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The abuse of a face


DISCLAIMER: Mr Oh, in no way, shape or form, condones any form of illegal sexual practices and hopes that all intimate sexual practices are consensual, otherwise maybe you’ll be arrested and sent to a prison where anal invasion is your breakfast, lunch and dinner… Basically HELL…

Now that’s clear, let’s begin…

I was reading a blog post by fellow freaky friend YumYumBubbleBum called I can’t breathe and as soon as I finished, I got to the end and was INSTANTLY inspired.
Now, if you know my blog, you know I’m as open as a copy of Little Black Book and Little Black Book Volume 2 (OUT NOW) so there’s not much I don’t say when it comes to the get down with the get down.

And this is no different.

Face rape.


If your not well versed in the practice, and you can’t figure it out from the name, allow me to break it down.
Like YumYum’s post, it usually involves a fair amount of choking and thoughts from the receiver like “oh shit I can’t breathe but I like it”.
But with face rape, there’s a whole lot more to come.

From a man’s perspective, no, from a pussy eating addict’s perspective, the idea of being face first between a woman’s thighs, even as I write this, is the highest level of turn on.
Whether you start by kissing her on her lips (the ones on her face) and continue the kisses downwards or you climb under the covers from her feet and work your way up.
However you do it, as long as you end up with her clit exposed and your tongue covered in her clear gravy, then its smiles all round.
But the deliciousness of face rape is LITERALLY everybody wins.
Face rape is… Wow… I actually sighed like “hmmm, yummy…”

Face rape is, or should be pretty self-explanatory, but I’ll break it down.
To rape a face is to abuse it in a way you could get arrested for if this was a non-consensual situation. To take advantage of the face at your disposal for your own orgasmic gain.
You know when you have that selfish feeling wash over you where its like “fuck what you want, I’m gonna make you eat my birthday cake…”
That moment when you do something to your partners face that feels like you went just a little bit too far… But they tell you that you haven’t gone far enough.
You get what I’m saying… Basically, the face is there for you to do what you need to do to get off.

Not everyone is into face rape and some head givers like to be in full control of how the head goes, but there is that proportion of us (male and female) who like to relinquish that control and put it in the hips of the rapist.
For the person having their face taken advantage of, the pleasure is in being able to let their partner be free enough to go to the very bottom of depravity with it.
*Face grinding to the point where his/her nose squashes and they can’t breathe.
*Language so foul and abusive, you have to look up at them like “wow, didn’t know you had it in you.”
*Commanded and thrown around in such a way that you feel like nothing more than a face for their pleasure.
*Treated less like a lover, a partner and given orders in a voice you may have never heard from them before.
*Made to do things you may have never expected to hear from them (“Oh for fuck sake, stick a banana in my pussy, peel it and eat it you five a day motherfucker you…”)

Etc. Etc.

Now, as I said before, the beauty of face rape is not just in the thighs and waist movements of the person taking advantage of the face. Some seem to think that the power lies in the groin of the abuser when the abusee is REALLY holding the power.
The joy of it isn’t just for the person who is having their needs met and their orgasm draped all over a face, its the owner of the face who is, literally singing in the rain.
Now, as I always say in my blogs, it ain’t for everybody.
A lady could be getting some good, sweet sensation, giving you the best that I got Anita Baker head and she could feel the NEED to wrap her hands round his head and make her waist and hips wave so that her pussy literally rides his face. And he could come up for air like, “huh, what the fuck?”
Fellas, same thing.
She could be delivering that straight from Lethal Lipps school of head treatment on you, suddenly you try hold her head still and give her more than she can handle and she chokes, coughs, splutters, gets off her knees and then there’s no more head for you boo boo.
And that sucks.

Me personally, I’m a face rape ADDICT…
I can’t help it. I like leaving control in the hands of the person who’s only issue is getting as much pleasure out of my mouth as possible.
Taken to the height and extent of sexual pleasure to the point where they may think “wow, I might have gone a bit too far here”.
But the line of “too far” is further than you think.
And that’s how most of us think.

Ladies, make him lie down flat, hands by his side. Stand over his face and look down at him, trust me he likes that. He likes when you look down at him.
Kneel down slowly with eyes that scream “i’m gonna FUCK you up”. Line up your pussy with his mouth and rest one hand on his forehead then feed it to him. Once you’ve found your groove, put more pressure on his mouth. You know your forcing him right when the skin of his face pushes back.
Bite your lip. Speak thru angry, pursed lips. Call him every offensive name you can think of. Groove on him. Treat his mouth like a dick until it feels right and you cum on his face.

That’s a face rape situation.

And I love it.

Little Black Book – the trilogy – by Mr Oh

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Touch ya toes plant ya nose

My name is Mr Oh and I’m an addict.
I know I’m an addict and I don’t see me kicking it anytime soon.
As my words stand in front of you, I feel the addiction coursing through the veins of my dick, making me aroused beyond a stage of human control.
I’ve attempted to seek help for this problem but no matter how many therapy sessions I attend, I still leave seeking to appease my sneaking thirst.

And I’ve now come to the point where I have realised that no amount of therapy, conversation, intervention or relocation will solve or douse the flames of how hungry I am for this addictive practice.

If you’ve read my blog before then you already know half of this addiction but the rest of it is unknown, which is why I feel to share.

My name is Mr Oh and I am a head addict. (IF you’ve read my tweets or previous blogs, then this is not news.)
I am a head addict of epic proportions. If there’s a head addict out there who’s more of an addict than me, I’d say you were lying.
I’m an addict that likes to put his whole FACE into the pussy. Like WHOLE face… nose too.
Those types of whole face moves where you slide ya entire face up and down and manage to get juice on the tip of ya forehead to the underside of ya chin. That is the what the 90s would call the “BOMB DIGGY”.
But that’s not the only addiction I suffer from.
It’s a particular way of eating a pussy that I am addicted to and need help with.
Obviously the lady in my life has NO complaints because I’m already down on the ground, face up, tongue out before she even has to ask.
But that’s another story.

My addiction is, plain and simple, about being face fucked.
Particularly having a woman bent over with the opportunity to put ya face DEEP between her cheeks…
I can’t even explain how right everything is with the world when a waist is grinding on my face in such a move.
This position should inspire the carnival dancer in her to wake up and put in a stellar Notting Hill performance. What that means, for you green folk, is a woman’s hips should get BIZZZZZZZAYY on the face behind it. Think of any reggae video you’ve ever seen where a woman is getting that MAJOR LEGAUE HARD WINE on. Now imagine that same woman bent over to the front and working a face between her cheeks.
And that’s where I am. Addictionville.

You may understand it, you may not… if you DON’T then you best stop reading now and switch to a blog about shoes and food, but if you DO understand, then read on because I’m about to get INTO it… no pun intended…

Head isn’t for everyone is it?
Not everyone is good at it. Some women out there like to make their men LEARN that they can’t just be shit at head and think she’ll say, ‘oh don’t worry about it, let’s do something else.’
Oh no no no… you gotta make em learn…
That’s my attitude…


And this is the perfect position to learn em.
This position leans into the submissive pussy eater territory but that’s all gravy…
There are different variations of how to do and enjoy this, but the Dirty South dance is my favourite.


If you’ve never done this type of thing before then allow me to take you to head school.
Now fellas, and ladies who like ladies, you’re gonna have to give up a high level of control in this position. It’s not about you controlling her, it’s more about her controlling you.
There are many ways to find yourself in this position and how you do it is up to you. I prefer to already be down there before I’m asked. Something sexy about being there all ready and salivating, so that when she turns around and realises, ‘hey, why are you on your knees?’ it won’t take long for her to fix her ass in your face.
Now, depending on how much ass she has, depends on how much ass your gonna have to hold open. The bigger the ass, the more you’d have to hold it open. (If you’ve eaten pussy from this position, you know how lovely it is to have her this way.)
What this position also does is it lets her dance.
If you have a woman who really knows how to work her middle; hard wine, slow wine, tick tock, don’t stop, cent, five cent, ten cent, DOLLA, then you know this is her time to shine… or shine on you.
Once you’ve opened the ass enough and managed to get your face in, let her do her damn thing. This is the moment when she should be doing her best stripper impression with her waist, hips and ass cheeks.
You might not be too fond of having your partner’s asshole so close to your face, but, really if your thinking like that, then you won’t be able to put your ALL into it.
When you eat meat, you don’t think about where it came from, how it was killed or the chemicals that go into it, you just eat it.
Same rule applies.

Don’t think about her ass in your face or the strange scent that doesn’t smell like pussy juice that covers your nose as you extend your tongue fully. All those types of thoughts should be thrown to the left to the left…
If you’re doing it right, you might find your neck starting to ache, especially if she’s enjoying the hell out of it. It’s hard to ignore a woman in any position who says something along the lines of “oh my God, you need to keep fucking me”, “oh yeah, right there…” or “you want me to fuck your face?” to which you should reply with a mouthful of “HELL YEAH!”
That is half the fun of being in this position: making her feel so good that she starts to move or speak or curse you out.
The best… ooooooooo… the best thing about this position is when she starts to ride ya face. I’m start to salivate just thinking about it… (might need to book some of that for the weekend)
Best is when you are stuck between a rock and a soft place. Your forced back, on your knees, into a wall or a bed… SOMETHING that stops you from going anywhere. And then, she GETS ya…
Oh yeah, she gets ya. And makes her pussy rub up and down ya face. Possibly puts her hands on her knees to get a good lean on. You don’t even have to move because of the grind that she’s putting on ya. All you have to do is keep your tongue out and let the pussy do the rest.
You can add some variations to it by adding a finger or three or licking just the clit (but be careful, reaching for the clit from the back isn’t easy and could cause some MAJOR neck pain come the morning… trust me I know…)

There’s something about facial abuse that really does it for me. I can’t explain what it is that turns me on about having a woman taking control of my face and using it for whatever she deems necessary. Maybe it’s the idea of giving up all the control of forcing and holding her in a position and letting her do what she wants that works.
It’s not only highly sexual but it should open your eyes to the depths of just how WILD your lady maybe. She might wanna just take it easy on you and only give you a slight push back with her ass, giving you something easy to eat. But then… she might be an animal in this position. She might’ve been WAITING for the day when you give her this opportunity to do her damn thing. And she does.
In fact she fucks you up.
She gets wild and loose.
SO wild that you try to control her by holding onto her hips but she shrugs you off with a “get the fuck off me” kinda moan.

Whichever you have in your face, it doesn’t matter…
As long as she looks like she’s dancing to a Sean Paul song naked with your face to rub on, she’s doing it right.
Whether YOU eat it right or not is another question.
I think she’ll let you know one way or another.
Either she’ll ride it out and make it better or she’ll ride it out and MAKE you make it better.

Who cares?

I don’t… I just love my face fucked. Bent over on and given the rough ride.
As I said, eating pussy in this position ain’t for everybody but you can really meet a DIFFERENT person when you allow her to do you like his. Or let her do you like this.

As I said at the start, I’m an addict.
I love the taste.
I can take the neck ache.
I can even gloss past the fact that you may smell a little bit of ass while your eating.
All because I love my face offended.
In fact I want some facial abuse from the back hand side right now…

Where’s my phone?

By Mr Oh


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