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The anticipation coloured in mind masturbation

We’re all grown folks here, right?

So we know the difference between good sex, poor sex and sex so bad that you have to tell ya friends about it.
For this blog post, its not even about any form of sexual contact whatsoever.
It’s not about oral sex, foreplay, intercourse, anal visitation or aural education… It’s about the mind!

The mind and the power it holds during or preceding a sexual moment.
Maybe its me… Maybe I’m getting old and I’m a fan of dying arts but, you know what I like?
Mind sex. But its like mind sex you have with yourself.
Mind masturbation if you will.

That moment when you’ve made your phone call, you’ve sent your email, you’ve tweeted that tweet and your sexual escapade has been arranged with someone who you KNOW will give you the pancakes and syrup. That ride em cowboy feeling. That ‘did someone just open a tap on my dick’ type of head. And its that memory and that knowledge that makes you paint a picture of just how amazing it could be when you see them again.
The last time you saw them, you may have had a suttin suttin that made your toes curl, your eyes roll back…. Shiiiiiiit, you may have done something totally against your grain like licked some ass or swallowed suttin you don’t usually swallow. All because it was such a sexual experience, it made you cum out of your comfort zone.

So now, you’ve made that contact and the reply has been positive. The first thing you do, before anyone has arrived, is you start to remember the last time you shared yourself with that person.
Ladies, holla if you hear me when you remember the last time he had your legs on his shoulders and it all felt righteous.
Fellas, you know what I’m talking about when you’ve set up a meeting with that she that gives that amazing head.

It’s that, “oooooweeeee, I’m gonna get seeeeeeeen to…” feeling that comes over you and possibly pre-moistens lips, erects nipples and causes rises in otherwise limp penises.

Think about the last time you saw that person in your life who turns you the fuck out. I mean that person who made you think, “this is the best sex EVER!!!’
(If your yet to have that kinda sex then… Sorry bout that…)
And right now, you let that person know that you need them to come and ring your bell. Not just some lil one ring… You need a multiple ring.
Or at least two or three REAAAAAAL good rings.

You know they are coming to see you. To do things to you that you know they can do and they can do well.

15 minutes away…
You are getting yourself mentally prepared for the sexiness that is about to go down. Your mind is hoping they’ll do that thing that felt SOOOOO damn good last time… Maybe with a twist.

10 minutes away…
Your mind is flicking thru the scenes of your last encounter and you just wish they would get there and do what they have to. They know what it is. You know what it is. All that’s stopping you is distance, which is closing slowly…
Even that thought turns you on…

5 minutes away…
The sweet anticipation of earlier is now an animalistic hunger.
Your mind has given you the complete overview of that amazing feel good head. Nipples have risen in hope of that same type of orgasm that made them Chinese arithmetic hard. Whatever you have on is what they’ll find you in.
You wonder how to greet them. Small talk, the offer of a drink or you just say fuck all that and literally tackle them.

They arrive…

And you see them… And all that anticipation comes into one silent moment.
Because you know its about to go DOWN!!!

By Mr Oh

Little Black Book – the trilogy – by Mr Oh

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