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Simply unclench


You and ya man are in bed, it’s all going good and great. You are making all the noises you’re supposed to make, he’s feeling nice and hard the way he’s supposed to and it’s all going gravy…
But then, suddenly, out of the blue, while you’re looking left, ya man takes ya hand and he leads you somewhere…
Now usually, this can be quite a sexy thang, but on this occasion, you’re not quite sure… because the leading goes to his anus.
Then he whispers, ‘go on then…’

What do you do then miss lady?

It’s gonna be one of two responses to this kind of sexual dilemma…

You are either gonna be the happy go lucky, experimental, tried and tested, give it a go kinda woman who will allow her fingers to be led to wherever…
You are the other woman who feels her hand going beyond a certain point on a man’s body and you pull your hand away and you wake up from the sexy dream you were having and you look at him like, WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?
And that just ends the whole sex party and before you know it, he’s got blue balls and she’s scared to go near him again for fear of him trying it again.

For some women and men, they have NO idea about the ass play on a man and the reasons why it works… for most women there’s a HELL MOTHERFUCKING NO about it but… wait… let’s go into it…

Ass play on men is one of the biggest taboos in sex today… more taboo than a man giving a woman head, which is STILL a taboo to some men (GET IT TOGETHER FELLAS).
And it’s not just a taboo with men… women are not so into getting their fingers around a man’s anal area… for whatever their reason. (Well we know the reason.)
Ask a group of women if they’ve ever played with a man’s ass and they’ll tell you no. But then again, there are seemingly more and more open minded people that are getting involved in such.

Fellas… I’m gonna talk to you first.
Now I know that there is a lot of stigma attached to a man having his ass played with in any sexual milieu. And that the only time a man should have fingers anywhere near his asshole is after he’s taken a shit.
A lot of stigma is attached to the fact that apparently there’s a G-Spot in that area. Now I’m not 100% on whether or not that is true but, I can say that there IS pleasure to be found in having such an area played with.

I’m not gonna lie or act like, ya know, ‘oh I had a “friend” who told me about it’, I’m gonna keep it 100…
I’ve had my ass played with once or twice… YEAH I SAID IT… and guess what, I’m STILL straight…
It didn’t make me feel gay and, at the time, I never felt gay…
By the time I came, I felt REAL damn good…
And by the end, the power of the orgasm made me realise that there IS something to be said for ass play.
You may like it, you may not, you may try call me gay after if you want (good luck with that) but I can’t deny that it didn’t feel good.
I’m not gonna go into the intricacies of what and how, let’s just say I know what time it is.
And I for one can say that there’s some magic behind it…

If you don’t like your ass played with, fine. But don’t shut your mind to it just because you think if she slips a finger down there and you like it, it makes you gay. That’s crap and you need to step out that fucking dream. Grow up too.
What’s wrong with you?!

I’m not claiming that you’ll be a bigger man just by doing such, at the end of the day, everyone likes what they like, but don’t close it away just because you’re scared (even though you wouldn’t admit to being scared).

Now ladies… some of you may be feeling the same as some of the men. You hear ass play and you think ‘yu wah? A MAD YU MAD!’
But as I said earlier, there IS pleasure to be found in it…
Time it right and the man’s orgasm can buss a ceiling light… meaning the power of it can shock you. (Trust me, those kind of orgasms where you almost hit yourself in the mouth.)
It’s not for everyone, it’s especially not the kind of thing you do with a Jamaican man… but it is something worthy of exploring.
I mean, there are tons of things out there that people didn’t know were fun until they tried them.

There are many ways you can break a man into that kind of thing, e.g. while giving him the sloppy toppy, during a 69 or in a number of positions…
It’s not necessarily the type of thing you wanna try dry and with no type of alternative distraction… you gotta break em in…

But let me not give women advice on how they can fuck their men in the ass and then have a whole bunch of troubled men sending me messages like, “my girl tried to stick her fingers in my ass and she said YOU told her to do it” but, what I am saying is the stigma attached to ass play is crap.

Ass play is not as bad as people think it is… obviously a gay man will tell you it’s great, lol.

But straight folk are doing it too… there’s nothing wrong with it, it may feel slightly uncomfortable but lemme say this…

Find a woman who gives the best blowjob in the world. I’m talking about the slop with the handwork with the noises with the eye contact and all that good stuff…

Try it with her… but make sure she’d be down for it first…
Because the first time you have a blowjob while having your ass played with, you will come on the fucking ceiling.
Trust me…

Would I lie?
Am I trying to set up the male population in order to get them fucked in the ass?

NO… I don’t think…
Only kidding, I’m not…

Let go of your hold-ups and let ya ass be played with…

Cha… it’s not gonna kill you and who knows you might like it… but it doesn’t make you gay if you do…
Open-minded maybe but not gay…

(It’s funny, I think I can hear people clicking the Unfollow button, lol)

By Mr Oh

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I will but will you?

(Thanks to the amazing, hella fine, Kool and the gang, hook a brother up with a 3 day pass @SexySecret09 for the idea…)

So it’s another night.
You and your partner are together.
Ya warm and all agreeable and shit.
At a point where fingers are fiddling, eyes are meeting and speaking, your libidos are raging and there is nothing else to do except get it on.
Her bra goes this way, his boxers go that way…
His resolve goes out the window and her restraint was left at the front door.
It’s HOT now and nervous fingers become busy and focused on the lecture at hand.
The first kiss is electric.
Your damn near singing H-Town’s The Rain in your mind.
His hands on the small of your back is just what the doctor ordered.
She masturbating him all nice and wet.
It’s about to do DOWN…
Her thighs are too and fro.
His dick is up and more than ready to rock and roll…


It happens.

The inappropriate question. The gesture for a step in the wrong direction that makes you feel not so sexy anymore.

“Babe, will you eat my ass?”

“Can I spray whipped cream in your pussy and eat it out?”

Erm… I’m sorry, WHAT?!

Right now, your laying there, hot and bothered, really to play Super Mario and get that pipe or you are up standing and ready to feel her warmth but your Empire State Building becomes an instant limp shack.

You don’t know where the question came from, you don’t even know why in the hell they asked such a question, especially at that time, but now you’re staring at a dilemma.

Do you?!

You may say no straight away but, that could be the way to get yourself out of a bed situation and into a ‘maybe you’d be more comfortable at your own house’ situation.

Those questions above are only examples of the situation I’m referring to, but, in bedrooms everywhere, someone is requesting something that their partner may not be into, has never done before or something that made them screw up their face like, “ewwwwwww!”
But what do you do then?
After the initial ‘what the fuck’ moment has passed, what do you do next?
Do you do it? Or do you not? Does it depend on the act itself? Does it depend on the person asking? Does it depend on the WAY you’ve been asked? Or will you just plain refuse because you are strong in your principles and no amount of persuasion will change that?

One word for ya: experiment.

I’m not saying that if a woman wanted you to eat her ass or a man wanted to spray whipped cream from a can in your pussy and eat it out that you should let them in the name of experimentation. But, don’t shoot it down so quickly… (pardon the pun)

Take ya time… think about it… let the idea marinate for a minute.

It maybe the case that you have never done the act before and you are highly sceptical about what it will feel like, look like and even how your partner will react.
But take that chill pill and just relax… smoke a spliff if that’s your vice. (Even if it isn’t do it anyway, lol.)


Live a little for crying out loud…

Open your mouth and swallow if you never have, slow ease into her ass if she’s asking you to put it there, if he wants you to spit on his dick with huge globs of spit, do it… what have you got to lose.
The person asking you is asking for a reason. So really, the main thing for YOU to get over is can you do it?!
Can you swallow it up and get over whatever it is in your head that is stopping you from doing it?

Some people are stubborn and hard-headed to the point where if someone suggests something between the sheets, they won’t want to do it… just because it has been suggested to them… like the suggestion is a knock against their sexual prowess.
If they came up with the idea themselves, then they’d work it like it. But to suggest something to them makes them hard headed.

Case in point: if Donald tells his friend Eli how to FUCK his own girlfriend (I can’t think about a situation where this type of convo would take place), Eli might not really wanna try the suggestions out. To Eli, it’ll feel like he doesn’t know what he’s doing and he might not try ’em. BUT… he may try them in small individual doses and, if they work, he’ll claim them as his own.

Sex is give and take, sometimes you gotta give, sometimes you gotta take. (That’s the Cosby Show advice)
Sex is supposed to be some beautiful thang, with twists and turns, wild rides, smooth strolls and humming verses of Jill Scott’s Crown Royal.
Requests may pop up that have never been put on the table before but, if they do, don’t be closed minded about it.
Think about it, take it into consideration.
Remember the person asking you is asking for a reason… there could be a hidden, mammoth, squirting orgasm at the end of that yellow brick road. But because your so stubborn and old school, you won’t even want to try.

If your not one of those people who is even open to try, thus your partner doesn’t even ask, then you will have an unhappy partner who may want to do something but is too scared to ask.

The tagline for my trilogy of Little Black Book is open ya eyes, mind and thighs…
So open all three…

You JUST might like it…

So says Mr Oh…

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To be whipped or not to be whipped



Like you REALLY have a choice…

And that’s the beautiful aspect of being pussy whipped. You have no control over it!

After Chantelle Mbye’s ‘Dick Whipped’ article on mydirtyglove.com, I was inspired to talk about the issue of being pussy whipped.
The term is old school in its inception and describes a man who has been ‘whipped’ by good sex or a good woman in general.

This can be deduced by the male’s behaviour, his desire to want to please said female (or so he thinks is HIS desire) and his own sense of ‘I just want to see her’.

To be pussy whipped, means that she hit you with something that made you wanna slap your mama and now you cannot stop thinking about her or the things she did to you. And you want it regularly!

Men sometimes like to act like no pussy can whip them. (I can hear a chorus of men saying, ‘please, no pussy’s whipped me… I whip that pussy’) – but THAT dude is the one who was whipped by some Grade A, tick tocking, quinting woman with a cape on her clitoris that has a giant S on it. And, at some point, he vowed to never let it happen again.

The thing about being pussy whipped or even being dick whipped is the assumption that you have a choice. When you know damn well you don’t. You know when you lie down with a woman and you’re in between the sheets, and you are making that magic, you know EXACTLY the moment when you realise that the pussy has whipped you. Whether you admit it to yourself or not is another story but you KNOW that the ‘bend over to the front and touch your toes’ move she suddenly dropped on you is gonna be bringing you back.


Good head…

Many a man have been hooked and fucked up via a blowjob that made his toes curl, he was grabbing at the sheets, had his hands all up in her hair and basically didn’t know what to do with himself. A woman with a dangerous head technique can keep a guy coming back even if the sex is rubbish. That’s technically ‘lip whipped’ but it keeps you coming back!

It makes you answer the phone at stupid o’clock to go and see her at the possibility of a lil’ some something, you could go round to her house and WAIT more than four hours if she’s said that she’s gonna give you some, you’ll tell her the dick is hers when she has it in her mouth in that special ‘sloppy’ way (if your not getting that good slop, you MIGHT just be missing out – FYI.)

The problem with being pussy whipped is the loss of control men experience. It’s like we jump out of our bodies and SEE ourselves being pussy whipped but we like to try and play it off like, ‘just this last time’. But the last time is always the next time.

Is it possible to not be pussy whipped?

To answer that question, I quote John Witherspoon in Boomerang when he said to the Eddie Murphy: ‘don’t let yourself be pussy whipped. You gotta reverse it! Whip that pussy. BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG!’

Reverse it and make her dick whipped!

But if you are forever trying to make her ‘dick whipped’ but fail, that’s a sign that you MIGHT be pussy whipped. (Think about it.)

Even the most experienced of swordsmen have fallen at the feet of a queen with good waist action with knowledge of the dick and knows make you feel good like Tony Toni Tone.

Careful fellas, women KNOW what they’re doing!


(Did you click the pic? lol)


By Mr Oh

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Will a finger find a foreign land?


Not everyone finds ass play, booty inquiring, tootie tickling fun…

Not EVERYONE’s cup of Kool-Aid…

To a vast majority of people, getting involved with another person’s ass is NOT on their checklist of things to do before they die. In fact, it’s probably on a list of things they WOULDN’T do.

I remember a conversation about such play on Twitter the other day, with some people not wanting to even HEAR about any sort of sex that involves ass play.

Women are more open to having their asses played with and or penetrated.

It’s a fact. A pretty easy one actually.

Some women like nothing better than a dick in their ass at the right time to have them screaming like a white girl getting daggered for the first time.

Some women like their assholes licked and flicked a little.

You may not be INTO that but they are and you don’t HAVE to indulge; it’s a lot harder to get someone to lick a woman’s ass than it would be to…. say… taste her juice from her fingers.

(Some people aren’t into that either… that’s for another post.)

But where women are more open to a lil bit of booty rooty, men tend to FROWN upon that sort of thing when THEIR asses are involved.

Less a frown, more a ‘nuh uh… that is NOT gonna happen in this MOTHERFUCKING lifetime’.

If your not sure if you have one of these men in front of you, try this out. This is a good scientifically-proven test that will tell you if you have a man who won’t mind or a guy who will stop ANY proceeding if he feels you getting too close.

Do exactly that.

Get TOO close.

Drop it on him while your giving him head. That’s when he’s most distracted.

Even if your not into ass play yourself, just get a little close. Close enough that he knows there’s no where else for you to go but… THERE.

Do it with one finger.

That’ll really make the decision quicker.

At this point, he’ll do one of two things…

Either he’ll let your finger keep on going where it’s going… and if you’re not into sticking your finger up your man’s ass then you need to commit or jump ship.


He’ll slop his dick out of your mouth and move his hips as far away from you as possible. Followed by a look that is 100% ‘WHAT THE FUCK!”

Men, in general, see ass play related to a homosexual experience and, no STRAIGHT man likes to even think of himself engaging in ANYTHING that could be related to GAY sex.

Even those that front and act like they would never, in this life and the afterlife, do anything with their ass, yet they’ve had a finger or two up there during a nice slop job.

Where’s the pleasure in it?

How can a man benefit from having a woman’s finger or tongue anywhere near his ass?

What’s the point?

Why play with my ass when I got a whole lotta dick right here?

Well… for those that DO DO it, they don’t mind going there.

They’ve experienced the feeling of a finger or face going lower than the ball sack and even lower than the tube that carries the babies…

They may not have expected it but, once she’s there, they haven’t stopped her.

May have been a bit apprehensive to kiss her afterwards, but, again, they didn’t stop her.

For some, you have to develop a very DEEP level of comfortability to go there with another person. Others like it all the time.

But for those that don’t, it’s hard to explain the feeling and the POWER of the orgasm you have when there’s a finger inside you.

Frown if you want to, screw up ya face if you think to, stop reading if you have to, but it’s a fact.

How I know is my GAWD DAMN business but trust me; get yourself a thick-lipped, thick thighed chocolate lady.

Someone who KNOWS how to suck a dick, because that’s very important when taking a finger.

It’s works as a distraction of sorts.

Make sure she is able to produce that REALLLL wet, sounds like she’s drowning, head. Again, like a distraction.

Then just go for it.

I can’t make it any more simpler than that.

He may like it, he may not, but you have to be grown and know that the person your with is willing to be grown enough to explore that possibility.

If your not, then keep it pussy and work your corner.

As I said before, ass play ain’t for every man or woman.

You’ll quicker find a woman who doesn’t mind a dick, finger or tongue in her ass than you will man who will TELL you to put a finger in his ass.

There ARE some guys out there who do like it but keep on it on the downlow. It’s not something they want to be screaming from the top of Canary Wharf that they like a cold, sloppy finger in the shooter.

But whether you do or you don’t, there’s nothing wrong with it.

It’s another aspect of sex that you do or you don’t indulge in.

You do if you do and you won’t if you don’t.

But don’t be scared to ever explore the possibility of such an event in your life.

It IS worth the orgasm…

But, AGAIN, my business is my GAWD DAMN business…



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