiss should sound like.

To take someone is not just about taking your partner by surprise… it’s about knowing what they like, knowing how to make them feel right and having the confidence to deliver it how it needs to be delivered.

Some people out there like to be held romantically…

Some like to be held by the throat and slammed against a wall…

Some like to be wrestled and ‘contained’ before they are taken…

Some like to be set in a mood before being taken…

Some like some slick shit to be said before being taken…

Some like some D’Angelo or Jill Scott played before the take…

It’s a ‘to each their own’ kinda thing but if you’ve ever taken someone before and had yourself taken then you know what I’m talking about.

It is more than just holding someone or touching someone or kissing someone, its a combination of all of them.

To take someone, you have to have a lil’ bit of knowledge about them to know how they wanna be taken.
No point trying to take someone with some rough behaviour up against a wall when, in the last few years, they have had a situation with someone trying to FORCE themselves on them on some real negative shit….
That would create a cold situation real quickly… so do your research on your taking subject.

Like I say in most of my blogs, if you do it right the response from your partner should be positive, sure and you should be saying to yourself, “damn, that Mr Oh knows what he’s talking about”.

Do it wrong and you’ll probably be saying, “that Mr Oh chats a lot of shit”.

But for the people out there who KNOW what it means to be taken, or enjoy taking their partners, you know what I’m talking about and the benefits that come with such a simple pleasure.

Don’t just try to slip your partner the dick, take ’em.

By Mr Oh

PS. 1 more blog to 100 within a year… WHOOO HOOOOOO!!!


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Apparently, some of you guys aren’t…. really….

This isn’t even a letter, this is response to a cry for help coming (pun intended) from women all over the world.
It’s a cry that can be heard in multiple languages, through women of different shades and shapes in the past, present and future.
But men do NOT hear the cry.
Maybe because some of us CAN hear it but we ignore it, maybe we can’t hear it AT ALL, maybe women cry these tears on a sonic audio level men are just not trained to hear.
But what I do know is that women are crying…
Not literally and physically crying but they are UPSET… and PISSED off.
Because the man in their life is NOT, repeat, NOT handling his business between the sheets as he should be. But he THINKS he is.
Ladies know him well; he doesn’t need to ask if it’s good because he KNOWS (or thinks) it’s good, his game is soOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOo on point that he doesn’t need to learn anything from anyone, he is such the experienced lover that he assumes that what works for previous lovers will fit you and, thus, no need to try new shit.
Unfortunately, this gentleman lives and breathes everyday, with no one telling him any different, which makes him think that fingering you in THAT way (all dry and shit) is the way to get you off.

For some men, they cannot stand and/or take the fact that a woman would have something to say about their game. Kinda ironic but ‘how can a woman have something to say about a man’s sex game?’
He built this game from teen years, he spent time perfecting it and masturbating it into a well rounded, entertaining, orgasm-creating, sleep-inducing whale of a time.
He is super proud of that sex game and he will not, repeat NOT, hear one bad word about it.
But, then comes the awkward moment. When a lady experiences the sex game and has one or two amendments she would like to add to the game.
But he won’t hear such madness.

After he spent so long perfecting it?
Then comes the situation where you either tell him about it and suffer the consequences of him trying and improving, trying and steadily getting worse or he feels so emasculated, he gives up fucking you completely as he thinks you’ll constantly be slating him in your head.
Really, that’s HIS business… kinda his fault for not keeping his game up-to-date but that doesn’t mean he can’t take advice on how he can step it up.

So I thought, lemme try and tell HIM what he’s lacking and where, so the next time he wants to give his partner some pudding… some SWEET sticky toffee pudding, her mind will be filled with nothing but dick… or tongue.
In thinking about this blog and the subjects that I’d cover, I thought I’d ask my Twirrer folk and my FB peeps, and they came up with a few ideas and went QUITE hard with it…
So in a classic Ricky Ricado voice, I got some ‘spalaing to do…

So, what are the things that dudes need some advice on in between the sheets?

Losing inhibitions and letting go – some men find it easy to just let go of their inhibitions and let their woman sneak a finger up their ass, but not all men are that way inclined. When you find yourself holding on to certain ideas and rumours, etc. about sex, you instantly inhibit yourself when you find yourself in THAT situation.
For example, it can take a lady to say once ‘I don’t like that’ to inhibit him into locking down and not trying anything else adventurous with you. Not because you said you don’t like it, but because it was something he was doing that DIDNT work for you.
Men like to feel like they know it all so when a woman has to tell him or show him, he feels like, “I must be a shit lover if I don’t know how to do that”.
Realistically, life is too short to be holding in inhibitions… WAY to short to not be doing things that you’ve possibly THOUGHT about but, for whatever crap reason, you’ve changed your mind.
Apparently men sometimes OVER think sex. Could be a number of reasons for that. They wanna make sure the sex is PERFECT, they wanna make sure they give her something that she can run and tell her friends about or they wanna ensure you have something to think about LONG after he’s left.
But in over-thinking, he spends too much time inhibiting himself and not letting go. It should be the opposite.

One style of sex does NOT fit all – women are like cars, different ones, big ones, small ones, thick one, loose ones, some with goods brakes, some with great engines, some with terrible body work, etc.
But you cannot have one driver driving different cars the same way. Some have different biting points, some have tight biting point, etc… you know what I’m trying to say.
But there is not one style that fits all.
That would be a mistake to think so. One style of sex does not fit all.
Some women like to be driven roughly, some women like to be slow rolled into their orgasm, some like to go so fast, you’re breaking multiple speed limits.
But the aim is make sure you keep your game ever changing. Switch it up homes. Speedy during that part and slow and steady during that part.
Mix it up… but also, make sure you keep one style in your pocket that is ALWAYS, without a doubt, guaranteed to make her curl up, twitch up and orgasm up the place.

Too fragile or too rough – you cannot sir… CANNOT think that one woman likes it real soft or real fast, without keeping a comfy balance in the middle. Women rule ya see, and the thing about em is that they like to be paid attention. Paying attention can be sooo detrimental to your reputation as a good lover that you need to do it more and more and, even after she’s come, keep doing it.
Some women like it softly softly at all times, which builds up an orgasm slowly to a SUPER crescendo. But other women like it hard, fast and with as much Wesley Pipes in it as possible. And some like a mix of both soft and rough. What you have to do, dude, is make sure you know who you have so you know what to deliver. Rough, soft, fast, slow, figure her out before you get in…

Toys – men who are scared of toys are looked at like men who don’t give head – they still MAKE you. (Don’t worry, there’s a head section a coming…)
But toys are some serious kinda fun when it comes to using them on a woman during sex. A lot of men have issues with a woman’s toy in the way that they feel like it’s a replacement for them. For some women it is, for some women it’s all they have but take it into consideration. A Rampant Rabbit can be an added extra to any sex AND it can be a use to you too.
Never had a woman turn her Rampant Rabbit on a slow setting and hold it against your dick while getting a blowjob? Well then you’ve never lived my son.
If that’s a bit to close, and you can’t over the idea of having something that looks like a penis so close to your manhood then take control of the toy. Use it on her. Not only is it a good way to learn what strokes make her arch her back but throw in some nipple and neck kisses and just spend some time watching her come.
OR… lay her on her front with a pillow under her stomach and a vibrator around where her clit is and stroke her from the back. She’ll enjoy the sensation… and she’ll also appreciate the creativity of something different. Shows you are on the CUSP of knowing a thang or three.

Let HER drive – it is generally thought that a man in the bedroom has to be a leading, idea-delivering, bright spark of a lover in order to keep his partner pleased. But, women also like the opportunity to lead the party. Maybe he’s unable or unable to trust a woman to the point where he let’s her take control. But really, seriously and honestly, a woman taking control and telling you where to go and move and be with a strong voice is some SEXXXY shit.
Her breath is all heavy, she’s moving you quickly into position, her eyes are mesmerising and you can read on her face what time it is.
The strength women have in their own sexuality makes them know how and where they want it. And sometimes we fellas miss the mark. To be honest, there’s something sexy about watching an annoyed woman not being reached in one position and flipping him into another position. Her annoyed face suddenly becomes a “WHOOOOOA” face and everyone’s smiling.

Mind sex – the beautiful aspect of sex. Before anyone touches, before words are even spoken, the connecting on a level where you’ve both shared a sexual moment in the mind. Apparently the art of good mind sex is dying out in favour of the more ‘so are you gonna bang doe/ you let my friend slam doe’ style of chat up line.
Good mind sex can make a woman wet. Damn rigght.
Great mind sex, and I mean GREAT MIND SEX, is when you are both NOT talking about sex. If you’ve tasted that flavour, you know what I mean. When you could be talking about something random, yet there is something ELSE going on that you both know about.
To masturbate a woman’s mind before you masturbate her elsewhere is to heighten and enlighten ANY situation. And that’s fa trill….

Loss and lack of foreplay – it seems foreplay is still a dying experience for most women, with a lot of fellas opting to slide a finger in before maybe kissing a neck, undoing her zip properly or even reaching for a nipple. Foreplay can be more important than the actual intercourse. It LITERALLY pre-moistens the sex.
Foreplay has seemingly been defined today by a certain standard which, I seriously cannot fathom. Stop me if you’ve heard this one.
A kiss. Maybe a good few minutes.
Maybe a cup of the breast searching for a nipple
A cuppage of your behind.
Followed by a search around the front for where he THINKS your clitoris is. Or he’ll go straight old school try slide in without having to undo any buttons or zips.

Foreplay is meant to be fun, not a chore as its seen in favour of a quick slam. No more caressing, no holding, no inhaling the one you plan to devour.

Learning how to interact – some fellas out there apparently don’t know how to simply interact with a woman anymore during sex.
How to simply adapt to her move and come forth with a worthy rebuttal. I mean really, has sex really just become about the act when these are the things that woman say men need to work on?
I mean C’MON SON. These are basics.
Interacting with a woman is all about paying attention to her. A dem cliché whe dem seh she’s always giving you signs. Well she is.
Pay attention to her. She could want you to pull her hair and want you to call her a bitch, but you won’t know because you’re not willing to put the WORK in.

Head game – apparently not only are women suffering from the fellas out there who aren’t giving head but there’s supposedly a growing number of gents out there who ARE giving head but just SUUUUUUUUCK at it.
Like REALLY suck at it.
This is head so bad she has to fake an orgasm to tell you to stop.
Generally when a man doesn’t like giving head but DOES, he’s not necessarily thinking about making sure you’re clit is licked, not flicked, tongue fucked, not long stroked. He just wants to get it over with and wait for the moment when you’ve had enough and motion for him to get back to some sex, which she can actually enjoy.
I’ve written so many blogs on giving head, I can only refer them to those and pray they read.

Dirty talk – ladies are apparently getting tired of the run of the mill ‘oh yeah’, ‘uhh huh’, ‘that’s it’, ‘ohhhhh right there’ and anything inspired by Wesley Pipes. This is fun because you get to explore what a woman likes verbally during sex.
She could be a quiet, shh shh, shut the fuck up kinda woman or she could be a ‘tell me how it feels, watch that shit going in, describe everything that happens type of lady.
Eitherway you gotta give her more than the ‘oohs’ and ‘aaahs’.
There’s something sexy to be said about the sound of a woman talking in a tone that tells you all you need to know about what she’s thinking and feeling.
Push the boat out, see how far she’s willing to go. Maybe she likes being called every piece of vulgarity in the book, maybe even some that don’t make sense. But you never know, because you don’t try.
And this is where some men are losing out.

Because they are not going the extra mile, they aren’t finding out just how far the road of a woman goes.
Unfortunately this diminishes the sexual experience down to just laying down or bending over, sliding in and out, buss, clean up, and gone with the wind.
Which sucks because that means that there are hundreds of thousands of women out their who’s full sexual potential is not being reached.
As men, it’s not wrong to take a bit of friendly advice on where to go, what to do, how to do that better…
Most of these seem to be things that men can improve all by paying attention, taking their time and savouring, instead of speeding, through a moment between the sheets.
I’m not slating men, I know some dudes who take care of their biznass with many a satisfied customer… but to those who AREN’T aware that a quick finger on what you THINK is her clitoris is not the extent of foreplay, I’m talking to you.

Really, all you’re doing is giving her and her friends something to laugh about. Because they ARE laughing at you. Then again, they could not be talking about you. That’s when you know it’s THAT bad.

Say something or do nothing…

By Mr Oh

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Letter to Mr Non-Eater

Dear Mr I’m-Too-Good-To-Visit-Lower-Lands,

This is my letter to you. Yes YOU!

You may not necessarily want to read this letter but I think it’s time someone spoke to you and really put you on to what the fuck is goings on.

With so many issues to cover, I don’t even know where to start… but the beginning is a good place.
It’s 2011… the year of the double one. That means fuck all really but, what it does mean is that its another year that you have NOT sucked a pussy yet and I have to ask WHY?

Are you one of those people that feel that it’s a dirty, disgusting, vulgar practice?
Are you one of those folk who look at a pussy and are happy to stick your dick in it with no condom but refuse to let your lips linger down there?
Are you one of those fellas who say on the regular, in bad English, “I don’t eat no pussy”, “mi nah bowcatt” or “I don’t eat nothing that bleeds”.

What, exactly, is stopping you sir?
What, does the idea of eating pussy scare you? Are you scared of doing it? Are you worried you won’t do it right?
I can hear you staying strong and saying, “nah man, I just don’t do dem tings”.
Well, what tings?
Because I know you’ll be quick to drop the head push on her and try and get her to slip your dick into her mouth.
So what’s wrong with reciprocation?

I mean, sir, FA REAL?!?!?
Are you the kind of man that doesn’t like to kiss either? (Don’t get me started on those guys.)

I have to ask: how can you be living your life without eating some pussy along the way?
I know it’s not for everyone and not everyone will like the taste, but, it is an acquired one. And, really, it’s not about you. It’s about her.

Don’t worry sir, I’m not telling you to go around eating every pussy you put your dick into but, damn homes, find one you wouldn’t mind eating and go for it, face first.
It ain’t gonna bite ya, it won’t even cuss you for it… in fact, it’s the exact opposite.
This may sound like some “God Forbid” advice but ask a man who eats pussy about the response he gets from her and you’ll start to see what the attraction is.

There are many things you can do with the basic sliding a dick in but there is another level of pleasure and enjoyment for her with a tongue.
Firstly, as you know, women have something that’s called a clitoris… usually the thing you try slip ya dick into before you realise her entrance is lower down.
Now that little button is just as important, sometimes MORE, than the actual insertion and intercourse. And in a head situation, it can be the difference between her deciding to give you no head or break out the sloppy, Lethal Lipps inspired, Kakey sponsored head that makes you NOT wanna watch.
Any headologist who knows how to treat a pussy right knows and remembers the most extreme reaction he’s ever received from a woman. He will tell you about the screaming, the sheet scrunching, the attempts to run away, the breath holding, the eyes rolling back, the calls out to God, the tapping out, the ‘trying to push the head out’, the scratching, etc.
For a woman as well, there is nothing like seeing an attractive man (well I’m hoping you’re not a Dog Of The Face sufferer) between her thighs handling her business.

See the problem with you, sir “I-don’t-lick-nuttin”, is that you are spending all this time not eating pussy thinking about the fact that you don’t wanna eat pussy for whatever your reason, but what about she?
Doesn’t she deserve some pleasure?
Doesn’t she deserve the right to be pleased by something other than your dick?
Did you ever think that you might not be slanging the pipe the way you think and she’s truly not being pleased?
Or don’t you think she’s worth it?
(But is she worthy enough to suck your dick? If the answer was yes, and I imagine for most non-eaters it was, then SHE needs to reevaluate some thangs. Lady readers, has he ever gotten you to suck his dick but not returned the favour? Thank about it…)

The worst thing is that the stigmas you attach to sucking pussy are all crap and mean sweet fuck all.
Here’s a few of the most common misconceptions about sucking pussy, maybe this will change ya mind…

The taste
For years and years (even when I was growing up) there was always this thought that pussy smells and tastes like fish, Maybe that’s born from the younger days of fingering girls and smelling your finger afterwards. Maybe you stuck your finger in some unclean pootie tang and it scarred you for life, but really, pussy does not smell and taste like fish. It’s kind of like… fruit juice. I can hear shouts of denial but seriously, it doesn’t taste as bad as her scent may suggest and, trust me, once you’re in there, you will LOVE it… But you gotta get past that ‘fish thinking’ barrier. Once you’re past that, it’s smooth sucking from there.

Liquid on the face
Some of you men out there are SCARED of pussy juice. Yep, I said it, you’re scared of it. Why? I don’t know. It’s not like it’s the acid spit from the Alien that just melts everything it touches. Again, anyone who has spent a lot of time down between a woman’s thighs knows that once it’s on your face, it’s there. What can you do about it? Nothing… just go on go on…
Best way to get over this stigma is to take some time out to just play with pussy juice. Seriously. Take a moment or two to just get some on your fingers and play with it, become ONE with the juice, smell it, stretch it between ya fnigers… until you’re at a stage where it being on your face is MINOR. (Pretty soon, you’ll get to a point where you’ll want it on your face at all times, you’ll wanna watch her masturbate and rub her moist fingers on your lips… okay, that just may be me…)

Being DOWN there
Being a man, you may think that being down there is, pardon the pun, beneath you, and there is no way you will ever find yourself BELOW a woman in that way. Like there’s something wrong with that. Au contre mon fre… it is in fact the most liberating thing to feel and experience and I’ll tell you why. Women love to be in control, especially in sex. Sure they want a man who will take control and put her where he wants her and do what need to be done, but, at the same time, they wanna drive the vehicle too. And in a head situation, especially where she is on her back with her legs open, you are giving her that control. The control to be able to hold your head still and fuck your face, the control to slide her pussy up and down your face, the control to squeeze her thighs and restrict how and where you eat. That control, plus the idea of looking down at you, gives her a simple pleasure that no other sexual practice can give. Because in that position, with she laid back, all she has to think about and experience is the fact that you are there to please her, nothing more, nothing less. So think less about feeling emasculated because you are below a woman and start thinking in terms of, I’m giving her the power, let her enjoy it.

The label attached to men who do that
In the UK men who eat pussy are usually referred to as bowcatts, rug munchers, fish mongers, pum pum eaters and general nasty men. BUT, are the people who call you these things there with you in the bedroom when you’re doing what you’re doing? No, so who gives a fuck what people (generally other men) think or say about the fact that you do that?
Here’s a few responses I like to give out when someone tries to frown or say something about my pussy eating exploits:

“The way she came tells me that I’m a GOOD bowcatt…”
“Yeah I eat pussy and I’m DAMN greaat at it too…”
“Lemme see you make her come 20 times in half an hour with your 10 minute dick game..”
“Mad at me? Why ‘cuz my girl is talking to your girl and now YOUR girl is hassling you for head?”
“You see that smile on her face? That’s from good pussy eating…”
“Don’t get mad at me sir, if you don’t wanna do it to her, that’s fine, but guaranteed she has a friend who’s getting good head and all the stories she’s hearing are PISSING her off with you because you won’t do it… or you do it badly on purpose…”
“It’s cool, but she WILL find someone who will eat her pussy…”
“Of COURSE I eat pussy, my tongue is seven inches for crying out loud.”

Hopefully sir, you have read something that has maybe changed your mind about not eating her pussy. As I said before, I’m not telling you to go out and eat every pussy that comes your way, but, think about finding one and giving it a try. There’s no way in the world that she won’t be, pardon the pun, down for it and, for the way that she could possibly respond, it’s SOOOO worth it.
Throw all those stigmas out the window, suck it up and get down there…
I know for a fact if you won’t, and everyone else around her is getting it, she WILL find someone out there who will eat it for FREE…

Because what you don’t know is that there is a plethora of men out there who are absolutely ravenous and will eat a pussy just because it’s a new day. They are the hungry men who enjoy nothing more than eating the pussies of women whose men are not giving them any.
These men like the idea of doing something that her man isn’t doing, it gives them a nice, sinister pleasure to know that they have a part of your woman that you will never be able to hold on to.

All because you didn’t wanna eat no pussy.

You don’t have to admit you read something in this letter and it made you change your mind about eating pussy. Maybe you wanna be a down-low eater, that’s fine… but for the LOVE of clitorial orgasms, be like Nike and JUST DO IT!


The Pied Piper of Pussy eating

Mr Oh

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Ode to a fat pussy

Fat pussy

This blog was inspired by @Anne_Arts

If you find one, keep it, cherish it… put it in a glass case that says “BREAK IN CASE OF EMERGENCY”.

Lock it up, tie it down to something, make sure there’s mouse traps around it so it can’t go anywhere.

Get on some Indiana Jones adventure to find it and put it in a museum, wipe it up, lick it down and kiss the ting… make it a big lipped kiss.

Dunno bout you, or you, or him, but GOOD GAWD, if it ain’t fat, it’s gots to go… (really though, a dude who is close enough to the pussy to find out if its fat or skinny wouldn’t necessarily send it home).
But if you’ve ever met a fat pussy in your life; a real chunky, thick, full lipped, curving over the sides, printed in any jeans, leggings, trousers or skirt or dress kinda thing, then you know the allure.

As a man, and well-known pervert and people watcher, over time, I’ve seen my fair share of chunky monkeys (both in public and between the sheets) and I mean…. damn, even to see them covered by clothes is just a mouth-watering experience.
I mean, watch a fat pussy woman walking in a pair of leggings that snuck a little too high… high enough that they print pon the ting… WOOOI YOOOOOIIII…

Okay, lemme wipe my mouth and focus…

It’s not just the sight of a buff ting that men, and women, enjoy. It’s the touch, the feel, the lines and shape of it…
Ya ever seen a pussy so fat or thick that you just wanna grab it and just feel the meat of it under your fingers?
No… just me? Ok… moving on… swiftly…

It’s not like a fat pussy is different from a slim one… All the twists and turns are the same, the dead end roads are the same but the COMFORT of the ride is where the difference kicks in.

Fuck a fat pussy… see what the drive is like.
Get yaself into it and see how smooth the gears are.
Check out the brakes and really take it out on the road.

Believe me, there’s nothing like it.

For head givers, fat pussy is the BESTTTTTTTTAAAAH!
It’s probably what kissing Lethal Lipps is like.
If you’re one of those folk who like to kiss their way down a woman’s body, then you’ll find a gift at the end of a fat pussy.
Even before you get to the clit, you get to kiss the fatness. And us head lovers LOVE that!
By the time you get to the pussy, and you get to open the lips, hold them back and, as you hold ’em, a whole piece of meat creeps over ya fingers… then you got a fat pussy in ya grip.
You see those moments when you have ya tongue in a fat pussy and the lips crush over ya face like a straw in an earthquake? YUMMY…

I’m trying to finish this blog but my mouth is leaking…

Okay… I can’t concentrate…


(Ice cream… chunky monkey…)

A fat pussy is best when it’s seen AND fucked…
Case in point:

Let’s start at the beginning… if you have a woman laying on her back, happy as Larry, with her legs in the air, not only do you get the pleasure of watching a pair of fat lips spread apart, you also get to watch them come back together. And ain’t NOTHING sweeter than seeing that shit… brothers (and my bi-sexual sistas) can I get an AMEN?

An addition to that position is when you put her legs on your shoulders and have the pleasure of looking down at her thighs squeezing two lips, look like Lethal Lipps (and if you’ve seen her lips, you know she got some big ass lips).

Same goes for when you turn her on her side, have her thighs on top of one another, have a peek round… fat pussy says hi.

Now doggystyle is when a man likes to play with a real handful or two of pussy. You know when he takes that slow moment before sliding it in and he takes the head of his dick and just runs it up and down before sliding it in? He’s enjoying watching those lips separate. I mean, who wouldn’t?

And that’s just a few… there’s tons of positions and random moments when you’re NOT having sex that a fat pussy is a joy to be around.
Like when she’s asleep, and the covers just HAPPEN to fall off her sleeping frame. She’s on her back, oblivious to the world, but her panties have bunched up nice and snuggly around her and, for a head giving, clit licking maestro, he will feel hungry in a heartbeat.

Or the moment when she’s walking in some boy shorts and it’s like you can SEE through them, it’s such a print.

Really, as the saying goes, pussy is pussy…
Dunno who came up with that actually… it’s pretty self-explanatory.
Some people like their vaginas thick, round and with beats by the pound and some people like ’em slim, trim and straight from the gym.
And the rides differ from woman to woman.

But for those chunky lovers, you know what you like and why you like it.
Maybe it’s the idea that the fatter the pussy, the better the ride. And that’s not necessarily true.
Guess you have to find a good one and make those Lethal Lipps talk.

*** Just on a side note, I’m not saying Lethal Lipps has a mouth like a vagina, but just saying that my girl has some big ass lips.

By Mr Oh


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