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100 posts and cumming…

So, here we are…

Another blog post… but not just ANY blog post…
This is my 100th blog post…
The BIG one double zero…

SO for such a monumental post, I thought I would just say hello and thanks to all the readers and commentators and subscribers of Mr Oh’s Little Black Musings.
It was this time last year that I was told that I should create a blog because I seem to have a lot to say on the subject… the subject being sex.

And in the last year, I’ve written 99 blog posts (but a bitch ain’t one hit me) on sex from grey pussy hair to the ins and outs (no pun intended) of pussy eating to the right kind of song to listen to when you’re fucking to the orgasms that make you kick your partner off the bed.
And the funniest thing is that those topics are only the tip of the iceberg of what I’ve written.
This blog hasn’t meant to be a ‘how-to’ guide of sex nor is it supposed to be a man bashing blog, telling dudes the best way to get their partners to have good orgasms (but I have addressed a few direct issues).
I’ve written all my blog posts from the view of someone who just LIKES sex. In every sense of the word LIKE.
Okay, I LOVEEEEEEE sex… but, not like a hungry man who’s just trying to get as much sex as possible. I love the ART of sex.

If you don’t know about the art of sex then you, my friend, are slacking on your macking and you may need to read over a blog or two to see what I mean.
The art of sex can be found in the little things we take for granted during those Isley Brothers moments (*sings* in between the sheets….)
I mean, take for example, kissing.
For some people, kissing is just something you do just before you try and grab a breast or try slip a finger beneath the panty elastic.
But the beauty of kissing and the art of it, like, the way a hand sliding up and down a face can make someone feel completely different and heighten a situation or the way you can suck a bottom lip (or borrom lip) that can make a woman sigh in a ‘well GOOD GAWD DAMN’.
(And if you’re wondering why I refer to the kissing aspect as men trying it is because women GENERALLY appreciate kissing more than men do.)

From the day I started the blog, I just wanted to write about sex in a way that I wouldn’t be able to write about in my books ( that’s Little Black Book by Mr Oh via Amazon and all good online retailers – FYI)

There’s tons of stories that I could write about sex but there are also hundreds upon thousands of subjects about sex that I could blog about. And that’s what’s made this blog so much fun.
One thing I really enjoy doing is offering my blog subjects out to people… just to see what people want to read but more importantly, what subjects people wanna know about.
I’m no expert… hell no…
*Clay Davis voice* sheeeeeeeeeet….

We all have bad days where we come quicker than we thought we would. I’m just a normal dude with a penis and two testicles.
Like most people, I’m a watcher.
You know what I mean? When I’m out, I like to watch people and see what they do and how they do it, sometimes make stories up about where they could be going or what they could be going to do.
Sex is the same.
You may find me with my eyes open at particular times but that’s because I just like to watch and see… and witness things that you may miss when you close your eyes.
As you can tell from my blog, I’m an avid, excited and sing it from the rooftops pussy eater who just LOVES to get down with the get down (no head push necessary).

You’ll probably find me down there before any kisses have been exchanged. Call me nasty, call me a bowcat, call me a carpet muncher… in fact call me dem tings… if that’s what people need to feel comfortable about themselves and what they do between the sheets then go right ahead.
See, with pussy eating, when men spend all their time cursing us eaters, they aren’t thinking about the actual idea of pleasing their partner, which is what its all about. They spend all the time thinking about the actual taste of pussy, the feel of having a pussy in your mouth or the idea of being beneath a woman in that way.
Not really thinking of how good she’ll feel or the power of orgasm she could possibly endure or the possible repercussions that could result from giving a woman the tongue action she deserves.
Let’s just say, if you give a woman that good head, she’ll hit you with a good plan B to go with her plan J…
Slop, mess an all that goodness…

But that’s just me though.

This blog was just meant to be a simple venting of my apparently overly sexual way of thinking and things that I felt needed to be said about sex because, as I said, I LOVE sex.

In today’s society where sex is becoming more and more cheap and looked at as a goal to reach or a prize to win, its folk like myself who are trying to keep the beauty of the act alive and kicking for the GROWN FOLK out there who enjoy it the same way I do.

This blog is:

For the people who like to take their time and watch the dick going in and coming out misty and creamy.

For the people who liked to be looked in the eye while they give head.

For the people who like to be slammed against a wall and have their hands held above their heads.

For the freaks who KNOW of their own freaky status and are PROUD of it.

For the animals out there who love to give head almost as much, if not more, than they like to receive.

For the saucy ones out there who like the taste of someone else smeared across their face.

For the downright deplorable mofos who like to use their tongue to flick it on someone’s ass.

For the freaks who know they are freaks without having to use it as a line to TRY and get someone to sleep with them.

For the free spirits who three and foursome it up…

My blog is for you.
Not gonna lie, I was thinking about stopping at 100 posts but in my mind and my libido, I feel like there’s quite a few subjects I’m yet to cover so I’m just gonna go on and on and on…

So, again, thank you for reading it, thank you for offering subjects for me to write about and thank you for your comments, subscriptions, your retweets, your sentence jacking and all round appreciation for what I do…

Here’s an Ohmage taken from my new book Little Black Book Volume 2 that is coming out real real REAL REALLLLLL soon…
Nuff love to ya…

(Really, look at the ROTATION on that caboose… wait until Little Black Book Volume 2 comes out… oOoOoOoOoOoOoOoOo chillllle)

Peace and hair grease…

Mr Oh

P.S. – Little Black Book Volume 2 is coming soon.

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Thank you for the blowjob

I was brushing my teeth yesterday and I got to the stage in the process where I had to brush my tongue. Now I know a lot of gross folk don’t clean their tongue and leave it all white and misty (ewww to you) but I was trained from early on that your teeth aren’t done unless your tongue is clean.

So I was cleaning my tongue and, having such a long tongue, it takes me a good few minutes to really get every part of it done. And as I was reaching for the reach depth of my tongue, I choked and gagged. Bent over the sink like a real little, coughing, spluttering, mouther watering bitch…

But then, as I was sweating from the gagging, I thought about women…
Women and blowjobs.

And the work they must have to do in order to prepare their throats for the onslaught they must ensure from men’s penises.

And it is for that reason that I am writing this blog…

Just a way to say thank you to ALL women in the world who are sucking dick, fighting past the gag reflex, feeling their stomach muscles clench but not coughing and spluttering in order to take the dick a little bit deeper.

As someone who gets nervous when my toothbrush goes a bit too deep down my throat, I have no idea how you take something the shape and size of a banana and fit it so snug.
I do say thanks though as the amount of mouth water that follows after a particularly deep throat is usually a good coating for a mouth/handjob (the sloppy one… you know the one…)

So thank you ladies… for opening your mouths and letting us fuck your faces.

Thanks for letting us hold the sides of your heads and riding ya jawline…

Thank you for making that bottom lip extra droopy so the dick slides sloppily on it

Tanks for looking in my eyes at that special moment

Thanks for letting me hold your hair in a ponytail and control proceedings

Thank you a thousand times over for twisting and turning your head to make it feel extra sensitive

Thank you for taking deep strokes and sticking your tongue out at the same time.

Thank you for the slurping sound

Thanks for taking instruction well and doing what your told

Thanks for making it wet (but you can always make it wetter)

Thank you for keeping your teeth well covered

Thank you for watching Lethal Lipps, Roxy Reynolds and Superhead videos and learning some technique

Thank YOU for feeling the need to take your bra off and massage the dick in between

Thank you for kissing my stomach on the way down.

Thanks for making those sounds that let me know that you need a dick in your mouth more than I need my dick in your mouth

Thank you forever for managing to get my dick so far into your throat that your lips reach my stomach (with no gag)

Thanks for managing to pull off a hot dog (A Hot Dog is when she draws his balls alongside his dick and then suck both the dick and the balls at the same time… try it… he’ll like it…)

Thanks a million for turning your head to the side and letting me fuck your cheek

Thank you for slopping so much that it drips into a puddle on the ground

Thank you for arching your back when you do it on all fours

Thank the ground you walk on for bending at the waist

Thanks for getting your hands all sloppy

Thanks for smiling at my dick then looking at it from the left and right

Thank you for making it so sloppy that I actually cannot watch

Thank you for pouting those big lips

Thank you for spitting on my dick ( its nasty but we like it)

I can’t thank you enough for taking it deep enough that it probes the back of your throat with a nice squelching sound

Oh sweet moses, thank you for that thing you do when you give that open mouthed kiss on just the tip

Thank you for sucking the dick and fingering yourself at the same time

Thank you for wanting to suck my dick before I even asked

I’d suck your toes and mumble ‘thank you’ for enjoying the taste of pre-cum

Thank you for NOT allowing any DRY, chaffing moments

I can’t believe I haven’t thanked you enough for sliding the dick between your breasts and sucking the head as it pops out the top

Thanks ladies… you really do put a beautiful spin on a bad day…

By Mr Oh

PS. Poem ah coming…

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