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What is a belt for?

What is a belt for?!

A belt, as we know it, is a fashion accessory used to hold up one’s trousers, skirt or generally anything worn below the waist. (Although women are wearing them to accentuate certain attributes these days.)

We generally know a belt as something that is used to hold clothes up, right?!
BUT, just as I mentioned the word belt and knowing the filth my mind comes up with, honestly, what did you immediately think of? I bet it wasn’t holding up clothes…
It was probably something along the lines of the belt folded in half… welded by someone who was about to swing in thru the air and slap it against bent over cheeks wasn’t it?
Maybe it was something a lil more inventive and toeing the line of rough play and assault.

There’s more than one way to wear a belt… and that’s FA REALLLL…
Oh yessur there is…
Sure it just seems like a piece of leather from one end to the other… but oh no no no… it is a world of interesting sexual possibilities, wrapped into a simple piece of fashion.
Believe me, a belt can be used to do all sorts of thangs.
And the beauty of it, is that it can be used during the who thang… foreplay, oral sex, ANY sexual position you can get into and maybe something a little kinky afterwards.

Find a belt… right now.
Any belt… and look at it, just for a few seconds.
Imagine the many ways you can take that belt or have someone take said belt and use it on you in a way that gets you quite excited.

Obviously, I would have to have said examples of what I’m talking about just so you see what I mean…

Belt loop 1 – the classic whip technique; folding the belt in half and using it to whip your partner or be whipped. Best when she is bent over doggystyle and grinding on HIM… a medium tap on the caboose, along with the words ‘You can fuck this dick better than that’ should make her work that LITTLE bit harder.

Belt loop 2 – this one is twofold because of the variation you can imply here. This is taking the belt, wrapping it round her waist, doggystyle again, wrapping the rest of the belt round a fist and riding her like she Black Beauty… and that was a WILD horse…

The 2nd fold of this is taking the belt, doggystyle AGAIN, and wrapping it round her neck, again wrapping the rest of the belt round a fist. A bit of asphyxiation can be a bit of a turn on… but don’t cum and pull on that thang too hard…

Belt loop 3 – put that pussy under arrest. Put her arms behind her back, wrap the belt around her wrists, tie it in a way she can’t reach. Now she’s under arrest. With her hands tied, roll her onto her stomach, part her thighs and… well, her noises should let you know if she likes it. A nicely dropped piece of filthy talk would go nicely with this one.

Belt loop 4 – eat her pussy a bit and take the belt with you. Eat it and ask her some questions at the same time. If she doesn’t give you the right answers, give her inner thigh a bit of a whip. She’ll either like it or answer you quicker. Either way is good for you.

Belt loop 5 – for the INVENTIVELY freaky type of person. Get a collection of belts… maybe three or four. Tie her up. Hands behind the back, tie her ankles, tie them together in some hog-tie fashion.
Make it a lil bit more freaky and put one across her mouth too.
Make sure her legs are back enough that you can find a position where her you can slip in, while looking her in the eyes.
Slightly sordid but then again, we can’t deny when our mojo says so, ya know?

There’s five notches on the belt that inspired this blog but there are many other ways to use a belt:
*Clit fiddler
*Whip her clit
*Something to bite when it feels SOOO good
*A lil added spice when the BDSM ting comes out

Etc, etc.

So the next time you wear a belt, think about the possibilities of what you could do or have to do to you with it.
A good strong leather one.
One that could leave a lil mark if you swung it right…


Mr Oh

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The Rapist Fantasy


My name is… well you know what my name is…
You know who I am.
You’ve told me what to do and how to do it so I don’t have to introduce myself.

I know my face looks familiar but, behind these eyes is someone different. And that’s what this blog is about.
It’s about him. Or the him you want me to be.
You want this ‘him’ to have my face and my body but you want ‘his’ actions to be those of someone a lot different than me.

You want me to be him every now and then, just to make it more interesting when you are being ‘taken’.
Now not EVERYONE wants this ‘him’ around due to things they have experienced in their own lives which have left a sour taste in their mouths.
But some of you do.

You want me to be your rapist.

It is your fantasy that you want me to be that guy who doesn’t ask you to have sex, you want me to be him that takes the sex from you. With a forearm across your neck and some foul language in your ear, you want me to fuck you by force.
There is something about the idea of being so totally out of your own control and being MADE to do this and THROWN into place to do that and damn near had dick rammed into you.
You can’t explain what it is about me in this mode because, by society’s norms and even prison hierarchies, a rapist is the lowest of the low.
But, on the other hand, not everyone’s libidos and mojos conforms to what society dictates. You could be one of those people who will watch a film like Derailed and be quite disgusted by the rape scene in the hotel room or the French film Irreversible with the rape scene in the underground walkway. But then you could be that person who watches those scenes and is intrigued at the same time.
You can’t explain it, there’s just something about having that control taken away that turns you on. There’s not something wrong with you. It’s just the way it is.

Now when it comes to the actual sex, you may want me to truly play the rapist role to the fullest. Barring any punching and kicking, you want it be as authentic as possible.
We may play the fantasy role… you leave the door open, I sneak in quietly, maybe pick up a knife from the kitchen as I go. Sneak into the bedroom, put all my weight on you and pin you down with a scarf around my face, run the cold steel of the knife up your body and tell you that I’m going to rape you and there’s nothing you can do about it.
You may want to try and fight me off, but that just adds to the fantasy.
Take my dick out while your struggling, force your thighs open, spit on my hand and force myself inside you., while looking at you, telling you that I’m raping you and you like it, no you LOVE it… you want me to do it more. And more and more and more…
Stab the knife into the bed next to your head and hold your head so you stare at it, making you feel like I may actually use it on you if you don’t do what I say.
Arrest your arms in such a way that you can’t fight me off, all you can do is take the dick that is being served to you.

Before anyone reads this and thinks I’m teaching people how to LITERALLY rape, as opposed to playing out the fantasy of a rape situation, please fix up ya thinking.
This is the kind of thing that two people enjoying sex and the numerous fantasies can play together. Some of you are playing with the rape fantasy just by enjoying really rough and tough sex.
Your level of roughness is where its at.
A spank here, some hair pulling there, some ram the dick deep into you over there, arm holding here, forearm around the neck there, etc, etc, etc.

For example, ladies if you’ve ever played the ‘fuck you, you can’t do shit to me’ game while he is fucking you, knowing that it’ll drive him crazy enough to start fucking you some rough kinda way? That’s experimenting cuz you WANT him to do some shit to you in a rough kinda way.

But…. and this is the important part… you cannot play out these fantasies without having discussed it with your partner first.
You, as the guy or girl, could, in the middle of a sex session, mention you wanna rape your partner, not knowing that, in the past they experienced a real life, non-fantasy experience that will pause your sexual cause and upset them in a way where they won’t necessarily wanna have sex anymore at that moment.
It’s the kind of thing you have to be sure that they will be down with, otherwise you could be creating a highly awkward situation for yourself and your partner.

But to those of you out there that like to experiment with a rape fantasy, you know just what I mean and you and your partner know just how good and BAD (but in a good way) it feels to be able to take it there.

And please don’t think that this type of fantasy is just about a man doing it to a woman… there are some men out there who would like to experience the fantasy of being raped by a woman. Due to the fact that its men who are seen as the aggressors in rape situations, its an interesting experience to have all your control taken away and you are forced to do what you are told to do.

Again, this is just about fantasy… this isn’t about going out and forcing yourself upon someone against their will, thus committing a crime.
That’s some arrest that bitch ass shit…

I’m talking about both parties knowing what’s going on and how its gonna happen…

How do you know if your partner is into that kinda thing?
You gotta find out.
Everyone is different so some people may like it if you whisper in their ear, “I’m gonna rape you”, some may like to engage in conversation first, some may like to discuss the ins and outs of a particular rape scene in a film.
Some may not like it at all…

Whatever it is, its all fantasy… a game… if you don’t like it, don’t do it…
But if you do, then get your experimenting ass on the bed and don’t move… cuz I’m about to do something to you.

By Mr Oh


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