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I am officially finished…


Ladies and gentlemen, I have officially finished writing Little Black Book volume 3.

If you’ve been with me from the beginning of this writing journey I’ve been on since 2011, you’ll know its been a lot but I’ve finally finished.

39 short stories
All London
Definitely sexy
Controversial in places
Questionable in others

But it’s what you should come to expect from moi and my interestingly creative mind.
Its been a lot to get through because I’ve wanted to make sure the stories are good enough to make it into the FINAL book as well as tie up some loose ends with certain characters (yes Marcus is back) and make sure the new faces I’m introducing are gonna blow your mind. Like The C.L.I.T.S – those ladies… just wait and see.

I’ve also tried some new styles of writing… not new to writing but new to me. For example, Talk To Me and it’s sister story Talk to Me Again… which are two stories about one phone conversation from his side and her side.
Or Power over the powerful,  which is one story with two possible endings and you the readee get to choose how it ends.
And of course, the last Tatiana Blue story, which is told completely by Miss Blue herself, called The heal of heels.

And there’s an interesting sequel to one of the most talked about stories in the entire Little Black Book series: Marcus and the Birthday.
So many people have asked me about that story or talked about what they would do in that situation (majority says they’d like a birthday like that-minority says call the police) but I won’t spoil it if you haven’t read it…

I mean, there’s Open up, Banana and Apple pie, Water, Hideaway, Fetish of the full figured, Strange moments at necessary times, Sniff the wet patch,  Did you cum, Intelligent people, Violence… and a whole host of other stories for your reading pleasure…

I just hope I’ve done the series justice. I’m editing the stories at the moment and I just want you to enjoy…
That was all I wanted to say.

I’ll be blogging a lot more… drop some info on The C.L.I.T.S and I think its time to talk about Tatiana Blue… who is now on Twitter by the way (@tatiana_bluey)

Anywhooo… gotta go… editing is awaiting…

Peace and lady finger grease…

Mr Oh

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The Tatiana Blue interview

Who are you?

Tatiana Blue, the world’s greatest shoe thief extraordinaire and, not to blow my own horn but, sexy as fuck too. Dreadlock rocking, over 60, 000 pairs of shoes stolen, all round chick ya chick wants to lick… yeah that’s me!
Toot toot!

Where did you come from?

What am I, a fucking alien? I’m from Stratford, east London. Born and raised. Technically I’m a figment of Mr Oh’s imagination but I live in Stratford. I’d rather not say where exactly because, well, you never know when Interpol is scanning blogs again.

Why do you steal shoes?

If you wanna know go and ask that prick Marcus why I steal shoes. You know that fucking ass fucking, fuck face of a human piece of shit…
And woooooooooooosah…
Sorry ’bout that… guess he still makes me angry after all this time. Even after seeing him again, I still wanted to tie him down, pour dry ice on his skin then go over him with some sandpaper.
Okay, back to the question…. why do I steal shoes? Well why not. Why wouldn’t I? If I can do it and get away with it, why the fuck not?
Over 60, 000 pairs of shoes stolen and never been arrested once!
That’s why I steal shoes… because I can. And I’m fucking the best at it.

Who’s Marcus?

Heheheeee… Who’s Marcus? What a piss taking question. You see I just almost fucking flipped out and then you ask me about him again.
We all know who Marcus is. If you read the book, you know who he is. He’s a prick is who he fucking is. Grade A fuck muncher. From what I read in the book, he should be arrested too. What he did to that chick must’ve broken a law or two.
But ya know what, fuck Marcus.
If you’re reading this Marcus, fuck you forever until you die!
That’s who Marcus is!

Favourite shoe?

Next question… I’m not even gonna bother…

Why not get a real job?

Like what? Security manager… done that already. Tesco? Done it… Foot Locker… done it… office job… done it… I’m done doing it.
I get to wake up and it’s about nothing but shoes. All day everyday.
If I don’t wanna get up and fly to Paris to pick up a few pairs of Louboutins then I stay in bed smoking weed and watching Love and Hip Hop or Real Househusbands of Hollywood. Because I can.
If you’re wondering how I manage to sustain myself by stealing shoes, well let’s just say there are ways of selling those extra pairs I pick up.
You’re job may take you on the central line, DLR, maybe even a bus but mine takes me to Las Vegas, Indonesia, New York, Milan, Bulgaria, L.A.
I am literally internationally known… and I love it.
Because I’m seriously that good at what I do. Think of Colombiana, but thicker with dreadlocks and that’s me.

Don’t you feel guilty about stealing?

Should I?

Okay… erm… Don’t you get bored of stealing shoes?

Ask any woman if she gets bored of high heels and expect the ‘stupid question’ face looking right back at cha…

What does the future hold for a shoe thief?

More shoes more shoes more shoes… *stupid question face here*
I’ve found out recently that after I expressly told him not to write about me anymore, Mr Oh went and researched my very first job and the fucker decided to write about it. But he’s doing a good job so far. I’m definitely gonna “edit” it though. And then, after that, I’m going to get my Russell baby back.

Who’s Russell?

*stupid question face*
You know damn well who he is so don’t play dumb. He’s the sexy chocolate that changed my life.

What do you plan to do with all the shoes you’ve stolen?

Keep ’em. These are some stupid ass questions.

Where do you keep them all? Your shoes.

Two flats, four apartments and two houses. London, Belgium, Jamaica, New York, Manchester and just bought a new house in the Hamptons. Huge basement. Purrrrfect.

Where can people find you?

Well really if a thief is good enough then you won’t find ’em. But unfortunately because Mr Oh wanted to dry snitch on my life in a story called FootSoles and PantyHoes in his book, now I’m immortalized in some shit.
I’m smarter now though… but seriously no more writing about me.

I’ll see what I can do

No you’re gonna do as your told and not write about me any more, do you hear me?

Erm, there’s no way in hell your gonna come in my blog and start talking shit to…


You know me Mr Oh so you know the types of things I could do to you, especially as that tranquilizer dart starts to take effect.

Did you just… Zzzzzzzz…

Thanks for the interview Mr Oh… we’ll do this again sometime when your mouth and your attitude doesnt get you fucked up!


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Close your eyes

Go on do it
Listen to the room
As I watch you move
Your senses are mine
This is a new groove
For the music of your mind
I’m hoping somewhere there I’ll find
That space where you to rewind
Jodeci’s Freek n You
Caress upon your cheek
Burns a fire beneath your sheet
And I haven’t even started yet
Soon you WILL be wet
Either smile
Get set
Closed eye love is going down
Come close around your neck space
Pulse is quick
Single lick
Make you pull your happy face
Strong hands around your back bring us skin-to-skin
Electric sin
Staring at the shade of cinnamon
Sugar sweet seasoning
Take the time to taste you all
Scrape the plate and ting

Single kiss around your navel
Tongue telling you a fable
Your legs part on their own cuz I’m willing and I’m able
Your hands want me lower still
Your eye peeks, naughty girl
Spank ya round the back, just like that
Finger and clit dance a twirl
Keep ya eyes closed
Don’t break the rules
Be cool
Tricks are for kids
And I’m about to go to school
Pitch up a tent and spend a nite in the bare forest of you
Fall asleep, wake up and do the same thing again with my tongue still inside you
Lay you down real slow
Me and you all alone
Naked naughty zone
Hip grinding to a song
That I’m singing from below
Open your eyes
Look at my smile
Fresh with a coat of your liquid delight
Lined up to be nice
Your hands lead me inside
Foreplay feels right
Slow wine on time
And then…
“Oh no, I’m gonna come…”

Mr Oh


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Feel it in ya soul…

I am there
There is where I’m gonna be
With you and me
There will be no mystery
I’m an addict
And I love to please
So before you feel to leave
Or take away what I need
Let me do what I do to feed
Me and your legs will be at peace
Chase your libido for a release
And we keep working between the sheets
Still I want to eat
You in the morning
In the evening
Afternoon in the park
When the sun goes down before dark
From an orgasm I’m never far
I’m Indiana Jones when I whip that shit
I teach lesbians about head
Cuz I’d spend all day
Trying to do that to you quick
Or slow
You choose
But its completely my way
My show
Understand not you may
But I’ve decided already
I wanna make you come
Make you sigh
Make you forget about the world, bout your bills, bout your life
By the time I’m done you will be sleeping sweetly tonight
Do it for a reason
Unbeknownst to you
Wish I could say so
But that would mean that I knew
Hunger strikes
Your the meal
Your phone rings
Silent still
Just let me do what the fuck I want and no one gets hurt.
Cuz I feel it
Down deep
Where your pleasure sleeps
Your moans are my gold
Liquid release
So sweet
Do it different from the others who before me precedes
As long as you can feed me
In ya soul is where you feel me
Pleasing you is a necessity…
Call me Jamie Oh-liver
A quick horny recipe…

By Mr Oh

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Little Black Book Volume 2 – the unveiling…

Hello ladies and gentlemen…

My name is Mr Oh and I am the author of the Little Black Book Volume 2 which features the Blackrotica Collective…

If you’ve seen my blogs before you know what I can brang to the table…. But this time, I’m here to drop a little reminder of what it is I do and what’s been taking so DAMN long…

Firstly, Little Black Book Volume 2 is FINALLY (yes FINALLY) coming out in November.
There’s been a delay with the publishing, due to the publishers having a long list of books coming out before Christmas and I had to get in the queue…

But the queue is shorter now and it IS coming…

For those of you who don’t know about the Little Black Book series, lemme refresh ya memory…
Little Black Book is a trilogy of short stories set and based in London town, detailing the erotic goings on between the sheets of everyday Londoners.
They break down like this:

Little Black Book – the foreplay

Little Black Book Volume 2 – the very sloppy oral sex

Little Black Book Thrice – the rampant taking of the pussy

With each story original and NOT based on my own sex life (contrary to what some people think), the first Little Black Book came out last February and is available now via amazon and all good online retailers.

But Little Black Book Volume 2 is now due and it’s something like a phenomenon.
Not only am I bringing the same style and flavour of stories that made thighs wet, foreheads sweat and sex lives slightly more interesting, there’s MORE… MUCH more…

There’s MORE stories for you to get into, more writers for you to become fans of and, this is my favourite part, there’s IMAGES for you to look at.

IF you don’t know WHAT kind of pictures, lemme paint the picture…
I put out the opportunity for people to come to a hotel in Canary Wharf to take pictures to go with the stories in Little Black Book Volume 2 back in March. Over 10 women came down on the day and, well, this is a TASTE of what came out…

You like?!
If you wanna see more, you gotta wait till the book comes out… hehehe…

There are 14 stories and poems coming and I personally cannot wait for you guys to read it because there’s some MADNESS a coming…

There is:

1.The Meeting
2.Honouree’s Reward by Sista Love
3.Passion Play by Pashun Nate and Pass Ion
4.Do Me Right
5.Foot Soles and Panty Hoes
6.Marcus and the Truth
7.Now We’ve Met
8.Ladies Nite by Eboney Love, Mamacita and Ebonnie Karr
9.Office Tales
10.Escaping Temptation featuring Sista Love
11.Your Chair
12.Miles & Melissa
13.Phone Cradle
14.Destiny Creator

As you can see, there’s a number of new authors, writing under the group name of The BlackRotica Collective who are soon gonna be setting the erotica world on fiyah with their own shit…
Shout out to Sista Love, Pashun Nate, Pass Ion, Ebonnie Karr, Mamacita and Eboney Love…


The moment we’ve all been waiting for… the unveiling of the Little Black Book Volume 2 cover…

Lemme know what you think…

For those who wanna a lil more of a taste, here’s some snippets from some of the stories from Little Black Book Volume 2… Enjoy…

Foot Soles and PantyHoes
What’s a PH I hear you ask?
How rude of me not to formally introduce myself.
My name is Russell Reed and I’m an upskirt addict.
I love that shit.
I walk around with up to three hidden cameras and I film up women’s skirts. Nothing sexier than watching a woman’s ass and thighs when she walks. But from beneath her skirt. Oooh, I’m telling you, the thought is making me hard right now…

Office Tales
Dante turned and watched her holding her fingers to her nose.
She hummed to herself, not taking her eyes off him, then sat back in her chair, hitching her skirt up as she went.
She shuffled in her seat, fighting to get her panties off, still looking deep into his eyes.
“Come eat this,” Naomi said.
With reluctance still in his ether, Dante stepped out of his trousers and watched as Naomi pushed her chair back and spread her legs on her desk.
She pointed between her thighs and smiled at him, “come on then…”

Do Me Right
Burying his face in her shoulder, Leon’s hips became a blur as he began to pump himself faster and faster inside her. In between each thrust, Cassandra tried to talk to him but he wasn’t listening.
“Stop… stop… stop… it… no… way… not… fair… oh… yes… harder…”
“Keep telling me no,” Leon whispered in her ear.

Ladies Nite
Before I knew it I was against the wall in an empty upstairs room. He took his mask off and I saw his face for the first time.
Chiseled, strong, dark, mysterious and mystifying.
He slowly peeled my dress off and let it fall to the floor, never taking his eyes off me. He pulled me close to his chest, I caught the fragrance of his cologne, I breathed it in, tasted it then exhaled.

Phone Cradle
“Hi, it’s Samuel.”
“Samuel, my favourite saucer of milk. How are you?”
He smiled at the wonders of technology that made it possible for him to put his phone on hands-free while muting the TV. It was as if they were having a face-to-face conversation.
“I’m doing good. Missed you though.”
“Awww, did you? Well, mama’s here to take care of you now.”
“Why don’t you come and take care of me for real?”
“Samuel, look,” Sianne started. On screen, her smile turned semi-serious and she took the phone off hands-free. “You know that I can’t do that. It doesn’t matter how many times you ask.”
“And every time I do ask, your face tells me you’re at least thinking about it. So why not kill the curiosity and I’ll take care of the cat.”

Sorry I’ve kept you waiting, but the mental fuck will be worth it…

By Mr Oh

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Best four words in sex

Picture it:

It’s you.
You’re having sex.
Good sex.
No, not good sex… I mean GOOOD sex…
You know you’ve left a mark on that someone sex.
There should be juice mentally imprinted on their mind the way you have just put it down.
You are expecting your someone to forget their own name the way you just smacked it on em.
There should be a tap-out any minute now.
If you’re a woman, then you should be on your 6th or 7th orgasm by now.
Fellas, you should be squeezing ya sphincter like ya life depended on it. (Hold on strong dog.)
Giving it another two to three strokes of whatever their doing and you know what time will arrive.
Maybe you are preparing your stroke for this familiar road to travel, speeding up, slowing down, maybe even keeping still.
Ya partner may be moaning and groaning as they feel what time it is and then they decide to open their mouth and say one sentence that makes your mouth go O.

You could be working like a jackhammer in stubborn concrete, sweat dripping down your brow, creeping into ya eye corner, stinging like a mofo, but you flow on though… and then they say it. And you pause and look at them like, whuuuuuuuut?!
If you go the other way during cum time and prefer a slow grind, hard and deep, up close and sloppy sounding… it’s like a hard wine at a club and ya partner says this sentence to you and before you know it, that feeling is creeping down ya spine and it’s about to be spray on like popcorn.

Now, not everyone has had the luxury of hearing this sentence, these four words that have such an effect both physically and mentally during the moment of pulsating, freezing and teeth gritting. Unfortunately not everyone gets to meet and get down with those of us who thrive on being able to say it and watch how a face can change once it’s been said.
But, to those lucky lucky contestants who have been to that game show, you know what the prize is.

Still not figured it out yet?

Four words. Sometimes eight words.
Variations are welcome due to social standing, language barrier or pleasure content but it’s all the same.
Your suddenly feeling warm all over, the stroke is just right, it’s juice city… and then your partner says…

“Come on my face!”

You were close before but those words are like a fresh Duracell battery into the libido to speed things along.
Might not be a something to some people but, if you were thinking in your head, ‘I wonder if I can come on their face or in their mouth’ and, up to ya come point ya still not sure, then those words can be the golden fleece you need.

I guess I have to concede that not everyone is open to taking a shot in the face or in their mouth and … well… ok… I guess… we all like what we like and don’t like what we don’t like.

But, sweet juicy fruit in a glass, to those of you reading who have, once or thrice in ya life, told ya partner where you want them to finish, you know where those words came from.

It’s not like you wear a badge or a sign on ya forehead that says ‘I like it in my mouth’ but that’s also the beauty of it.
There are a lot of people out there who claim to be freaky but don’t deliver in that respect. And maybe that’s not a benchmark for what defines a freak but it sure ticks a box or two.

If you are lucky enough to have someone in your bed who regularly tells you it’s mouth filling time, then you know how it makes you feel inside when they say it.
Those words are MORE interesting when they are said from someone who you are ‘entertaining’ for the first, second or third time.
Definite tick box…
They’re not afraid to take it there.
And you are obviously willing to oblige.

I mean, when was the last time someone TOLD you to come in their mouth and you said, ‘nah, I’m not into that kinda thing.’

Come on son…
You KNOW she locked her fingers around his head and made sure her tap was right where his mouth would catch the waterfall.
In the reverse, if a man is getting the blowjob to beat all blowjobs and she takes his dick out to stop, look at him with the dreamy eyes that women like to unleash at that moment and say or ask, ‘You gonna come in my mouth?’
That guy is gonna hold the top of her head, bottom of her jaw and face fuck her.
And that’s fa trill… lol

To tell ya partner to come ANYWHERE on ya person is a turn-on in itself because they want to feel, not just the pleasure of the intecourse or oral pleasure, but they want to feel the result of all that pleasure.
Fellas, you ever come on a woman after quite a long session, so there’s a bit of build up and by the time you come, you come HAAARD! And when you come, possibly spraying higher than anticipated, when ya soldiers hit her skin, she moans just that little bit more.
Like the feeling of your come is a metaphorical, and literal, douse for her fire.

If this is all new to you, and really by now it shouldn’t be, then think about exploring. If the idea of someone coming anywhere above ya neckline freaks you out or makes you retch, suck it up.
It’s not like your losing any dignity or respect by stepping out of your normal comfort zone and looking like a chocolate canvas with white paint.
Or as if she has sprayed baby oil up and down ya neck, face and shoulders.

If the one you were doing is being done right, then it’s the ONLY way to end it.

Ladies, please don’t think that he believes you when you told him that the only reason you don’t him come in your mouth or on ya face is because ya scared to get it in your hair.


Gotta come better than that.

And sir, if you have ever been man enough to go down on her at any time then taking a long swallow should be nothing to you… and she really doesn’t understand why you never do.

To those who don’t, here’s a lil scenario, for both men and women, on lil ways to try…

SIRS: eat her out. Not like normal where she is on her back and you are laying between her thighs. That IS a good orgasm to take in the face but it’s not the premier way. That belongs to the well practiced, always offered, never failing, MAKE her sit on your face or ‘the chair’ as I like to call it.
Trust me, I will stake my entire writing career on the fact that a woman who likes to have her pussy eaten WILL come if you make her sit on your face.
Let her knees rest by ya head, arms under her so all she can see is eyes and a forehead.
Then look up at her… while your mouth does thangs…
She’ll look down at you, trying to read your eyes, then feel what you’re doing with ya tongue and pretty soon, her waist should be moving.
She should be leaning over you resting on the headboard or the wall.
Work this right and I promise you, she’ll be asking you, in a telling way, that she wants to come on your face.
Kinda like, “Can I come on your face? YEAH!!!??!?!”
Like there’s no option to say no.
Your eyes, and a quick, deep thrust of your tongue, should answer her right away.
She may get a bit rough around this point but let her.
The orgasm she’s about to have will make it all worth it.

LADIES: the best time to go for it is probably a blowjob. But not a foreplay blowjob. Oh no… You gotta get yours of course. I mean a blowjob that you throw in after about three or four position changes and a couple good orgasms. It is possible to go for the sex into the quick blowjob so you can catch him as he comes but you have to have that agility to get there in time.
So, go for the blow.
By this point, he shouldn’t be far off so you won’t have to work for long. If it ya first time, let him lay down and take position between his thighs. (I was gonna suggest the position where he lays you back against the headboard and face fucks you but that’s for the more experienced of come takers.)
Bless him with your genius. But keep an eye on him.
Watch his breathing, listen to him… does his moaning sound like its growing to a point? That could mean he’s either enjoying it or close to coming.
That is the best time to take the dick outta ya mouth, look at him while letting it slide between ya slippery fingers, then say, “Come in my mouth.”
I won’t need to say anything else because he will probably make your mouth the wet, slippery place he needs it to be in order to lay his soldiers to rest.

So there you go.

The best four words in sex…
A good tick box for a freak…
Less clean up too… just have a towel handy.


Mr Oh

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Mr Oh’s Little Black Book

With my very first Oh Week of blogging coming to an end, I firstly have to say thank you. To YOU!
Yes you!
Reading at home, at work, in public, in private, on your phone, on a print out or reading over someone’s shoulder, I have to thank you for coming along on this journey of random subjects made up on the spot in order to keep my mental muscles flexing.
Also, I hope I’ve managed to keep you entertained from Monday to Sunday. All your comments and RTs are greatly appreciated.

And this is the first of MANY Oh Weeks – next one… STORY TIME…

So for my last blog post of the week, I decided to go back to my whole reason for Oh Week… to highlight and promote myself as a writer and to also make you aware that all this writing is in order to make ya recognise that the Little Black Book trilogy is alive and kicking.

And will soon be continued with Little Black Book 2!

I always get asked, usually from church folk who’ve displayed heathen-like behaviour or feel guilty for liking something I’ve written, ‘why do you always have to write and talk about sex?’
‘Can’t you write about anything else?’

My first question is why would you ask that of an EROTIC writer?
Would you ask an R&B singer ‘why do you always sing love songs’?

I write about sex… that’s what I do… I’m an erotic writer… but it’s not ALL I do…

According to “the plan”, the Little Black Book trilogy is designed to get your attention, play with ya mind and make you PHYSICALLY able to feel it. (There’s no shame in being turned on when I hear people are turned on by my words.)
I made it a trilogy so you have more than one opportunity to catch on to what I’m doing and my ability as a storyteller.
The beauty of Little Black Book is that it visits different scenes of black sex in London that anyone anywhere can relate to. Sex is the same regardless of geography and anyone at anytime can read something and think to themselves, ‘yeah, that happened to me just yesterday’.
It’s not ALWAYS meant to be 100% accurate or realistic but that’s my creative licence. Just to write a story and have it’s background based in a London that people recognise and can imagine is what I love to do.

If I don’t get you interested with the first Little Black Book, and I somehow miss you with Little Black Book 2 then I’ll definitely have you by Little Black Book 3.

And once I’ve got you, I intend to KEEP you…

Because after the trilogy and one other Little Black surprise (I can’t WAIT for you to see that), I’m going back to my novel writing.
I say back because, if you didn’t know, that’s where I started. I’ve been writing for over 13 years and I’ve written two other novels under a different name (Who Is My Brother’s Keeper and Mind Blowing Decisions) so I’m dying to get my next novel finished and out.
And what I have in store for Who’s The Bitch Now? will further remind folks that there IS a black UK presence in the book market.
Just waiting for the right opportunity to show MORE folk.
Because, with no big headedness about it, I KNOW I write things that, if it was observed on a wider scale, people would LOVE it.

I mean, whether you hate or love Little Black Book, you at LEAST read it. You can still ask someone, ‘have you read Little Black Book? I didn’t really like it.’
But if the person hasn’t heard of it, then that’s spreading the word.

Though this may not be great for sales, I like that fact that Little Black Book is out there and people are slowly finding out more each day, but not EVERYONE knows.
My reasons are two-fold:
1)It means I have more work to do… and the way my mind works, I’ll come up with some creatively saucy way to reach ’em…
2)Because not everyone knows, it’s still like a little secret. Like you ask a friend, who you KNOW would like it, ‘have you read Little Black Book? No? Oh, okay.’

I’m an independent writer so there is no marketing department, no editing, no executive pulling strangs, no sales, no promotion, it’s just me.
So things like word of mouth, for me, are VITAL to spread the word…

Even though people like Eric Jerome Dickey (of who I’m a huge fan and even gave him a copy of my first novel) inspired me to get into writing (Cheaters did it for me), it is these SAME American authors who inspire me to keep going with what I’m doing.
For the LONGEST time, they have been coming over here, writing their LA stories, turning on our UK women, holding their attention on buses, trains and bedrooms all over London, stealing all the pleasure.


I know there are UK writers out there with the talent and the stories to start a whole new X-Press style revolution of black UK writing.
I mean, shit, it’s not like black people don’t read enough and have the capabilities to entertain their own folk.
And with Little Black Book 2, I’ve brought through a group of writers who have written some dripping stories and poems that show what is coming from the UK.

I may get happy and all girly excited when someone reads my blog or asks about what I do but that’s because for 13 years, I’ve written in my spare time, in the dark, at work, on phones, and managed to get where I am right now.
I’m truly humbled by the things I’ve been able to do as a result of being a writer but I feel like all that has led up to moments like this.
I’ve got something REAL special with Little Black Book 2.

“The plan” was always to do something different with each book in the trilogy and make it different from the one before. And what I’ve done is made it more than just stories about sex. If you’ve read the first Little Black Book then you know what I’m capable of but if you haven’t then I’m yet to touch you. And touching new people is ALWAYS fun, yes no?

In my heart and my soul, I’m a writer. I write to entertain. To make people smile. To take them out of their own world for 200+ pages and make them feel the words before them. To evoke emotion and create conversation. Possible masturbation.

The greatest honour for me as a writer is to hear that someone read something I wrote and FELT it. It drills home the power of words.
It makes me smile because I write so randomly, there’s no real pattern.
It just comes to me.


That’s me, that’s Oh Week (thank you for taking part) and this is Little Black Book 2…

When was the last time you had your eyes, minds and thighs opened at the same time?


So says Mr Oh (Making Repetitive Orgasms Hourly)

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