Where has Mr Oh been for three years? 

So…  My last updated post was in 2014… I couldn’t believe it myself. I didn’t realise so much time had passed since I hadn’t blogged. 

So, where have I been? No where…  Literally right here… I just forgot the login and password. That’s it. 

It’s been a while since the Little Black Book series came out. There’s been bouts of writer’s block, doubts about whether I should still be writing, competition entries and expecting, rejections, etc. 

No more else to say on that but I’m gonna be blogging like a fiend because, besides having Prince music back at my finger tips, I feel the writing bug crawling around me again. 

That’s all gonna be explained in blogs to come. 

But hey….  Don’t know if you still check me out but you should…  It’s all about to get veeeeery fun with this writing thing. There’s books coming that readers have asked for and a network to encapsulate them all. 
Mr Oh 

*sings* I’m going down to Alphabet Street…  

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