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Sex song for the sexy

There is no way in hell that you do not know this song.
If you are a fan of soul music, R&B or neo-soul then you know this song.
You taste it when you hear it.
You picture just how naked the artist must’ve been to write and record it (that’s private time thinking).
Any time you hear it, a sexual situation of your past comes back to you and you relive the last time you heard it.
I don’t know about you but it makes me freak the fuck out.
I wanna start taking off my clothes.
Pull her closer than close.

Splash on a splash and kiss on a kiss.
This song is the shit.

Nearly half as sexy as the artist herself.
Now this woman is top of my list… this is the pinnacle of a sultry, magically beautiful, soulfully talented, thick piece of a woman that I would lick the foot soles of after a 20-mile marathon.
I’ve been a fan of hers since the very first single (in fact I heard her before her first album licked so I feel like she’s MY artist).
She is exactly what an artist is…
Her style, even the way she looks, makes ya wanna fly to Philly and wrestle her to the ground, in a good way.

I’m talking about the wonderful Jill Scott.

And I’m talking about her totally delicious, 1.49 seconds of pure saccharine bliss of sound called Crown Royal On Ice.

Yeah….. you know the one…

I know you do… You’ve probably just thought about the song in your head and you’ve just gone, ‘hmmmmmmm, oh YEAH’.

You may know the song from the sex mixtape you keep just for your special occasions or you bought Jill’s third album and you had the same response to the song that I had when you first heard it.
You froze.
You turned it up.
She started singing and you had to rewind it.
Then you listened to the lyrics.
And you realised, “oh shit, Jill’s getting SAUCY with it”.
Then it finished and you thought, “where’s the rest of the tune?”

Even though there’s another aspect of the song on the same album, it only takes one play of that song to do the damage.

From the first line of the song, you know it’s going to be an emotional situation by the time you get to the end of it…
Funny to think that in writing this blog, I’ve realised that the song is about ONE simple position, yet Jill makes it sound like she’s singing about everything love, sex and emotion.

“Your hands on my hips pull me right back to you”

Talk about create a visual… from the first line, you can already paint a picture of what time it is. Although she could still be talking about a number of thangs, like dancing, it’s the next line that confirms TRULY what time it is…

“I catch that thrust give it right back to you,”

Okay, this is when Jill takes you off the fence and throws you face first into some audio pussy. I’ve never tasted audio pussy before until the second line of this song. Talk about a way to make ya mind picture some shit and the best thing about this line is that there’s more to come.

“You’re in so deep I’m breathing for you”

At this point, I had never heard Jill Scott say something so simple and yet so damn motherfucking amazing. I mean, where else could you be if your “in so deep” that she’s breathing for you. I mean, think about it… a man being inside you so deep that its as if she’s breathing for you? You don’t have to breath, you don’t have to speak… it’s like if you think about saying something it’ll come out of her mouth. That’s depth like when you have to move some ass cheeks and wiggle in just a little to get in deeper.

“You grab my braids arch my back high for you”

AWWWWWWW MAAAAAAAAANNNNNN… pull some freaking hair, stare at the arch pocket that forms in her back (if your loving Jill then I imagine that arch pocket is looking real sexy). That’s verging on some rough sex, she’s looking back at you, looking really sexy, telling you how to do it in a voice that makes you wanna run roughshot over her…

“Your diesel engine,I’m squirting mad oil ah”

There’s no explanation of anything needed for this line. He is the diesel engine and she is squirting mad oil. I don’t care what anyone says, I’m a lover of squirting oil, especially when there is no control over it. OoOoOoOooo… squirt that shit…

“Down on the floor til my speaker starts to boil”

If you aren’t making love or rough ramping with someone by this point in the song, then your game is not tight in anyway, shape or form.
If you’ve started on the bed, take it to the floor. Not like, stopping then saying, ‘let’s get on the floor’ but that kinda thang where you are getting so damn rampant that you end up on the floor and someone has carpet burns and after several orgasms, you look up and say, ‘hey, how did we end up down here?’

“I flip s**t, quick slip, hip dip and I’m twisted”

Now this is where simple, descriptive word play can be used to arouse and really give you that delicious thought of ‘imagine if she did this in front of me’. I mean imagine if your in the middle of a position change and she does that thing where she flips over real quick, slips you in even quicker and then dips her hips so you slide in a DIFFERENT way. Delicious ain’t it?

“In your hands and your lips and your tongue tricks”

These are the tools you should be bringing to EVERY table, every time, every night, without fail…

“And you’re so thick and you’re so thick and you’re so”

If you hear a woman saying anything like this then you know you have her in the place where you want her. Any time a woman says something like, ‘oh my GOD you feel so good’, ‘that’s some BIG dick’, ‘that dick feels GOOD’, a man will feel REAL DANGEROUS in himself. It’s like a feeling where you feel so good, you want to literally explode. When a woman says things like that, she KNOWS she’s stroking the ego of a man but it sounds so good, especially when she means it.

“Crown Royal on ice”

Whatever your drink, whatever you taste that makes you shiver because it tastes so good, whatever you swallow, you know what it does to you.
It warms you up, it thrills you hen it goes down, you lean with it and you rock with it. The drink is so sexy, you feel different just holding it in a glass.

And then, the sexy TCILF (Thick Chick I’d Like to Fuck) sings it again, verse and chorus, just in case you missed it.
And she does it with some extra ad-libs on top, which give the words an added aspect of sex.

If you’ve ever seduced or had sex with Jill Scott playing and she is singing that song, you get an extra piece of vida loca in your mojo and you should be getting SEXIER with it…
Because your not only feeling it, you’re doing it…
You’re feeling it.
You ARE it.

Try this: Stand in front of your partner naked… about 10 feet away from each other. Look at ya partner. Then play that song. Look at how sexy ya partner becomes, how the room temperature seems to increase, how an element of sex fills the room and its on before the song even finishes.

Whatever your sex song is, play it, move to it, grind pon it, thrust during certain parts of the song and sing when ya partner comes.
Then don’t let em rest… just do it again…

Make her feel like Crown Royal on ice…

By Mr Oh


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