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Cuming with your companion

Paint the picture…

Imagine an ANY sex situation where you and your partner are making the sex the right way… he is gripping the good thing well and she is writhing and wining, moving and grinding and doing everything the way things should be done.
You look in your partner’s eyes and they are having the time of their life, this is the sex you been dreaming about…
It’s the shit in every way possible…
Then you look at your partner and you can tell by their face that they are close to their orgasm.
Then they come… JUST before you do.
And ruins the whole thang thang…


Because you were planning to come at the same time as them and they ruined it… now you gotta come by yourself…


Not everyone out there knows about the sweet, taste in the back of your throat feeling that comes attached with coming at the same time as your partner.
I mean, it’s not just the feeling of the same time orgasm but it’s the different build up for both of you as well.

Hopefully, you’ve been there…

Looking up, or down, at your partner and you can see their face. You can hear them breathing, you can see their hands grabbing and reaching and you know what time it is. Working that good feeling, you manage to get to a nice point where you can balance your orgasm out. (If you don’t know how to balance out an orgasm, check the bottom of the blog for school.)
As their moans get higher, that’s when you get your orgasm closer and closer and when you feel the first signs of her orgasm, that’s when you stroke to the end.


But not always.
Some men find it hard to hold off or even time their orgasm to coincide with their partners whereas women, who come like WHENEVER THEY WANT, already know about the deliciousness of such a feeling.
You both lay there; hot and bothered, breathing heavily, she exhales, he inhales and its just a sweet moment.
For men, especially the inexperienced of swordsmen, it’s not easy to time or, in most cases, hold OFF their orgasm. Selfish lovers aren’t even thinking about timing an orgasm.
But you guys don’t know what your missing.
If you’ve ever been there and come at the same time as your partner, you know how how much she can enjoy it. You know the STYLE of sound she makes and how different it is to a normal orgasm sound.

I dunno what it is about such a sensation that makes it feel right… Ok, I think I do…
Sex is between two people… sometimes three or four depending on how lucky you are. So to come to a point where, after a number of hours or minutes (for SHAME), you both, at the same time, get to the height of your pleasure TOGETHER, there’s nothing better. And, for some women, there’s another orgasm hidden INSIDE a joint orgasm.

Nothing more irritating than the moment when, as a guy, you watch her getting to her mountain top and your orgasm is close close closer than close (closer than you ever could imagine USSSSSSS)
And your CLOSE but not there yet, then just as you get to the same point as her, she comes before you…


Nothing more jarring than trying to come at the same time as your partner then missing it by a few seconds.


That’s not always a problem. Because, to some, the AFTER orgasm is also as tasty.
The after orgasm is the moment when one of you comes AFTER the other one but its not a problem because the delay helps her own orgasm which bubbles on nicely for a few. With a man, the sound of her moan, the way she groans in pleasure and the slickness of her walls helps draw him out.

And on that note, I think it’s time for a Ric Flair style WOOOOOOOOOOOO…

Orgasms FEEL good… not just to the orgasmer but to the orgasmeee…
It’s the feeling or the build up and the surge and the heat from the liquid inside her (or in the condom).
When a man is working inside his woman (or someone else’s woman) she can feel his dick (duh)…
But when he is getting close to an orgasm, she can feel his dick get stronger, thicker, fuller…
To a woman’s sugar walls, that’s like the moment when you bite into a Krispy Kreme rasberry-filled donut and after the initial bite, the second bite you take makes the raspberry shoot out into your mouth.

(I know its not exactly like that but whatyougunnado.)
Feeling a dick get stronger inside you is always a good feeling… not just for the women…
For the man, it lets him know that there’s AT LEAST another three or four strokes before the end.
With the first shot of a man’s orgasm it’s the initial jerk, when the penis is at its hardest. The heat and feeling of the shot, condomed or not, can heighten the way she already feels.
The following shots can do the same and before you know it, she’s moaning and shaking.


Another good aspect of the joint orgasm is the simplest, but also the most pure of good feelings. And that is the FEELING of coming at the same time as your partner. Regardless of whether they’re a one night or a one life partner, its a simple pleasure.

It’s like one GIANT orgasm… ya both breathing, sweating, moaning, mouth open, eye connecting, soul merging on some R&B song shit…


Those type of tunes…

Look in each others eyes after a same time orgasm and see if there isn’t something like a glint in ya partners eyes.
Cuz they know what just took place… and they liked it…

IF you did it right, they SHOULD be shivering every few seconds too…

A shared orgasm is something that should happen all the time.. I mean you don’t have sex by yourself so you should always aim to end at the same time as your partner.
It’s NOT always easy and it does take a whole heap of self-control to be able to delay your good feeling or even speed it up but it is SO worth it…

Joint cummers who cum jointly smell the scent in my room, right?!
If you don’t then you need to train ya dick, and try some new shit…

By Mr Oh


How to balance out an orgasm…

If you, sir, get to that point and when you reach that point, there’s no way to stop it, then this is for you!

Just a few words on how to balance out your orgasm, or how to make it chill out until your ready for it.
Not easy but doable…
Really this is knowledge all men should have but, if your one of those men who don’t know, or if your man needs to learn a thing or three ‘cuz he KEEPS bussin’ JUST before you need him to, send him here…

Basically, if you feel yourself coming, stop doing what it is that you were doing to make it feel that good. And do the opposite.
So if you were working fast, slow down, if you were slow stroking, speed up.
If you have here doggystyle and get mesmerised by the way her booty shakes with every thrust, stop completely (cuz that shit will kill ya).
To balance out an orgasm to try and aline it with her own, you just have to change what your doing to something completely different until the feeling subsides…
Nothing more nothing less…


(Italia Blue can keep ANYONE cumming…)

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Thank you for the blowjob poem

Thank you
Thick lipped queen of licking it
Deepthroat bee of singing to it
Wrapped lips, jerked with spit
Eye contact confirming it
Concentrated slurping and burping
Gag reflex nervous
Sight closed for concentration
Throat hum for a smooth vibration
Testicle massage
Dripping mouth montage
I love your blowjob
Quicky quick or slowed up
No such thing as too much
Saliva makes it lubed up
Hot dog suck, nice touch
And there’s no unload yet
Head so right, sensitivity left
With painted nails
Sloppy trails
And a ‘take it all’ test
Look me in my eyes
Tongue out, deep in
Slobbing sound style
Ponytail holding
Throat back probing
Slow out, slow in
Soft stroke, slow motion
Round and round revolution
I’d have one whole week of you sucking dick
Look for a minute then close eyes quick
Hold my dick then slap you with it
How you like it
I’m just saying thank you
To you
For blessing this
All because of talented lips
And gag training
A few Lethal videos
And idea sharing
Knowing you enjoy it
Hear it… blaring
Looking down at ya
Old school head lock on ya
Face fucked
Lick, drip and suck
Deeper than you can take
Filling you right up
So ladies… and secret dudes
Out there on ya knees
Doing what you do
Providing such a service
The queen should knight you
Or the queen should QUEEN you
Your head game makes traffic queues
So now I must praise thee
Say cheers for taking me deeply
Any money in my pocket, tek it
Do you want some jollof baby?
A Nigerian Guinness maybe?
How about puff puff and chin chin
I’ll hurry and go get it
I love your blowjob, your blowjob, your blowjob, your blowjob, your blowjob, your blowjob… YOUR BLOWJOB BABY!!!

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Thank you for the blowjob

I was brushing my teeth yesterday and I got to the stage in the process where I had to brush my tongue. Now I know a lot of gross folk don’t clean their tongue and leave it all white and misty (ewww to you) but I was trained from early on that your teeth aren’t done unless your tongue is clean.

So I was cleaning my tongue and, having such a long tongue, it takes me a good few minutes to really get every part of it done. And as I was reaching for the reach depth of my tongue, I choked and gagged. Bent over the sink like a real little, coughing, spluttering, mouther watering bitch…

But then, as I was sweating from the gagging, I thought about women…
Women and blowjobs.

And the work they must have to do in order to prepare their throats for the onslaught they must ensure from men’s penises.

And it is for that reason that I am writing this blog…

Just a way to say thank you to ALL women in the world who are sucking dick, fighting past the gag reflex, feeling their stomach muscles clench but not coughing and spluttering in order to take the dick a little bit deeper.

As someone who gets nervous when my toothbrush goes a bit too deep down my throat, I have no idea how you take something the shape and size of a banana and fit it so snug.
I do say thanks though as the amount of mouth water that follows after a particularly deep throat is usually a good coating for a mouth/handjob (the sloppy one… you know the one…)

So thank you ladies… for opening your mouths and letting us fuck your faces.

Thanks for letting us hold the sides of your heads and riding ya jawline…

Thank you for making that bottom lip extra droopy so the dick slides sloppily on it

Tanks for looking in my eyes at that special moment

Thanks for letting me hold your hair in a ponytail and control proceedings

Thank you a thousand times over for twisting and turning your head to make it feel extra sensitive

Thank you for taking deep strokes and sticking your tongue out at the same time.

Thank you for the slurping sound

Thanks for taking instruction well and doing what your told

Thanks for making it wet (but you can always make it wetter)

Thank you for keeping your teeth well covered

Thank you for watching Lethal Lipps, Roxy Reynolds and Superhead videos and learning some technique

Thank YOU for feeling the need to take your bra off and massage the dick in between

Thank you for kissing my stomach on the way down.

Thanks for making those sounds that let me know that you need a dick in your mouth more than I need my dick in your mouth

Thank you forever for managing to get my dick so far into your throat that your lips reach my stomach (with no gag)

Thanks for managing to pull off a hot dog (A Hot Dog is when she draws his balls alongside his dick and then suck both the dick and the balls at the same time… try it… he’ll like it…)

Thanks a million for turning your head to the side and letting me fuck your cheek

Thank you for slopping so much that it drips into a puddle on the ground

Thank you for arching your back when you do it on all fours

Thank the ground you walk on for bending at the waist

Thanks for getting your hands all sloppy

Thanks for smiling at my dick then looking at it from the left and right

Thank you for making it so sloppy that I actually cannot watch

Thank you for pouting those big lips

Thank you for spitting on my dick ( its nasty but we like it)

I can’t thank you enough for taking it deep enough that it probes the back of your throat with a nice squelching sound

Oh sweet moses, thank you for that thing you do when you give that open mouthed kiss on just the tip

Thank you for sucking the dick and fingering yourself at the same time

Thank you for wanting to suck my dick before I even asked

I’d suck your toes and mumble ‘thank you’ for enjoying the taste of pre-cum

Thank you for NOT allowing any DRY, chaffing moments

I can’t believe I haven’t thanked you enough for sliding the dick between your breasts and sucking the head as it pops out the top

Thanks ladies… you really do put a beautiful spin on a bad day…

By Mr Oh

PS. Poem ah coming…

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Rookies go home… Round 3

So erotic noire came with some shit
Spent the last two days trying it
Talking bout his holy tricks
And rearranging me name like ‘Mr Oh means your a h-oh’
But while you hit those lines
I’m hitting inner thoughts and minds
While ya simple rhymes
Are too uncreative to define
So let’s bless em with this
I’m the one sir… Call me Neo
My style comes in fur
Cuz they always feel good-o
My fingers create freaks and my lips are insane…
Ask ya missus, she’ll tell you the same
This battles pointless
You lost why did u accept?
Now we’re just going thru the motions of a chin check
Ask Pashun Nate, she got the same lyrical upset
I use words to grease thighs and play with minds
Come see me for school time
I’ll teach u bout wordplay
Metaphors and structuring
Verbs and adjectives
I should do u like LL did Canibus
My words flash heat in public while she only let’s u shave pubic
I’ve done more with sentences than you’ve done with ya dick
This is the nail in the coffin
That moment when her thighs are up and she’s moaning
Calling for God but all she gets is chocolate filling
And this is just freestyle written
No plans or descriptions given
While you plot and plan, my flow making u insanely driven
To be my mini me
Your an Apprentice mate
With poems you should be ashamed of
Reminding you its the first hole cuz you keep slipping it in her anus
You penis
I’m done with this
If this was on stage, I’ll hold up the Mic then swing it
Like in House Party
Remember, ‘Kid spelled backwards describes your best’
So let this be a lesson for rookie fools
Don’t bite the hand that schooled you
I’ll Blair Witch ya
In the corner
Make you watch
The way my words syringe
I can hear people screaming ‘Mr Oh stop hitting him’
Rookies need training…
For this massacre your lucky
Your done lil puppy
I rule
You suck
Signed the pied piper of pussy


Little Black Book – the trilogy – by Mr Oh

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Pied piper of pussy – round 2

This is pied piper poetry
Juicy uncontrollably
Erotic is the school
And I graduated honourably
Left him
Outgrew him
Now he sits ruins
While my wordplay
Creates heated states
Not between her thighs when she masturbates
But in her mind when she recreates
The images my tongue demonstrates
You should postrate
Leave a beef alone, go on a date
Cuz this ain’t for you bro
You don’t want this
I’ve dismissed weaker wordsmiths
With words from her lips
You ain’t there yet
I’ve made hee Oh’s pet
She wanted to see A&E
Cuz she was worried she was too wet
She couldn’t get the concept
We chilled then did it again
Spoke to her inner thighs
Now my name is in her mouth
Like hood folk in the south
“oh no”, “oh shit”, “oh fuck”,”oh yes”
She always shouts me out
Except for when she swallows me down
Schooling erotic noire now
Put him in the corner like a naughty child
Show him how to drive her wild
Teach him words like cuckold
With her hair wrapped round
Oh yes I am
Chocolate man
Slick worder
Go further
My tongue alone makes her nervous
Cuz I’m I’m the dictionary next to pervert
Upskirts and slow jerks
Sweet hurt, long spasms
Ripped skirt, Ohgasms
With you she wants to scream my name
Number of cum she can’t fathom
So now you know I’m not to be messed with
Controlling meaty pies… Shepherd
So when you wake from this whupping
Don’t ask ya girl for some spooning
Cuz her bodys still aching
From an Oh ting….

Little Black Book – the trilogy – by Mr Oh


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The start of some beef shit called “I’d do it again”

“It ain’t safe in the city, watch the throne…” (Kanye West)

Apparently my crown as the ‘pied piper of pussy’ is being tested by a young, excited upstart by the name of Erotic Noire…
He’s a poet who’s come up on Twitter (@eroticnoire, and it seems like he wants to play a war of words…with ME!!!

Like I’m some sort of rookie to this ish…
Well, I’m never one to shy away from a verbal altercation, so I stepped up and now the challenge is set…

We’re doing it old school, back and forth, poem for poem…

But I’m taking a preemptive strike… so enjoy:
“I’d do it again”

It’s not you its me
That crosses her mind at quarter past three
And those random moments when she can’t sleep
That’s because I own her freak
I did it
I admit it
All because your head game is bullshit
Dry strokes and dry licks
Ain’t nothing on my Ohfluence
Those moments she’s biting her lip
Is when she’s trying to hold the OH in…
That bruise on her thigh… that was me
The sloppy head you now get… my teaching
The smile between her thighs…
The new glint in her eyes…
She sips MY drink… Crown royal on ice
She’s been mine from the first kiss
I own both those lips
Had her heated and heavy breathing
Screwed face, dripping and sheet creasing
Never allowing me to leave
I can imagine how you seethe
Knowing that your neighbours know my name
She told the postman I’m to blame
Milkman hears her scream with no shame
I’m Super Mari-Oh and I got nothing but pipe to lay
So next time your getting some
Feeling like your the only one
Stay off my timeline
Cuz my stories and tweets
Make her sweet
Sweet enough to eat
A delicious moist treat
And if you
As a fool
Believe the best sex is coming to you
Check again
Cuz every day… and THEN some
In every way… she DOES come
Straight sex or roleplay… releasing her freaky freedom
Her pussy answers to me
My tongue inside her feels like make believe
Check her sugar walls
I’ve written in pen…
Yeah I fucked new emotion into your “girlfriend”
I did it, and I’d do it again…

By Mr Oh

(Check out his blog if he has the balls to reply…)

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