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Music ‘in between the sheets’

I LOVE music…

No… I freaking LOOOOOOOVE music…

If its possible to be born singing and nodding my head then I did that. Playing air guitar on my umbilical cord.
From my earliest memory, there has been music in my life.
I’ve grown up as a music fiend. A fiend I tells ya…

Music, to me, is a lot more than a release, its a… I don’t even know.
Music is the soundtrack to my every mood.
I have music everywhere. For everything.

Walking down the road tunes, shower tunes, washing plates tunes, gym tunes, tunes everywhere.

I’m old school when it comes to mines though.
Fuck what ya heard, I’m old school to my heart.
Old school music is what I grew up with.
My dad used to like, and still rocks, that Jim Reeves sound but he was deep into his soul. James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Earth, Wind and Fire, etc.
He also had a thing for Waziri, which has made me grow up with a constant guitar sound buzzing in my ear.

My mum preferred her Naija sound… Sunny Ade, Fela, Shina Peters, etc.
It was my two older sisters who brought me in and up on certain sounds.
Michael Jackson, Prince, George Clinton, Marvin Gaye, The Stylistics, etc.

Now, as a grown ass man, my musical taste has grown too. I don’t just listen to music, I HEAR it. That’s the same argument as Billy Hoe and Sidney Dean in White Men Can’t Jump.
“YOU cannot heat Jimi Hendrix, you LISTEN…”

I take my music very seriously. When I hear a song that I like, I take it apart.
Let’s take Michael Jackson’s Lady In My Life as an example.
First it goes on repeat.
Then I look or listen to the song, HARD.

Then I get busy.

I analyse, break it down, sing lyrics, memorize, learn, adapt adlibs and before you know it, I’ll have that song in my brain.

As a writer and professional shower singer, music helps relax my mind. Like, as your reading this, I’m listening to Jill Scott’s Crown Royal and I can picture a scene with this song playing in the background.

This is what I see when I hear that song.

Dim lights.
One man, one woman.
She is lying down and he is watching her masturbate.
And he has been instructed to watch her, but he’s finding it hard…
Real hard.

There’s something about Jill Scott’s voice that really makes me wanna wrap myself in clingfilm…


When it comes to music and ‘bedtime’ (and I don’t mean sleep) you need to know your shit. Don’t think you can throw Jagged Edge’s Let’s Get Married on a CD and think your gonna get some skins. (Tune though.)

Personal preference differs but I am a live or die neo soul fiend so my sex music leans towards Musiq than R Kelly, Kindred than Jagged Edge, India.arie than Mary…
And old school? Boooy, I don’t fuck around when it comes to my old school.
Being an 80s baby and a 90s teen, I was able to grow up and watch music change and become a whole lot more sexualised.
Back in my house as a child, if my mum heard me singing ‘dont mess with my tutu’ I’d get a slap. But songs like I Wanna Sex You Up, were tunes, but, for me, too much sex in the music kills the… joy of it…
Slightly ironic considering I write about orgasms and fluid swapping all day but I like to hear about the almost moments. Songs like Luther’s If This World Were Mine, Prince’s Adore, Tevin Campbell’s Can We Talk and Marvin Gaye’s You Sure Love To Ball are a few tunes that put me in a devilish mood. I may look evil, but its pure pleasure I’m thinking.

Certain songs like MJ’s Lady In My Life do something extra special when the lights go out. It’s something about the way he sung that song that brings the real lover out of me…
That songs inspires caressing, succulent trails and spanking tails…
Verse, chorus, verse, chorus, adlibs and then… BAM… it happens.

What has to be the sexiest moment in music…

Mike’s just singing his sexy thang… singing a melody or two and even throws in a whoooooo for good measure.
In the background, the music builds up so quietly with his adlibs you don’t really notice it until the song reaches 3.43 and Mike breaks it DOWN with a simple OOOOOOH…

The music seems to just stop.

Then his voice just brings it back…


When your in bed, and that song comes on, you best know its about to be the GOOD part of the sex. This is where you break it down, keep the body your working bubbling, slow and methodical with every caress…
Whoever your pleasing should be FEELING the words of the song in your touch.
Or if your really doing your job, they won’t even HEAR that music is even playing. Knowhatimsayin?

Music in between the sheets isn’t something you just do any old way.
If you have a sex playlist on your computer, or phone if you’re a travelling fucker, you took care to choose the right songs that you like that you felt would get the best results between a pair of thighs.

Some people choose their sex songs based on the artist, the song, the sound or a whole heap of other reasons but there was something in that song that made you say to yourself, ‘I think I could fuck to this.’

And you did.

So, what song does it for you? What one song has been on your sex tape since the first time you heard it?

What song is YOUR sex song?



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