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Don’t ask, just TAKE!

It’s the kind of thing you see in the movies…

We’ve been watching them since Casablanca, Grease, Saturday Night Fever and all them old time films where people are one minute standing across from each other then the next there are clothes on the floor, sounds of passion and quick snap shots of orgasms.
Then before you know it, there’s a cut scene and two people are laying next to each other happy and probably smoking.

I’m talking about the art of being taken.

Not just something women like as men like to be taken too.
Do you even know what I mean by the art of being taken?

For different people it means different things but in this respect, I’m talking about the art of just coming up to the one you love (or the one you’re currently fucking) and just… ‘taking’ them.
There are many ways to ‘take’ someone but in today’s age of sex being just about the intercourse and nothing else, it’s like the art of taking is dying out.
Of course it’s still alive in us creative lovers who know what we’re doing and how we’re doing it at all times but there are a lot of men AND women who don’t know how to take their partner.
They don’t know how to just walk up to them and just… do something that says “you know what time it is assume the position”.
There are good ways to do it and bad ways to do it.

Taking your partner in a good way will have your partner looking at you like “what the FUCK was that” as they remove their OWN clothes because they know what time it is.

A bad way to take your partner will have them pushing you off them and looking at you like “what the HELL do you think you’re doing” and then no-one is getting anything but pissed off looks and stuttering explanations.

A good way to take your partner will have them melting in your arms, holding their breath because you’ve taken them by surprise, exhaling heavily, tingling all over and engaging in what I like to call the hungry kiss.
You ever had a hungry kiss?
Ya know… that kiss when it sounds like two starving people chewing on one piece of meat… and no one is willing to give the meat up.
Yeah… THAT kiss.

I mean, really, think about it, when was the last time you were taken? You may have been taken and you didn’t even realise it.

Back in the days of films like Casablanca, all it would take would be for them Humphrey Bogart dudes to walk up to a woman, slide a hand around her waist and kiss her in a way that said everything without saying it.
And, really, you can’t knock the old school ways of doing things because there is something sexy about taking a woman in that way.

For example…
Let’s say Rupert is on his way to see Ingrid. He gets to the door and knocks… TAP TAP TAP…
He stands there a waiting and a waiting…
She opens the door… he sees her, she sees him… no words are said.
Next thing you know, Rupert shortens the space between them in one step, slides on hand on the small of her back and kisses her before any words are spoken. Before she can breathe, before she can even think about what she wants to say to him, before she can truly take a full look at him.
Their lips are together, all the anticipation of the moment is brought together in a kiss and it sounds like throwing a piece of chicken in the middle of a hood concert and watching people fight over it.
You know that sound when Homer is eating?
When you take someone the right way, that’s what the kiss should sound like.

To take someone is not just about taking your partner by surprise… it’s about knowing what they like, knowing how to make them feel right and having the confidence to deliver it how it needs to be delivered.

Some people out there like to be held romantically…

Some like to be held by the throat and slammed against a wall…

Some like to be wrestled and ‘contained’ before they are taken…

Some like to be set in a mood before being taken…

Some like some slick shit to be said before being taken…

Some like some D’Angelo or Jill Scott played before the take…

It’s a ‘to each their own’ kinda thing but if you’ve ever taken someone before and had yourself taken then you know what I’m talking about.

It is more than just holding someone or touching someone or kissing someone, its a combination of all of them.

To take someone, you have to have a lil’ bit of knowledge about them to know how they wanna be taken.
No point trying to take someone with some rough behaviour up against a wall when, in the last few years, they have had a situation with someone trying to FORCE themselves on them on some real negative shit….
That would create a cold situation real quickly… so do your research on your taking subject.

Like I say in most of my blogs, if you do it right the response from your partner should be positive, sure and you should be saying to yourself, “damn, that Mr Oh knows what he’s talking about”.

Do it wrong and you’ll probably be saying, “that Mr Oh chats a lot of shit”.

But for the people out there who KNOW what it means to be taken, or enjoy taking their partners, you know what I’m talking about and the benefits that come with such a simple pleasure.

Don’t just try to slip your partner the dick, take ’em.

By Mr Oh

PS. 1 more blog to 100 within a year… WHOOO HOOOOOO!!!


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Ever played ‘Tell Me When’?

Do you play games during sex?
Not like hide and go seek, rock, paper, scissors or kiss chase (though all three games can be played during sex if you slip it in right).
There is space and time for a lot of things during sex and games can sometimes be a fun addition to the session.

Out there, in between thighs and hiding behind libidos are two games that people play all the time. Sometimes they’re played knowingly, with rules and goals involved. Other times, they’re played unknowingly where the only way you know your playing a game is when eyes meet or a regular slap continues in the same place at roundabout the same time.
The games I’m bringing to ya libidos are personal creations of mine, though I imagine you may know them as something else completely different but the names are mine. (Copyright©)

I IMPLORE you to play these game as the results you get from it can only be known as mind blowing, thigh cramping, heart beating, liquid licking up business that will make a stomach shake with anticipation and make ya partner’s mouth open wide but no words come out.
It’s something I try to play every time I have a pussy in my mouth (my way of enjoying the game) but there are numerous ways to play it.
It’s not necessarily about what you use to play the games… because that is well and truly irrelevant. You could use a toilet brush and get the same results. (Though I wouldn’t use that. She won’t thank you for it and neither will he… )
Prison flashback…. ANYWHOOO…

The first game is called Tell Me When and here’s how you play…

As I said before, you may play it as a game with another name but the intention is still the same. The idea of Tell Me When is that you give control to the person you are… doing. How do you do that?

Here’s how you do that…
Let’s say you’re a man… and you have her on all fours like a dog stretching its front legs. So that ass is high and looking fly in the air. You look at the from the left and right, trying to formulate how your gonna tackle it… but you do…
The game works well and best with a partner that you have already put some work in on. So, let’s say you’re an hour into a number of position changes and she ends up with her body flattened to the bed with her ass up.
Slip in as you slip in and make sure you build a BRILLIANT rhythm that has her reaching for things just so she can grips the shit out of it. Or she’s throwing pillows off the bed in a pissed off way like, ‘why the fuck are these things here, getting in my way?’
From here, this is a good time to play the game.
When she’s wet, heavy breathing, making noises like a mix of Lethal Lipps and Italia Blue (I love her sound) then that is when you strike…
And strike hard and sudden.

To start the game, all you have to do is stop moving.
Stop pumping, stop flowing and giving her the dick that will soon make her arrive like DHL and pull out damn near to the tip.
Plain and simple… stop moving… and withdraw.
But only come out as far as you can without flopping out of her… you’re gonna need to be ready for a quick re-entry.
When you’ve done that, and her moaning stops and her moving waist stops and she turns around to look at you like, ‘why the fuck did you stop?’ – that’s when you look at her and say three simple words… “TELL ME WHEN.”
What you’re doing is giving her the control of her fuck and, more importantly, her orgasm. When she ‘tells you when’, that’s when you drive in, fast or slow, into that pussy that was ANTICIPATING your next move.
Because that sudden stop shit you just did probably annoyed her but her pussy walls were OVER-anticipating the next stroke and still buzzing.
Try it… bet you the first stroke you throw in there will make her back arch and she’ll moan a sweet moan.
The power of Tell Me When is that the receiver is getting what they want, when they want it, hopefully at the consistency that they want it. It should be like getting a vibrator worked inside you that is controlled by someone else but just the way you like.
By the time you play a few rounds of Tell Me When once or twice, she may be so close to an orgasm, she may think ‘fuck this tell me when shit’ and pound ya till she comes.
That’s a sign that you played a good game.

Ladies, this one’s for you…
Get on top of him… sit up as you do it so your arms are straight and down on his chest. This should give you the leverage to lift yaself up and down on him, letting the slippery sensation of you slide all over his dick.
Make sure you got that dude’s toe curling with good feeling and head thrashing with ‘sheeeet, I can’t hold this shit off’. That’s the best time; when your hips are rolling and he’s looking like he’s getting punched up by Deebo.
Then you stop… maybe lift off him… not so that the dick falls out but just enough that your lips are holding him straight up. Then look at him and ask him… Tell Me When…
He may probably try and grab ya hips and force the dick into you… but NUH UHHH booo booo… he’s gotta take it!
It may take one round of the game to get him INTO it but he’ll definitely like it.
As I said before, there are a number of positions this game can be played in… you just have to find a position where you can gain control of ya partner so you can make them feel real good in it then STOP!
And look at them in the eyes when they look at you – and they will look at you -and say in a strong ass voice… TELL ME WHEN!
They may not be sure at first what you’re doing but by the time you slide the dick in or slide down the dick, they’ll know fo’ sho’!
OoOoOoOoOoOoOoOo… and play it during oral sex…
Fellas, if you have the chance to slide a tongue in enough that she starts fucking your face… stop her suddenly. Then look up between her thighs and tell her, Tell Me When.
If she tries to quickly grab the back of your head, you know she’s almost there or she was really enjoying it… eitherway, she needs to play the game.
Ladies, if you get between his thighs are have a chance to get the dick in your mouth, work it for a while then stop just as your getting to your sloppy peak. Then look him in the eyes… with the dick still in ya mouth and then say, Tell Me When.
If you’re not sure if it will work, the only way is to try it.
You don’t have to say I told you. You can easily claim it as your own… just make sure your partner doesn’t read me blogs…

(If anyone plays Tell Me When, email me at misterohyes@googlemail.com and let me know if it worked for you as it does for me…)

BY Mr Oh



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