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Wax on, wax ‘OWWW that stings’

Picture this:

It’s hot, sweaty and sticky in between the sheets when you are holding yourself over your partner and you are looking at them and they are looking at you and it’s all real nice and sexy. Everything is great and lovely, he may be getting harder and she could be getting wetter and then suddenly, your partner decides to pick up a candle and drip drop a few strands of candle wax on ya.

Don’t be confused if your partner DOESN’T scream out ‘oh yes baby, gimme more’. In fact what you should expect them to do is to first suck air through their teeth as the wax hits ’em. Then, after that happens, you should expect a look from your partner that says, ‘what the fuck was that?’

And why not? You chose to spill hot boiling, turned into liquid, wax on another person’s skin. Of course they’re gonna be a little pissed at ya.

Unless they are into that kind of thing, which means they are expecting the pain and the sting and red-raw skin mark afterwards.

If you’ve seen Basic Instinct, or Body of Evidence, then you’ll remember the scene I’m talking about. It was a tie-up scene where the man had been tied to the bed, and she dripped the wax on him.

Not just some small, ikkle piece of wax, oh no…

My girl went and held that candle from far above his body and dripped it down his chest. That shit was landing, burning, stinging, then drying…

And to anyone who has ever accidentally burnt themelves on some candle wax, you know how long that sting lasts.

Not too long but long enough to let you know, ‘wax on finger’.

It burns like straight Courvoisier.

Candle wax is not a play toy in the bedroom. Well, it is, but it isn’t. I’ve witnessed some real accidents as a result of the candle being left on a side table that got knocked over and set the whole room on fire.

But, on the other side, I’ve seen some real sexy secretions as a result candle wax being spilled.

It can induce you into taking the sting, getting angry, then flipping your partner over and giving them a good seeing to in your angry state.

Wax still stuck to ya thigh.

It can go eitherway.

But that’s the thing about candle wax. It’s meant to be something that you introduce but not do for like a whole session.

I mean, a whole sex session of just spilling candle wax on each other?

That’s just crazy talk.

It’s more about the idea of candle wax than the candle wax itself that puts people off. When you spill the substance, upon first contact, you know what has fallen on you.

It burns…

It’s hot…

You feel temporary pain

Your body comes alive with a feeling that somewhere specific is enduring pain.

But take that same feeling, be lying on your partner and that same sensation is changed into something different.

Whether your expecting it or not expecting it, that heat will do one of two things. It will wake you up like you’ve been sleeping, kick your ass with the sting, form a red patch on ya skin (depending on ya shade) and make you say something like, “Fuck me, I don’t wanna play this game anymore!”


You could grimace, you could screw up your face, you could suck in air through your teeth and call out loud for the LAWD… then ask for another.

Maybe you like to watch the wax splatter onto your skin.

Personally, I like to watch the wax dry, cool and harden.

That’s real ‘lions, tigers, bears, oh my……’

Anyone who has ever played with candle wax knows how it feels when it touches you. You feel alive, you feel real, you feel… like all those other cliches of good feelings that make you feel like, at that exact moment, you are living.

That might be a bit too deep all for some candle wax but, someone out there knows what I mean. Ah ha… it’s the Jigsasw feeling…

Coming out the other side of something.

(Just with less pig heads, drugging, kidnapping, etc.

When a woman drops wax on a man’s chest or any part of his body for that matter, he feels it. He feels every part of it. There is not one part of his body that does not feel the pain that is currently ripping through his chestal cavity.

But, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t like it. As we’ve already covered in blogs before, pain can be pleasure. It can hurt and feel OH SO good at the same time.

It’s not everyone’s splash of sauce on the top lip but hey, not everyone likes everything.

Some people like to get fucked with feet (yeah they do it with the toes), some people like to have people spit on em, some people like to break into people’s houses and have sex in their beds (eeeeewww, imagine coming home from a long day and you just wanna lie down and, oooh, what’s that wet patch on your bed?)

But we just have to be open to the idea that there are many other ways to be turned on and maybe be open to exploring them.

Candlewax is more a tool for foreplay.

It is preferred by the more avant garde of sexers who may possibly own a whip, some porn industry-standard lube and an entire DVD case of films dedicated to Kitten and Vanessa Blue.

Might be into a bit of S&M and are never afraid to take it there when it needs to be taken there.

It’s is one of the more dangerous things to play with in the bedroom, you know with all the fire and shit, but that is part of the appeal.

It’s HOT to know that, any minute, one of you could drop the candle and start a fire.

To think about it, the idea of skin burning and human suffering isn’t a real libido lifter but, if you’ve ever played with a candle, you know what I mean.

If you’ve played with a candle and been tied to a bed at the same time, you definitely know what I’m talking about…

To stare at the flame

Watch it dance as you breathe

Wonder as it gets closer to you

You feel the heat

Stare at the flicker as it’s leaned

You watch the wax get close to the edge of the candle

It’s about to…

About to…

Drop drip

One drip licks…

Stings like a bitch

But you like that shit

It hurt but maybe, just a little, you enjoyed it

Look into your partner’s eyes as you ask for another hit

You freak you…

By Mr Oh

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Is that a bruise?

Or have you just drawn blood?

In all its glory.

A beautiful thang.

Rough sex.
With the right amount of anger is a joy forever.

We see fireworks and angels singing and all that shit… but, sometimes, its not about the rocket taking off or the flower opening.
Sometimes, its just about the roughness of getting into position or being restrained when you want to move. 
Or, if your into that kinda thing, maybe have a little wrestle…

Whether a simple arm lock or a full on figure four leg lock pon shoulder, rough sex is THE SHIT…


As with most sexual practices, not everyone likes a headboard banger between the sheets. Some prefer strictly love making style. (And that blog is to cum…)
And if you are one of those people then more power to ya… but this is for those who like to mix it up or are prolific in the art of roughing it up a big bit.

It’s not rocket science really. But don’t get being rough confused with rushing. Some out there are thinking their ‘quick-strip-no-slickness-fast-into-the-wetness’ style is a representation of rough sex.
It’s true. Sad, but true.

Rough sex is the ability to let go of what you know is right and wrong. I know that sounds like some Morpheus type’a lyric but, think about it.
In a particularly rough moment, you may wanna be called a ‘dirty fucker whose face needs to be fucked’.
Doesn’t make you a sexual deviant, just means you may like your face used as an instrument for another’s orgasm.
We’ve all been there…

Call me a pussy licking chocolate something if you want to, you know it spurs you on to work that little bit harder.
It’s like the nastier and rougher you and your partner are able to get, the more you want… it.
That moment.
The dick in your hand. The nipple in your mouth. The finger making circles on your clit that you have to have inside you. Blowjob with your hands in her hair that feels JUST right. When you have to have the dick inside you like five seconds ago.

A good indicator of how to find out if your bed friend likes a bit of rough and tumble is all in the hands, arms and thighs.
You know it, you’ve felt it, you might remember it right now.

Let’s go thru the three of the body parts, which are also good places to nibble during a good heavy breathing session…

Anyway, back to the three…


So, you, SIR, are on top and your grinding like the pussy was an independent mixtape and you feel her hands reach for your face. That is OBVIOUSLY against the rules and what happens? She has to be restrained.
Hold her hands down and look down at her, with her hands pinned down, and let her know that THAT is not acceptable.
If her face turns into a frown of genuine annoyance, you may have to let go.


And I always like this but…

If she still tries to reach for you, after you’ve restrained her, then your well within your rights to rough it up some.


Connected to the hands but they have the ability to complete a series of holds and grips that may also need to be restrained.
Ladies… if your giving your man what you KNOW is your Grade A swallowship head, and, out of nowhere, he reaches for the back of your head to give it to him a little bit deeper.
If you’re doing your thang, then you don’t need no damn help.
And what happens? Has to be restrained.

Hold his hands down and show him that you don’t need no help.
If he struggles, you know what you have to do.
Hit him with the deepthroat, then lock his hands down.
Shut him the fuck up….


If you haven’t found out if your partner likes it a little bit ‘throw aroundy’, then the thighs will definitely tells ya.
This one is for the fellas as usually, when your licking her creamy centre and your doing it and doing it and doing it well, you may notice her thighs starting to squeeze your head.
Hold them bad boys back and open.
The more she struggles, the better. That means she may not be adverse to being strapped.
Watch the thighs though. If you don’t hold those bad boys down, they’ll clamp and lock round your head.
That’s when some real rough stuff begins.

*side note* If her thighs are that strong, and she’s locked you in and you feel like your about to tap out, try standing up.
With her legs wrapped, she’ll end up in a position that’ll make her think twice about trying that shit again.

Rough sex comes in many forms and favours and people, myself included, sometimes crave to be… manhandled… or woman-handled.

Oh, the best time to get in some throw you down, rip it off, its going in sex is fresh from an argument. Or in the middle of one.

The anger is still in the air.
Your still breathing heavily.
Their looking at you like its about to be a fist fight.
Your both SEETHING…
Then he pushes you against the wall and kisses you in a WAY that just makes you weak.
But you don’t wanna give it to him, so you fight back.
He sees your fighting spirit and it spurs him on.
Your hands are pinned to the wall and all you can do is submit.
But, again, you won’t make it easy for him will you?
Hell no.

But, you just want him to take it. And curse you out while he’s doing it.

Come on now, we’ve all had a mark or two on our bodies that were made as a result of a bite, grab, nibble or suck during a particularly delicious moment when you ‘chose’ not to follow instruction.
But you look at that bruise with pride.
It’s not just a mark.
It’s a memory.
An opportunity to remember when you were held down and made to take it, all while sitting at work daydreaming.

We all take pleasure from different things when it comes to sex and a little roughness is a very good way to test your own limitations.
How willing are you to ‘go there’ and rip clothes, cause heavy bruising and or make ya partner look at you with an angry, yet horny, grin.

Get some rough sex this Christmas…

Fight ya for it though…

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