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The pleasure of two


Have you ever had the pleasure of watching two women have sex?

It’s a simple question. One where you either say yes or no. There’s no middle ground answer with that question.
Have you ever watched the science and the beauty of watching two female forms pleasing each other?

If you haven’t then, really, you are truly letting one of the most amazing images ever created pass you by.
And I’ll tell you why.

Let’s start at the start.
Women are beautiful!
In all their shapes, hues, sizes, religions and sexual orientations.
Any time you get the chance to have sex with a woman, you sometimes take time out of licking labouredly at her labia to look up at her and just say, “damn you fine”. (That’s usually the moment when she either looks down at you like, “why’d you stop” or says fuck it, grabs your head and makes u eat her, thinking ‘who gave you permission to stop?’)
So, a woman, on her own is a beautiful thing.


Throw in the mixing bowl ANOTHER woman.
Another female form of different, yet equal sexiness. Sometimes more sexiness… (but you’d never say that outloud.)

She, whoever she is, has a look on her face that says that right now, she wants the woman in front of her.

So, now you have two women in front of you.
You can read lust on their faces, taste the anticipation of the first touch between them.
It’s like your watching live art as they get closer to each other.

I mean, HELLO…. It’s two naked women.
As women generally think, when a man ever introduces the idea of watchin two women, a threesome is on his mind.
And, not to say the ladies are wrong, but there’s something to be said for being able to just watch.
If your a people watcher, like most of us are, you enjoy watching, learning and figuring out about people from how they move, their little nuances.
Whether the women are regular at getting the womanly touch from another or first time bi-curious visitors, there will be something to read between them, just watching from the sidelines.
Take for example the absolute delicious movie of watching two women share a kiss.
Yeah its exciting to see and all that usual jazz.
But there’s the art of the moment.
Being able to watch and FEEL the sensuality of female lips caressing.
It’s delicious because you are fully aware of how nice it is to kiss a woman, so you kind of wish you could feel what its like for a woman to kiss a woman. Does that make sense?
I know what I mean in my head.
HER arms reaching up and caressing a face.
HER responding by losing her hands in the other her’s hair.
They get closer to each other, nipples of her becoming instantly erect as they enter the air space of the other her’s nipples.
Then you catch a glimpse as one her looks down, thinking of licking those nipples.
You can read it on her face.
You know that’s what’s running through her mind.
You know this because you are thinking you would do the same thing.

Suddenly, you lose all focus on what your seeing as you watch thighs touch.
It’s nothing really to watch thighs touch but its something though.
Before you know it, you imagine how those thighs are going to look in a few moments.
In the air.
Between a pair of thighs, grinding an orgasm.
Dripping with sweat, saliva and squirted orgasms.
Being nibbled, licked and trailed with adventurous fingers.
And this is all before any one has laid down or opened any thighs.

Then when THAT happens?
When you see one her slowly laying back on the bed, sofa, kitchen counter or hood of a car, you know that you are about to be mind blown with so much beauty, you may actually want to kill yourself.
Don’t though.
Besides the fact that suicide while watching two women have sex is a MAJOR mood killer, you’ll miss what’s to come.
And I mean cum.

You knew I meant cum.

Any person with an active imagination can just think of one woman making another woman cum and get slightly excited.

Right NOW…
Think of a woman…
Any woman in your life, who you think would enjoy a good clit licking.
Then think of her delicious friend being the licker.
If your on Twitter, think of two of your sexiest followers.
Not on some fake porn fantasy suttin. I mean really think about it.
Think about them laying somewhere you’ve been before to make it more real.
Put yourself there at that vital moment when an orgasm is taking the room in a mix of sex, sounds and sights.
When a woman’s ass is in the air and her face is buried deep between lips that slip and slide.
Hips are grinding.
Hair is being grabbed.
Thighs are being held.
Clit hood being slipped back to REAAAAAAALLY put that licking to work.
Moaners moaning.
Lickee making licker lick her just right.
Crescendo builds.

And then it happens.

Sure, it makes you think about being the provider of such a sound but, as you take yourself out of that thinking and return to your purveyors perch, you enjoy the fact that you just watched a woman make another woman cum.

You watched, and took notes on, her technique, her degree of sensuality added to her licking, whether she tongue fucked her or just stayed on her clit…
You want to be able to mirror such a feeling because you know a woman can make another woman cum in a different way if she had been having sex with a man.

And that’s where the sexy lies. Because its not a woman with a man. It’s a woman with a woman.

It probably sounds like me rattling off one of thousands of fantasies of mine but if you’ve ever had the pleasure of being in a threesome or just sitting back and watching a woman make another woman cum, you know what I mean.
I know its not everyone’s cup of tea.
Some women just like their dick the way they like their dicks. Hard, steady and attached to a man.
But some girls simply like girls!
And it’s the straight, possibly bi-curious women out there who I’m talking to.
They know who they are.
And they know what I’m talking about.
Yes you do you!

Maybe men have been fucking up in the bedroom for so long that women have turned to their own teammates.
Maybe sex with us has become so meeeeeh that women have said to themselves, “bet that thick woman for the Caribbean food shop would eat me juuuuust right!”
Maybe women are jus getting more experimental.

Who gives a tiny rats ass?!

All I know is, as a pervert, a purveyor, a moment catcher and people watcher, there is nothing more succulent, more fulfilling, more interesting and intriguing to witness, than watching two women have sex.

It’s not just about a porn fantasy, its about art.

By Mr Oh

Little Black Book – the trilogy – by Mr Oh

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Thank you for the blowjob

I was brushing my teeth yesterday and I got to the stage in the process where I had to brush my tongue. Now I know a lot of gross folk don’t clean their tongue and leave it all white and misty (ewww to you) but I was trained from early on that your teeth aren’t done unless your tongue is clean.

So I was cleaning my tongue and, having such a long tongue, it takes me a good few minutes to really get every part of it done. And as I was reaching for the reach depth of my tongue, I choked and gagged. Bent over the sink like a real little, coughing, spluttering, mouther watering bitch…

But then, as I was sweating from the gagging, I thought about women…
Women and blowjobs.

And the work they must have to do in order to prepare their throats for the onslaught they must ensure from men’s penises.

And it is for that reason that I am writing this blog…

Just a way to say thank you to ALL women in the world who are sucking dick, fighting past the gag reflex, feeling their stomach muscles clench but not coughing and spluttering in order to take the dick a little bit deeper.

As someone who gets nervous when my toothbrush goes a bit too deep down my throat, I have no idea how you take something the shape and size of a banana and fit it so snug.
I do say thanks though as the amount of mouth water that follows after a particularly deep throat is usually a good coating for a mouth/handjob (the sloppy one… you know the one…)

So thank you ladies… for opening your mouths and letting us fuck your faces.

Thanks for letting us hold the sides of your heads and riding ya jawline…

Thank you for making that bottom lip extra droopy so the dick slides sloppily on it

Tanks for looking in my eyes at that special moment

Thanks for letting me hold your hair in a ponytail and control proceedings

Thank you a thousand times over for twisting and turning your head to make it feel extra sensitive

Thank you for taking deep strokes and sticking your tongue out at the same time.

Thank you for the slurping sound

Thanks for taking instruction well and doing what your told

Thanks for making it wet (but you can always make it wetter)

Thank you for keeping your teeth well covered

Thank you for watching Lethal Lipps, Roxy Reynolds and Superhead videos and learning some technique

Thank YOU for feeling the need to take your bra off and massage the dick in between

Thank you for kissing my stomach on the way down.

Thanks for making those sounds that let me know that you need a dick in your mouth more than I need my dick in your mouth

Thank you forever for managing to get my dick so far into your throat that your lips reach my stomach (with no gag)

Thanks for managing to pull off a hot dog (A Hot Dog is when she draws his balls alongside his dick and then suck both the dick and the balls at the same time… try it… he’ll like it…)

Thanks a million for turning your head to the side and letting me fuck your cheek

Thank you for slopping so much that it drips into a puddle on the ground

Thank you for arching your back when you do it on all fours

Thank the ground you walk on for bending at the waist

Thanks for getting your hands all sloppy

Thanks for smiling at my dick then looking at it from the left and right

Thank you for making it so sloppy that I actually cannot watch

Thank you for pouting those big lips

Thank you for spitting on my dick ( its nasty but we like it)

I can’t thank you enough for taking it deep enough that it probes the back of your throat with a nice squelching sound

Oh sweet moses, thank you for that thing you do when you give that open mouthed kiss on just the tip

Thank you for sucking the dick and fingering yourself at the same time

Thank you for wanting to suck my dick before I even asked

I’d suck your toes and mumble ‘thank you’ for enjoying the taste of pre-cum

Thank you for NOT allowing any DRY, chaffing moments

I can’t believe I haven’t thanked you enough for sliding the dick between your breasts and sucking the head as it pops out the top

Thanks ladies… you really do put a beautiful spin on a bad day…

By Mr Oh

PS. Poem ah coming…

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