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Can I offer you some nakedness?

Now that I have your attention, I would like to cordially invite you…

Yes YOU…

To a photographic exhibition celebrating, praising, respecting and INSPECTING the beauty found in African and Caribbean women in the UK.

Set up by http://www.blackartnudes.co.uk the exhibtion is open from the 1st June – 24th June, with a private viewing held on the Tuesday 31st May at:
Gallery 1885
The Camera Club
16 Bowden street
Kennington, SE11 4DS

Trust me, I’ve worked with the people behind this project, in fact you’ll see their work in Little Black Book volume 2 and I can 100% say that this will be a sexy affair…

So, let’s be real… if you’re a GROWN up… you know a real grown ass person who enjoys looking at black women in all their shapes, shades and sizes and has an appreciation for the artistic things in life, then come on down.

I’ll be there…

Oh yeah…

Holla at @blackartnudesuk or me for more info if ya need it…

And I’ll see you there….

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Would you reveal who… for Little Black Book 2?

Would ya?

I mean like, WOULD ya?

That is really the question…

In an effort to give Little Black Book 2 a lil bit more than the first, I had an idea, which seems to be gathering speed quick, fast and in a hurry.

I’m including pictures in the book, to give the reader something to look at between the sheets of each story.
I did it in the first Little Black Book but I took the front cover, edited it in white and cut it in different sections, which I put between each story.

This time, I wanna do it a little different.

I’m working with four artists to produce visual imagery to slide between the stories and poems of Little Black Book 2.
Now two of these artists are photographers (the tall, beautiful @MolaxCho_Pa and the all;seeing @blackartnudesuk) and they are TOO damn good at what they do.
If you don’t believe me, check out their websites www.molaxproductions.com and www.blackartnudes.co.uk and tell me I’m lying…

These two visual masters are working with moi to create some images for the book but I wanna take pictures of NORMAL people. Normal women in their normal state, normal men just being.

Little Black Book 2 – like the first – is written about normal, every day people. The characters are written to reflect the multi-faceted emotional, yet higly sexual, side of black people in London today.

I don’t want models with model shapes in model poses, doing America’s Next Top Model tings.

I want Chantel from Brixton, the one with the beautiful shape, a little round in the stomach, one or two stretch marks and that FAT ass.
Lying on her bed in a pair of boy shorts and a vest sending a BBM message watching TV.

A man greasing himself up in the morning, strong arms rubbing himself down in front of a business suit hanging up.

THOSE types of images.

So, the question returns to YOU reader. Would you pose for a Little Black Book 2 page filler?
I can hear you thinking no… but what if you could do it in a way where your identity is hidden?
Would you think about it then?

Have you ever thought about taking a picture of yourself just because you’ve felt particlarly sexy this week?
Maybe not putting out on a scale of where I’m going to reach with Little Black Book 2 but, you know, take a lil snap.

God knows you’ve taken enough pictures of yourself and sent them to potential sex fellows so why not put your sexy (or handsome) ass out there for all to see?

YOU know how fine you are…

And don’t think this is only for the *Monique voice* skinny bitches… The thicker the better…


I’m palpatating…

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