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Just touch me

Sensuality is not dead…
Neither is romance.

It hides sometimes, but it’s always there.

You find it in the smallest of places and the simplest of motions. Between two people in love, you see them all the time, that is if the love is still keeping both people inspired enough to keep these type of connections.
Some people are synonymous for it and there are plenty of people out there in relationships who are not getting any of it and, in the end, their relationship suffers because of it.
When we were youngsters coming up, it was all we used WANT to do, before sex became an issue… and when I say issue, I mean, before sex became the THING to do.
Even today, a small amount of it can say more than words ever will.
I love it love it love it… did I say love it?!
I LOVE it…

I’m talking about touching…

Touching… something so simple, so easy, so taken for granted but the message in a touch can answer a question you hadn’t even asked out loud.
Human contact from one person to another is sometimes the sexiest thing in the world.
Think back to the first time when you had the opportunity to touch or kiss someone for the first time. The moment when your hand brushed past another, the sweet moment when you are about to kiss someone and you stroke their face and they respond by leaning into your touch.

With all the intimacy involved in sex, little things like simple human contact get overlooked.
Ladies, how many times have you been in a situation where you and your partner feel the heat in the room and, before anything happens, he is all lips and hands. His hands clawing up and down, fighting to get things off, lips up and down ya neck and face, no finesse about it… there’s seems to be just a means to an end. Getting rocks off.
But the small finger stroking moments of before you kiss and ya fingers brush hair from her face, that second when you put your hand in the small of her back and pull her close to you, that sexy sexy moment when she is in her or your bedroom and she is dancing in her underwear and you feel the need to slide up behind her ever so smoothly and run your hands around her waist, across her stomach and up her body to her neck.

As I said before, contact can say a lot of things without words being necessary.
How many times have you ever been with someone and tried to, say, hold their hand, only to find their fingers limp and their hand generally unresponsive to your touch?
Where words are sometimes hard to deliver, a touch can say what you can’t.
You’ve been there, say, during an argument and you are both sitting next to each other but you don’t want them to touch you so you keep your hands, legs and everything else far away from them. Because your soul doesn’t want any contact with them.

Touch is simplicity in itself.
Here’s some examples of what I’m talking about cuz I just love it:

Watching ya partner sitting next to you lost in something and you just clear their hair out of their face.

Walking down the road and your hand brushes past their hand and you suddenly lock fingers and hold hands.

The moment before a kiss and you stroke a thumb across her cheek.

Sitting down watching TV and you swing her legs onto your lap. Not to play with her feet (which some men AND women find weird) but to just stroke her legs.

Running a solo finger down the spine of she when she is laying next to you.

The moment when you are both watching something on TV and she lays her head on your chest and you brush her forehead with your lips (perfect for us big lipped lovers).

Ever played the game where you’re dancing and neither of you are allowed to touch each other? (Perfect for hood dancing, if you know what I mean – back to front.)

The delicious moment when she feels the need to run her fingers down the back of your head and neck.

When she takes her thumb and forefinger and massages ya earlobes.

When ya lady has a pudge on her stomach and her belly button just looks like a beautiful place to circle ya fingers… (don’t be tempted to put your finger IN her belly button, just circle it…)

Now some people don’t like intimate touching like this… it gets on their nerves… they want more defined, intentional contact. They don’t want that softly softly stroking shit, they want fingers to go where YOU are intending them to go.

I dunno how it feels for you but, for me, certain simple touches make me feel lovely, make me feel wanted, loved… somewhat needed.
Someone enjoys me so much that they have to just stroke or touch me…
We all like what we like but I like to be touched.

I like to be held, stroked, rubbed, massaged, felt, caressed and held.

Don’t know about you… It makes me feel alive…

By Mr Oh

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Touch ya toes plant ya nose

My name is Mr Oh and I’m an addict.
I know I’m an addict and I don’t see me kicking it anytime soon.
As my words stand in front of you, I feel the addiction coursing through the veins of my dick, making me aroused beyond a stage of human control.
I’ve attempted to seek help for this problem but no matter how many therapy sessions I attend, I still leave seeking to appease my sneaking thirst.

And I’ve now come to the point where I have realised that no amount of therapy, conversation, intervention or relocation will solve or douse the flames of how hungry I am for this addictive practice.

If you’ve read my blog before then you already know half of this addiction but the rest of it is unknown, which is why I feel to share.

My name is Mr Oh and I am a head addict. (IF you’ve read my tweets or previous blogs, then this is not news.)
I am a head addict of epic proportions. If there’s a head addict out there who’s more of an addict than me, I’d say you were lying.
I’m an addict that likes to put his whole FACE into the pussy. Like WHOLE face… nose too.
Those types of whole face moves where you slide ya entire face up and down and manage to get juice on the tip of ya forehead to the underside of ya chin. That is the what the 90s would call the “BOMB DIGGY”.
But that’s not the only addiction I suffer from.
It’s a particular way of eating a pussy that I am addicted to and need help with.
Obviously the lady in my life has NO complaints because I’m already down on the ground, face up, tongue out before she even has to ask.
But that’s another story.

My addiction is, plain and simple, about being face fucked.
Particularly having a woman bent over with the opportunity to put ya face DEEP between her cheeks…
I can’t even explain how right everything is with the world when a waist is grinding on my face in such a move.
This position should inspire the carnival dancer in her to wake up and put in a stellar Notting Hill performance. What that means, for you green folk, is a woman’s hips should get BIZZZZZZZAYY on the face behind it. Think of any reggae video you’ve ever seen where a woman is getting that MAJOR LEGAUE HARD WINE on. Now imagine that same woman bent over to the front and working a face between her cheeks.
And that’s where I am. Addictionville.

You may understand it, you may not… if you DON’T then you best stop reading now and switch to a blog about shoes and food, but if you DO understand, then read on because I’m about to get INTO it… no pun intended…

Head isn’t for everyone is it?
Not everyone is good at it. Some women out there like to make their men LEARN that they can’t just be shit at head and think she’ll say, ‘oh don’t worry about it, let’s do something else.’
Oh no no no… you gotta make em learn…
That’s my attitude…


And this is the perfect position to learn em.
This position leans into the submissive pussy eater territory but that’s all gravy…
There are different variations of how to do and enjoy this, but the Dirty South dance is my favourite.


If you’ve never done this type of thing before then allow me to take you to head school.
Now fellas, and ladies who like ladies, you’re gonna have to give up a high level of control in this position. It’s not about you controlling her, it’s more about her controlling you.
There are many ways to find yourself in this position and how you do it is up to you. I prefer to already be down there before I’m asked. Something sexy about being there all ready and salivating, so that when she turns around and realises, ‘hey, why are you on your knees?’ it won’t take long for her to fix her ass in your face.
Now, depending on how much ass she has, depends on how much ass your gonna have to hold open. The bigger the ass, the more you’d have to hold it open. (If you’ve eaten pussy from this position, you know how lovely it is to have her this way.)
What this position also does is it lets her dance.
If you have a woman who really knows how to work her middle; hard wine, slow wine, tick tock, don’t stop, cent, five cent, ten cent, DOLLA, then you know this is her time to shine… or shine on you.
Once you’ve opened the ass enough and managed to get your face in, let her do her damn thing. This is the moment when she should be doing her best stripper impression with her waist, hips and ass cheeks.
You might not be too fond of having your partner’s asshole so close to your face, but, really if your thinking like that, then you won’t be able to put your ALL into it.
When you eat meat, you don’t think about where it came from, how it was killed or the chemicals that go into it, you just eat it.
Same rule applies.

Don’t think about her ass in your face or the strange scent that doesn’t smell like pussy juice that covers your nose as you extend your tongue fully. All those types of thoughts should be thrown to the left to the left…
If you’re doing it right, you might find your neck starting to ache, especially if she’s enjoying the hell out of it. It’s hard to ignore a woman in any position who says something along the lines of “oh my God, you need to keep fucking me”, “oh yeah, right there…” or “you want me to fuck your face?” to which you should reply with a mouthful of “HELL YEAH!”
That is half the fun of being in this position: making her feel so good that she starts to move or speak or curse you out.
The best… ooooooooo… the best thing about this position is when she starts to ride ya face. I’m start to salivate just thinking about it… (might need to book some of that for the weekend)
Best is when you are stuck between a rock and a soft place. Your forced back, on your knees, into a wall or a bed… SOMETHING that stops you from going anywhere. And then, she GETS ya…
Oh yeah, she gets ya. And makes her pussy rub up and down ya face. Possibly puts her hands on her knees to get a good lean on. You don’t even have to move because of the grind that she’s putting on ya. All you have to do is keep your tongue out and let the pussy do the rest.
You can add some variations to it by adding a finger or three or licking just the clit (but be careful, reaching for the clit from the back isn’t easy and could cause some MAJOR neck pain come the morning… trust me I know…)

There’s something about facial abuse that really does it for me. I can’t explain what it is that turns me on about having a woman taking control of my face and using it for whatever she deems necessary. Maybe it’s the idea of giving up all the control of forcing and holding her in a position and letting her do what she wants that works.
It’s not only highly sexual but it should open your eyes to the depths of just how WILD your lady maybe. She might wanna just take it easy on you and only give you a slight push back with her ass, giving you something easy to eat. But then… she might be an animal in this position. She might’ve been WAITING for the day when you give her this opportunity to do her damn thing. And she does.
In fact she fucks you up.
She gets wild and loose.
SO wild that you try to control her by holding onto her hips but she shrugs you off with a “get the fuck off me” kinda moan.

Whichever you have in your face, it doesn’t matter…
As long as she looks like she’s dancing to a Sean Paul song naked with your face to rub on, she’s doing it right.
Whether YOU eat it right or not is another question.
I think she’ll let you know one way or another.
Either she’ll ride it out and make it better or she’ll ride it out and MAKE you make it better.

Who cares?

I don’t… I just love my face fucked. Bent over on and given the rough ride.
As I said, eating pussy in this position ain’t for everybody but you can really meet a DIFFERENT person when you allow her to do you like his. Or let her do you like this.

As I said at the start, I’m an addict.
I love the taste.
I can take the neck ache.
I can even gloss past the fact that you may smell a little bit of ass while your eating.
All because I love my face offended.
In fact I want some facial abuse from the back hand side right now…

Where’s my phone?

By Mr Oh


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I love that spot

I don’t know what to call this.
Some would say it’s a dedication, some would say it’s a moment of appreciation, some would say I’m just being my usual perverted self, but whatever you wanna call this, enjoy it.

Because I do.
I just love to sometimes kneel down and look at it face-to-skin. Sometimes I like to run my tongue over it and enjoy the curve I know is coming. Marvel at it with my eyes open, feel it with my eyes closed. Maybe go in with my hands as well. Who knows. The possibilities are endless.
And that’s why I love this piece of human real estate.
You can find this beautiful piece of land behind every woman who has herself with a nicely shapely behind(or if she doesn’t have an ass, it’s not as sexy).
And she has a nice little spot that curves from her back to her ass.
You know the one.
That spot you rest your hand so you’re not touching her ass, but you can get a nice gauge on its size just from that spot.
I can’t explain how that’s possible but men who have a lady in their life who has quite a caboose attached to her rear knows about that spot.
Maybe your not recognising it because I’m talking about it in a sexy, romantic slide your hand onto it while you kiss sort of way. If I called it ‘that diamond spot that forms on her back when your hitting it doggystyle and holding her cheeks at the same time’ spot, maybe that would make more sense.

It’s nothing but skin. Really.
It’s not like it comes with toys on the front like nipples or a treasure trove of mystery like the lady garden.
It’s just… skin.
But there is just something so damn sexy about it.
Usually a spot where you’ll find something tattooed, this spot is a BEAUTIFUL tool in the art of seduction.
OH, don’t think I’m playing…
If you think I’m playing then you have a LOT to learn.
If done correctly, a smooth hand on the small of a woman’s back can create a hold ya breath moment for her and, if your kissing her just right, you’ve got yourself a beautiful thang.
Simple things like running your hand up and down a woman’s back can heighten a moment when she wants to feel like she’s being taken care of by a MAN… strong hands and all.
Obviously, you don’t grab the woman up like your trying to pull her spine out but strong hands up and down her back, up into her neck, maybe into her hair, you pull it a little bit, she sighs, her neck is exposed… take it… like it’s calling… let your other hand wander down her back…
Down. To. That. Spot!

And pull her close.
I don’t know about you and I can’t explain why I like it but… it’s just a dandy place to touch.
Intimate… in a way…

Definately intimate when she is bent over and her ass is in the air and he has his hands above your bouncing behind, holding onto that spot for dear life. (If you’re playing the pull-out game, it’s also a nice spot to shoot on, but you already know that… that’s IF she can’t drop down, flip around and open wide.)
If she has her back to you, it’s at the bottom of the curve of her back… just in case.
Really, it doesn’t matter which end you get to put your hands or tongue on this spot, but if it’s been something you’ve just glossed over in the past, take note.
Play with it. You don’t have to admit you read it and used it.
That’s fine. Go ‘head!
Trust me, it’s one of those little things that you combine with a nice touch, a gentle kiss and the sweetest eye connection.
How about I give you an example…

In he walks. There she is.
Standing there.
She looks at him. Her eyes reading him, hoping he’ll do what she is thinking in her head.
Just take her.
Whisk her off her feet. Make her feel like there is nothing else in the world but them in the moment.
He is staring at her. Naked.
Admiring her beauty.
Slowly, he moves towards her, watching her anticipate his next move.
Their eyes locked, speaking.
Having and enjoying the moment in their minds before they’ve even touched.
He licks his lips. She feels her nipples harden.
She licks her lips. He watches them glisten the closer he gets.
His lips are inches from hers.
They can feel the warmth of their bodies radiating against each other.
Her hands reach either side of his head and lock around his neck.
His hands slide onto her cheeks, looking into her eyes.
They both close their eyes.
The anticipation of their lips meeting is electric.
She sucks in a deep breath, taking in the essence of him as he sucks her bottom lip.
His left hand slides onto her neck, across her hairline while his other hand travels down her shoulders.
He let’s his fingers loose down her spine…
Slowly slipping down… into that spot.
Just above her ass.
A nice, strong place to pull her closer in.

There’s no frills and spills to this spot. It’s just skin.
But it’s more than that.
It’s like the feeling of an intention.
I COULD touch your ass, which is lovely and splendid and grabalicious, but I don’t want to.
I wanna touch… JUST above it.
I like that spot.

By Mr Oh

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Touch my intimacy please


OoOoOoOooooooh yeah…

Now we’re talking… this is one of my favourite subjects in the world of sex.
It’s the warmest one too.

Intimacy is an every day thing. If you can get it.
It fills the moments when your not bumping uglies with ya partner… or ya partner of right now.
There’s less fun talking about it and more fun getting it into your system. And when you have someone who loves and is well practiced in the art of being intimate, you, the receiver, should have nothing but fluffy clouds and sweet sounding neo-soul instrumentals floating about your environment because it feels THAT good to ya soul.
That’s IF you’re getting it right.

Someone reading this right now thinks intimacy is just related to getting naked and getting your hands and fingers wrapped around something or slipped INTO something. Or even coming.
To me, that’s not the basis of intimacy.
Your hands, your eyes and your intentions ARE.

You see, to be intimate with someone doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to take your clothes off. Rookies think this but, as the seasoned lover that you are, you have knowledge of and have experienced different types of intimacy, be it in a restaurant, a concert, at home, playing a game together, having a conversation, etc.
The intimacy I’m referring to is about reflecting on and appreciating the little things that we do for each other for arousal, not just wham, bam, don’t shoot it in my hair ma’am.
Let me paint a picture and stroke on some intimate moments with some characters from Little Black Book Volume 2.

“Laying next to each other fully dressed and tired, Russell and Tatiana stared at each other, listening to each other breathe. Their eyes dropped to each other’s lips, waiting for the other to reach out for the kiss but neither did.
With their fingers interlocked, Russell stroked three loose dreadlocks from her face so he could see her sultry smile.
With her free hand, she stroked the side of his high-cheekbone face. Taking in his contours and valleys, slipping her index finger across his lips and into his dimples.
Hooking her hair behind her ears, Russell spread his fingers across her neck and pulled her towards him. He licked his lips as she did the same and their first kiss registered in both their libidos.
The kiss was as soft as their lips, filled with boiling passion and calm all at the same time.
She sighed in the kiss as he did the same with his hands cupping her face. ”

Something as simple as being close to someone, clothed or not, can be intimate. Dinner in a small restaurant can be intimate, a concert in a small venue where the artist is standing right in front of you can be intimate.
Intimate is about being close.

Closer than close… (*SINGS* closer than you ever can imagine us…)

It’s funny to think that a lot of people out there today are fucking but are not being intimate. Can that even happen?
Yeah it can.

Like, after you’ve come (ladies, I pray you’re coming) you feel like you’ve just been at work. No frills, no spills, just bang, buss then bed time.
Like you’ve been asked to do a favour that you didn’t want to do but you were obligated to.
Not to say that the sex isn’t good but there’s no closeness involved….
You been there?!
Sucks doesn’t it?

The first thing to remember about being intimate is that you actually have to LIKE the person you are about to be intimate with. Sounds basic but there are a few people out there who are not getting or giving the intimate treatment, yet they are capable of it, because they just can’t STAND that motherfucker.
That prick makes you sick sometimes.
Why would you give that annoying person the intimacy you feel they DON’T deserve?

The next thing to remember about intimacy is the little things. The small, teeny, tiny, minute things that make him or her jump outta their skin with just a single stroke or touch. A lone finger brushing stray strands of hair out of your face. Two hands tracing from your shoulders, down your chest and into a hug. A strong hand on the small of your back… not just on your ass.

And intimacy is DEFINATELY about eye-contact.

Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy….
Eye conact…. I dunno ’bout you, but I LOVE me some eye contact.

One-on-one, we’re both naked enough and close enough to be rocking the boat like Aaliyah said, but there is more going on between out eyes than our bodies.
Come on now, you intimates know what I’m talking about.
Let’s say you are standing in front of someone with really nice eyes and you are looking at them and there seems to be a big old conversation going on but there are no words being said.
Just pure, no ramping, eye flirting.
I know there are people out there who have engaged in some major eye flirting to the point where you have risen or found yourself getting majorly moist.

Intimacy uses more than just your body and, to be honest, its sometimes more enjoyable than the slip in, humpty dumpty part of sex.
Disagree, agree, have something to say but me personally, there is a lot more to be found and read in a person when you are being intimate with them. You find out more things that matter as opposed to things that are fleeting like how does your partner sound when they are coming… or how good, tight and wet the pussy is.

Intimacy is about honesty…
How you can be real enough with the person your with to be the REAL you. If your one of those women, and I’ve found that there are a few, who like to eat their partner’s hair, that’s a level of real comfort (SHABBA) that some never reach . Not on some pick it out and munch it like a midnight snack but you sometimes feel a little pinch on your scalp when their mouth is there. OR is that just me? Anywhoooo…

As you’ve read, there is not one definition of the word ‘intimate’, but there are plenty of actions and reactions that fall under that remit which we, as grown as people, like to engage in.
Intimate can be in the bed or out of the bed, clothes on or clothes off, up close or from a distance, now or later, but you should know good and damn well when your respective other says that it’s intimacy time, its THAT time!
Just don’t misread the sign thinking they just wanna fuck hard and fast because that’s a good way to end the proceedings quick, fast and in a hurry.

So if you don’t already have it, add intimacy to your reportire of skills…
Taking the time out to be a bit more intimate will make you a better lover…

By Mr Oh


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Sleep partners

Fellas, ever been to see a girl and thought that, based on a previous interactions, you’ve been able to get a blowjob based on a simple phone call? But this time when you go round, you find that she just wants to… cuddle.
Or you get things started and as soon as they start, they end because she has suddenly decided that she’s not feeling it anymore?

Ladies, have you… I can’t really give you any examples because…well let’s face it, it’s rare to visit a guy and have him turn on the sleep partner control which kills any sex you were about to get or thought you were going to get and gives you a pillow, a side of the bed and a change of clothes and tells you good night…

UNLESS that’s always been the plan.

Ah ha, I got it…

Ladies, you may go round to see him or you invite him round. You both know what time it is so there is no room for misinterpretation. You’re there, it may be getting hot, and possibly on the way to heavy and he falls asleep.

Stone cold, no waking for hell nor heaven asleep.

If you have ever been in any of these situations or similar, than you have found yourself someone who is seeking a sleep partner.

Not a form of sex, though highly pleasureable, sleep partners are designed for one thing and one thing only… comfort.

A sleep partner is less of a partner and more of an electric blanket for those cold nights when the sheets are ice cold (ICE COLD) and you are tired of lying in one spot until the sheets warm up around you. Reading that description, you would think that there is no love or sensuality involved when it comes to sleep partners and they are just there… like luggage. But there is something a lot more sensual and close about having someone sleeping next to you.

The idea of having someone wrap their arms around you, hold you, breathe the same breath as you, having the skin on your bodies connect and warm each other up or cool each other down.

But it gives you the comfort.

Even if you don’t like the person to sleep ‘all up on you’ and you just like that fact that they are in the bed with you, its still the comfort of someone being there.

Now how do you find or secure a sleep partner?

How do you know who in your phonebook will give you the comfort you desire in order to scratch the itch that made you call them in the first place?

How can you be sure that the person you call won’t try to slip you the dick in your sleep or spend the night grinding against your back, or worst, try to put their dick in your mouth while your snoring?

How do you find out if the person is even down for that kind of thing?

 I don’t know, I’m not in your bed. There are tons of different ways. It could be the classic, ‘start on the bed and fall asleep and let them figure it out’, the original ‘it’s too late to go home’, the ‘you’ve had too much to drink to drive home’, the exciting ‘let’s watch a DVD into the wee hours’ and the lady-favourite, ‘awwww, I’ve just come on my period so we can’t do anything, but we can cuddle’.

 Bypassing all these, if your real deal Holyfield, you can just call someone up and tell them, ‘look, I need you tonight’.

Okay, maybe not so dramatic and serious, but you know what I’m marinating. You can call them up and tell them exactly what you want. And they know, instantly what time it is.

Spoon o’clock!

In order to choose a good sleep partner, specifically for the ladies, you have to think about who you call and what happened the last time you saw or spoke to them. If your last meeting was in between the sheets and, say he came quick, then he may not be interested in just sleeping. He’ll probably be thinking that your phone call is the start of some round two business where he will have the opportunity to show you how it REALLY goes down. Sleep might be out the question with this guy as you may find yourself trying to sleep through some hardcore grinding on your back and sides. His fingers may travel over your body every now and then and he is definitely gonna try to slip a finger in. (It may be slow fingers or quick, get em in there quick fingers.)

A man who you last saw maybe for a drink or dinner or just random conversation, who is only a friend makes the best sleep partner. He isn’t expecting anything from you sexually, he isn’t necessarily thinking this is the start of a relationship (unless you have both been TALKING bout dem ting deh) and he will definitely give you the comfort you thought he would…

That’s probably why he’s been thinking about wrapping his hands around you for the longest time. But he never has. I didn’t say he wanted to FUCK you, he just wanted to hold onto you. (Trust me, look in your phone and you’ll know who I’m talking about.

 The pleasure from a nice sleep partner session is a completely different to a session of arm restraining, leg wrapping, orgasm tasting sex. But, at the right time, a cuddle before sleep can just answer the right question in the right exam and make you sigh like all is right with the world.

 But if you’re lucky enough, you’ll be able to find someone who doesn’t mind being able to give you the regular loving morning, noon and night, dicking up and licking down, slurping and burping, spraying and slaying but nothing fells better than falling asleep with the person. The loving that builds you up and the journey to catch your breath on the way back down… together.

Sleep partners aren’t scaffolding for a lack of a relationship, but they do hook you up with the immediate closeness that you were looking for. Your skin connects, you can hear the breathing of another close to you and their body wrapped around you (or just laying next to you).

If your fucking them then you will sleep a lot sweeter… but not everyone is fucking their sleep partners.

 Maybe you should…

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