The Tall Tales of Tatiana Blue 

Yes that’s right you read right…  And no it’s not a figment of your imagination it’s really Mr Oh…  I’m really back (not that I never left but I did forget my login and password)  and yes I am finally bringing the mystical, almost magical wonder that is Tatiana Blue in her own book. 

There is soooooo much to tell you about…  There’s the birth of The Chocolate Network, The League of Chocolate Gentlemen and the C.L.I.T.S are coming too…  
And there’s a lot on my mind I’ve been dying to gerrout…  So…  While you wait, hopefully you’re still around to ride with me. 

How ’bout some unseen, fresh to death images from from the Tatiana Blue photoshoot that took place last Friday. Same as the Little Black Book photoshoot…  I asked and wanted someone everyday with beautiful dreadlocks to be my Blue. Put the feelers out and two days later on my insta, she came….  (not like that but ya know). 

Found a location, got my old school hooomie to take the pics as he’s got a beautiful eye when it comes to scenes and colours. And he has naaaaailed it. 

This might not be a front or back cover but the hair…  The shoes…  The shots we got. 
Stay tuned…  

I’m Jack, I’m back and coming harder than a heart attack… 

Peace and hair grease

Mr Oh is back (though he never left) 

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