Sleep partners

Fellas, ever been to see a girl and thought that, based on a previous interactions, you’ve been able to get a blowjob based on a simple phone call? But this time when you go round, you find that she just wants to… cuddle.
Or you get things started and as soon as they start, they end because she has suddenly decided that she’s not feeling it anymore?

Ladies, have you… I can’t really give you any examples because…well let’s face it, it’s rare to visit a guy and have him turn on the sleep partner control which kills any sex you were about to get or thought you were going to get and gives you a pillow, a side of the bed and a change of clothes and tells you good night…

UNLESS that’s always been the plan.

Ah ha, I got it…

Ladies, you may go round to see him or you invite him round. You both know what time it is so there is no room for misinterpretation. You’re there, it may be getting hot, and possibly on the way to heavy and he falls asleep.

Stone cold, no waking for hell nor heaven asleep.

If you have ever been in any of these situations or similar, than you have found yourself someone who is seeking a sleep partner.

Not a form of sex, though highly pleasureable, sleep partners are designed for one thing and one thing only… comfort.

A sleep partner is less of a partner and more of an electric blanket for those cold nights when the sheets are ice cold (ICE COLD) and you are tired of lying in one spot until the sheets warm up around you. Reading that description, you would think that there is no love or sensuality involved when it comes to sleep partners and they are just there… like luggage. But there is something a lot more sensual and close about having someone sleeping next to you.

The idea of having someone wrap their arms around you, hold you, breathe the same breath as you, having the skin on your bodies connect and warm each other up or cool each other down.

But it gives you the comfort.

Even if you don’t like the person to sleep ‘all up on you’ and you just like that fact that they are in the bed with you, its still the comfort of someone being there.

Now how do you find or secure a sleep partner?

How do you know who in your phonebook will give you the comfort you desire in order to scratch the itch that made you call them in the first place?

How can you be sure that the person you call won’t try to slip you the dick in your sleep or spend the night grinding against your back, or worst, try to put their dick in your mouth while your snoring?

How do you find out if the person is even down for that kind of thing?

 I don’t know, I’m not in your bed. There are tons of different ways. It could be the classic, ‘start on the bed and fall asleep and let them figure it out’, the original ‘it’s too late to go home’, the ‘you’ve had too much to drink to drive home’, the exciting ‘let’s watch a DVD into the wee hours’ and the lady-favourite, ‘awwww, I’ve just come on my period so we can’t do anything, but we can cuddle’.

 Bypassing all these, if your real deal Holyfield, you can just call someone up and tell them, ‘look, I need you tonight’.

Okay, maybe not so dramatic and serious, but you know what I’m marinating. You can call them up and tell them exactly what you want. And they know, instantly what time it is.

Spoon o’clock!

In order to choose a good sleep partner, specifically for the ladies, you have to think about who you call and what happened the last time you saw or spoke to them. If your last meeting was in between the sheets and, say he came quick, then he may not be interested in just sleeping. He’ll probably be thinking that your phone call is the start of some round two business where he will have the opportunity to show you how it REALLY goes down. Sleep might be out the question with this guy as you may find yourself trying to sleep through some hardcore grinding on your back and sides. His fingers may travel over your body every now and then and he is definitely gonna try to slip a finger in. (It may be slow fingers or quick, get em in there quick fingers.)

A man who you last saw maybe for a drink or dinner or just random conversation, who is only a friend makes the best sleep partner. He isn’t expecting anything from you sexually, he isn’t necessarily thinking this is the start of a relationship (unless you have both been TALKING bout dem ting deh) and he will definitely give you the comfort you thought he would…

That’s probably why he’s been thinking about wrapping his hands around you for the longest time. But he never has. I didn’t say he wanted to FUCK you, he just wanted to hold onto you. (Trust me, look in your phone and you’ll know who I’m talking about.

 The pleasure from a nice sleep partner session is a completely different to a session of arm restraining, leg wrapping, orgasm tasting sex. But, at the right time, a cuddle before sleep can just answer the right question in the right exam and make you sigh like all is right with the world.

 But if you’re lucky enough, you’ll be able to find someone who doesn’t mind being able to give you the regular loving morning, noon and night, dicking up and licking down, slurping and burping, spraying and slaying but nothing fells better than falling asleep with the person. The loving that builds you up and the journey to catch your breath on the way back down… together.

Sleep partners aren’t scaffolding for a lack of a relationship, but they do hook you up with the immediate closeness that you were looking for. Your skin connects, you can hear the breathing of another close to you and their body wrapped around you (or just laying next to you).

If your fucking them then you will sleep a lot sweeter… but not everyone is fucking their sleep partners.

 Maybe you should…

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