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Christmas treat from Mr Oh

Hey heeeeeey hey readers and receivers. .. givers I love you too…

Another year, another Christmas, another season of adverts screaming to us what we want but don’t need, cold ass weather (a London STANDARD) and the stress that comes with presents, unless they come from Ann Summers, Victoria’s Secret or La Senza as those gifts are alllllllright with me…

More than moaning bout the negative, lemme shout out the positive…

Merry Christmas everybody…
Hope the season finds you good and well… if it hasn’t and you want a lil something something to make this Christmas sexual as well as seasonal then you’ve come to the right place. Because I’ve got a brand new… hold on… wait a minute…

I haven’t even blogged about my Damn great news.
As of right now,  Mr Oh is officially a signed author.
That’s right… through all the blogs, all the stories, all the poems, a man by the name of Michael McGrew from L.A. contacted me and said he ”believed in my work” and wanted me to sign to his publishing company.
As a writer it’s been my dream to be able to do nothing but write and… write.
And I’m one step closer to that dream. Thank God.

So what does that mean? Well I’m still gonna be blogging on any topic that comes to mind about sex and it’s many facets.
But the Little Black Book series is getting a complete and utter overhaul and rerelease on Legacy Publishing.
So there’s gonna be more to read in Little Black Book (and a surprise story so fucking amazing it’s taking a LOT for me to not talk about it).
There’s gonna be A WHOLLLLLLLLE lot more in the new Little Black Book volume 2…


The final book in the series,  Little Black Book volume 3, is coming to fuck up the entire erotica game.

But that’s all to come next year….
There’s still a treat to deliver for your reading pleasure this year.

On Christmas Day (25/12/12) or (12/25/12) if you’re American, a brilliant short story of mine called The Train is dropping and will be a free download for you to enjoy over the festive holidays.


As always with anything I write, I’m trying to entertain and open your eyes, mind and thighs with this story and I can’t promise you’ll like it, I stand behind it, I guarantee it!

And don’t think that’s it…

Oh no…. Mr Oh has a whole lot to come…

Peace and hair grease…

Mr Oh


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The ego of oral…


This is not one of those blogs for those who don’t give head, like it or find themselves disgusted by it.

If you’re one of those folk then maybe you should skip this one.
Because this is for the best of em.
The Oscar winners of the mouth players.
The multi-Grammy award winners of the aural persuasion.

Those who are proud of their head game and make sure any groin in front of them knows about it.
This is about the ego of your own head game.

The true blue head givers know what I’m talking about.
See when it comes to giving head, you can be one of three people.
1) Someone who just gives head to please their partner.
2) Someone who doesn’t like to give or receive head (I thought I told u to get out of here!)
3) Someone who learned their head trade, perfected it and put themselves in the category of best motherfucking head giver… EVER!

See for us, who are proud of the work our mouths do, there is no one in the WORLD who gives better head than us. There may be others out there who ‘claim’ to have the skills that we possess but they’re close but no cigar.
We are the mountain top, the peak of the head district, the Dubai hotel of head givers.
We understand that certain people out there know us simply for being the stone cold mouth pleasure makers we are. Sometimes we get offended like, ‘oh all you know us for is our head game…you just wanna come here, get some head then bounce’.
But on the other hand, the ego kicks in behind the offence and says, ‘that’s right,  head game killer strikes again’.

Like when that booty call calls you and as soon as you see their name on your text,email or tweet,  you know exactly what time it is.
They want that head. Sure they may want the whole sex shebang but what they really REALLY want is that head you introduced them too.
After you’ve arranged to see them, in your mind,  you’re already planning how to get em when they get there.
Because you know that they know that you know that you’re gonna see em and send em packing while they say to themselves,  ‘THAT has got to be the best head ever!’

You have an ego about your head game because it is the shit. It’s the best head game since sex was created. Your mouth should come with a sign that says  ‘may cause drowsiness and itis-like feelings’. You’ve done things with your mouth that some people haven’t done with hours of intercourse.
Ladies, you know there’s not a woman on earth who can do the lick, throat dip and spit the way you do that shit.
Gents, you know that no matter who she has between her thighs, no one will be able to make her cum, scream, sheet grab and black out the way you do.

You may not talk about it, you may not sing about it,  you may not shout it out from the rooftops, but you’re proud of the power your mouth possesses over others.
As the head giver, you love the way you make the person moan, the way you make their toes curl (not just curl, I’m talking bout digging INTO the carpet), the way you make them tap out.
You wanna make em do that. It’s what your known for.
Internationally known and locally accepted.

The ego of the head giver is grown by the orgasms they taste, the toes they curl, the mattresses that get slapped in honour of your effort and the looks of  ‘WHAT THE FUCK’ you get from those who feel your game.
Anyone who feels they’re good, no GREAT, at giving head knows what I mean.
You know what your doing and you do it well.
Your reputation proceedes you because you’re that Damn bad.
You have a mental gallery of folk who’ve succumbed to your oral skills and their heavy breathing carcass afterwards.

You have an ego because you are good at what you do.
You send motherfuckers walking away woozy and confused as to what just happened.
That’s what happens when your ego is tested.

You are bad and you know it.
Let your ego show it!

Mr Oh

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