Little Black Book 2 is OUT NOW

After a while lotta hype, talk, me telling you “its coming”, late night rewrites, arguments, photos, additions, omissions, apartment suites, beautiful people to meet, dreams released and many many tweets…
Little Black Book Volume 2 is FINALLY available for your reading pleasure.

It’s been a lot of work to get it ready for you.
I’ve wanted to give readers a great adventure of mind pictures and images, telling stories that you, the reader, not only enjoy but physically feel.
Something that sparks ya imagination…

Not only do I want to create moving images for the mind, I mainly wanted to write great stories that make you smile, make you laugh, make you wanna clap your hands or look around at the person next to you like “did you see what he JUST said?” Even though the person has no idea what you’re talking about.
The kind of stories that make you have to call a friend and say “have I got the book for you”

And with that thinking in mind, I’ve added a new aspect to Little Black Book Volume 2… Images.

Sprinkled between the stories and poems, you’ll find images that…

Pictures of…

Beautifully taken shots of…

Ya know what, I’m not gonna say… I’m gonna let you find them.

There’s more stories, more writers, more poetry, more London, more sex, more orgasms, more images, more more MORE.

Just before Christmas, I got the first copy of Little Black Book Volume 2 in the post and I read a new story every day.
And I enjoyed it.

It maybe weird to read a book when I wrote it. But my whole thing with writing books is that I want to be able read it and feel the same way a random reader will feel.
And I had those moments where they are supposed to be.
So the laughs, the shocks, the smiles, the ‘oh my’ moments are there… In place, jus waiting for you.

Ladies and gentlemen, freaks and geeks, tweeps and the uniques, Little Black Book Volume 2 – the oral sex of the Little Black Book series – is out now and I just want you to enjoy it.
That’s why I wrote it…

Order it nowww…. 

So says Mr Oh


Little Black Book – the trilogy – by Mr Oh

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One response to “Little Black Book 2 is OUT NOW

  1. demuzzled

    Still can’t get the book through Amazon for the kindle—finsihed book one now ready for part two!

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