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I am officially finished…


Ladies and gentlemen, I have officially finished writing Little Black Book volume 3.

If you’ve been with me from the beginning of this writing journey I’ve been on since 2011, you’ll know its been a lot but I’ve finally finished.

39 short stories
All London
Definitely sexy
Controversial in places
Questionable in others

But it’s what you should come to expect from moi and my interestingly creative mind.
Its been a lot to get through because I’ve wanted to make sure the stories are good enough to make it into the FINAL book as well as tie up some loose ends with certain characters (yes Marcus is back) and make sure the new faces I’m introducing are gonna blow your mind. Like The C.L.I.T.S – those ladies… just wait and see.

I’ve also tried some new styles of writing… not new to writing but new to me. For example, Talk To Me and it’s sister story Talk to Me Again… which are two stories about one phone conversation from his side and her side.
Or Power over the powerful,  which is one story with two possible endings and you the readee get to choose how it ends.
And of course, the last Tatiana Blue story, which is told completely by Miss Blue herself, called The heal of heels.

And there’s an interesting sequel to one of the most talked about stories in the entire Little Black Book series: Marcus and the Birthday.
So many people have asked me about that story or talked about what they would do in that situation (majority says they’d like a birthday like that-minority says call the police) but I won’t spoil it if you haven’t read it…

I mean, there’s Open up, Banana and Apple pie, Water, Hideaway, Fetish of the full figured, Strange moments at necessary times, Sniff the wet patch,  Did you cum, Intelligent people, Violence… and a whole host of other stories for your reading pleasure…

I just hope I’ve done the series justice. I’m editing the stories at the moment and I just want you to enjoy…
That was all I wanted to say.

I’ll be blogging a lot more… drop some info on The C.L.I.T.S and I think its time to talk about Tatiana Blue… who is now on Twitter by the way (@tatiana_bluey)

Anywhooo… gotta go… editing is awaiting…

Peace and lady finger grease…

Mr Oh

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